Back 2 Back: Etude House Real Powder Cushion Review

Etude House Real Powder Cushion
Hello!!! It felt so good to be blogging again after a tiring week. We finally had the chance to move in to our tiny home. :) Nakakaloka pala maglipat bahay!!! Now, I feel like a true house wife. hihihi I also had the congenital anomaly scan for my baby and we now know the gender!! Yay!! I will be doing a mommy series on this blog. I have lots of questions and have been doing research ng bongga. So this will be a beauty/mommy blog na!! Yay!!! Pero of course, more of beauty pa rin. Anyways, I do not have a stable internet connection because I am only using my mobile data as hotspot. 

Anyways, enough of my chika,  I am very much into cushion bb and/or makeup. I have been using cushion bb as base for almost 2 weeks now and it has made base makeup application easier and more hygienic. Plus, I do not need any brushes anymore to apply my base makeup because the sponge that came with these cushion bbs/foundations apply product very nicely. 

Before going to the review, let me give you a background on my skin condition: I have a yellow medium skin tone. In MAC, my shade is NC30. I have an acidic skin, thus, I usually purchase foundations or powder that are one shade lighter than my skin color. I have super dry and sensitive skin. Due to preganancy, my psoriasis flare ups got worse. I have psoriasis patches on my forehead and in between my brows and on the brow area. 

For this post I will be reviewing one of the newest BB Cushion of Etude House. Etude House gave me a shopping spree for blog review purposes and I knew I had to get cushion products. I first saw this from Morgan of the Beauty Breakdown. I chanced upon her when I was looking for cushion reviews in youtube because I was planning to buy the Maybelline Cushion BB. Morgan is like the cushion bb queen in youtube!!! Haha She has tried a lot of brands and she is super duper pretty. She does remind me alot of Jes Roque. :) If you are looking for Cushion reviews, her videos are very helpful. Morgan featured this product and I was thrilled when I saw this product at Etude House a week after she featured it! This Cushion BB literally killed my lemming for the Maybelline BB Cushion. I also got the AC Clean Up Cushion which I will be featuring on another blog post. 
Etude House Real Powder Cushion

Firstly, I really like the rose gold packaging. It looks so posh and elegant. The Spong that came with it has a nude/peach shade compared to the usual blue cushion sponge of Etude House. The compact of this Cushion BB is slim as compared to the usual bulky cushion bb/foundation in the market. Due to this, I immediately checked the weight and found out that it is only 14 grams as compared to my 15 grams Any Cushion and April Skin BB Cushion. I also noticed that the inner flap cover that holds the sponge and covers the cushion itself has tiny clickers around it securing the flap unto the compact very well. This prevents the cushion from drying too fast. I do notice that my first any cushion from Etude House does not have this kind of lock function hence, it dried up easily. The mirror is also big enough. The sponge that came with felt more fluffier and smoother as compared to the more rubbery texture of the any cushion sponge. The label does not only mention of the product's shelf life but it did mention the expiration date which is very useful. 
Etude House Real Powder Cushion
Let's move on to the product itself, this newest bb cushion from Etude House promises liquid foundation to matte powder finish.  It offers a high physical sunscreen of SPF50+ PA+++ . It has a subtle sweet fragrant scent which I cannot describe. When I first swatched this product at the Etude House counters, I blown away with its coverage, pigmentation and texture. This has a a velvety matte feel and dries immediately to a powder finish. I knew that this cushion bb may not work for my super dry and troubled skin but I still gave it a shot. 
Etude House Real Powder Cushion
 There are three shades availabel: Light Beige, Natural Beige and Honey Beige (pls correct me if I am wrong). I did not get the Honey Beige, although being the darkest amongst the three, this shade somehow looked light on my skin and appears a bit pinkish. The shade Natural Beige is one shade lighter than my skin (NC30) but since I am acidic, the shade somehow blends with my skin giving a brightening effect. I love how this cushion bb applies smoothly and covers my redness instantly with just one layer. I just need to tap the product on my face faster than usual because this product sets very fast. I also need to use a much heavier moisturizer to make the product work for my dry skin. This cushion keeps my face mattified throughout the day but I do notice cakey build up on the sides of my nose and chin area. Compared to other bb cushion, I prefer a thin single  layer of this product as opposed to piling up  two layers because this product cakes easily. The coverage of this bb cushion is medium and can cover up my redness except for the inflamed psoriasis flare ups. 

Here is a photo of my face with psoriasis flare ups on my forehead. You will notice that Natural Beige cushion on my lower cheek has a yellow tone and it lighter than my skin color.
After one layer of the Cushion BB. It somehow covered my dark circles but the product clung on to the dry patches on my face. 
Before and after using Etude House BB Cushion. 
Overall, this Cushion BB is a nice compact base makeup that has awesome coverage and mattifying power. Sadly, it does not work on the dry areas of my face especially my forehead but looks great on other parts of my face particularly my cheek area. I would probably use this more on hot humid days. 

This product costs 1039 pesos at Etude House counters.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review Ms. Donna ♥ This one's a little more expensive than the Maybelline bb cushion though.
    Wannderzel by Hazel

  2. I share the same feeling with Lipat Bahay mode haha... ang hirap maglipat ng mga gamit and do the re-arrangement of things :)

    I am super excited for your mommy diaries, I enjoy reading topics regarding pregnancy, babies and children! I myself is a mom of a 3 year toddler and a 3 month old baby :)

    Re your product review, I also love the packaging... I love that the mirror is located right after the sponge, I've noticed kasi like those of the Loreal Mat Magique BB Veil packaging type na ang hirap gamitin nung mirror during application :( the burden is real talaga, you need to use another mirror pa! but still do love the powder though :) I haven't tried any cushion type powder, I'll think pa of which brand should i get, i'll read reviews first!

  3. Thanks for the review, I am currently preparing my wallet into buying bb cushions as I have heard a lot of good feedbacks regarding it, but still not sure what brand to get. There are just so many in the market! I guess, I will go back to my first korean cosmestic love. :D

  4. Korean BB cushions are often pink-undertoned, which is weird because most of them have yellow undertones as well. Not gonna lie though, somehow the pinkish-ness adds to the glow it gives to the user! :) Etude House has really great BB Creams and cushions for many skin types! Love the packaging on this one! Hope they have darker shades sa cushions soon kasi I'm around NC35-40 kaya their selection might still be too light on me. :(

  5. What I love with this cushions is the rubicell sponge. I feel that I have more control of my base though, I wish they have more shades to fit morenas (yellow toned too).

  6. Ms. Donna congratulations! :) Nakakaexcite ang baby mo hihi. I can't wait sa pagiging mommy blogger mo, I know makarelate ako sa mga iblog mo kasi mommy na din ako. :) I'll be praying for your pregnancy, God bless you and your baby!

    Kakatapos ko lang basahin ung AC Clean, at sa tingin ko mas gusto ko un. Yung finish nito parang mukhang nakamakeup talaga kasi puting puti, while ung AC Clean, parang may pagka yellowish ang finish. Tska etong Real Powder, maemphasize niya yung dry patches sa skin which is di pwede sakin. So, I'll go for AC Clean. :)

  7. Since maglabasan yang bb cushion na yan 2 years ago ba? Gusto ko na matry. Wala pako natry sadly hahahaha.. Eyeing the maybelline sana. Sayang this one wont work for me as well din kasi i have dry and sensitive skin. Parang pareho tayo skin type and color sis. Mahal din pala kahit etude house. I thought mga 500-700 lang sila. Well, shows na hindi nako updated. Looking forward to the monny blogs. Pareho na tayo mommy.. Im sure excited kana mamili ng gamit kasi alam mo na Gender heheheh

  8. Yay!! Is it a Baby Boy?

    Thank you for always updating your readers redarding your skin type so everyone will have a heads up. I think, isa yun sa mga edge mo compare to others.

  9. Which do you prefer po? Yung BB Cushion ng Laneige or this one from Etude? There's a lot of BB Cushions na po, medyo nahihirapan ako mamili lalo na for a person like me na never pang nakagamit ng BB Cushion so all the time I do rely on other people's review. Anyway po, ang nagamit ko lang sa Etude House ay yung BB Cream Blooming Fit nila. Medyo hindi ko nagustuhan to be honest. Hindi siya swak for oily skin kasi I did look like a grease ball after an hour. :D Di nakaganda ang effect huhu. Kaya medyo nag-aalangan na ko bumili ng mga base makeup nila. Pero I'm thinking of trying this one too parang maganda yung brightening effect niya and according to you po, powdery finish siya. Weee, sana swak sa skin type ko. :)

  10. Not on my budget... yet thanks for the honest review po


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