Night Time Ritual with Olay Regenerist

I am turning 31 this year and I hate to admit it but I am seeing signs of ageing on my face. My undereyes have been riddled with fine lines more noticeable than before. What I fear the most is that my dry skin condition makes the ageing process a bit faster compared to those with oily skin. As a result, I always see to it that I am always hydrated by drinking lots of water but as a precaution, I use anti ageing producs as early as now. Yes, we do not have to wait until we are all wrinkly and old to use anti ageing products. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. 

As a Sampleroom Beauty Insider (, I get the latest dibs from beauty and skin care product releases. The  recent skin care run they did featured Olay Regenerist. I am quite hesitant to try it because Olay and my skin started on the wrong foot way back in high school. I was really into skincare at such a young age (more than makeup) and at that time uso si Olay Total Effects. When my mom bought a bottle, I asked a for a few drops and tried the moisturizer immediately. The next thing I knew, I woke up with a  face filled with rashes. It went on for a week. From then on, I was a bit wary in trying on Olay Anti Ageing products. This time reading through the label these miracle duo made me try it. I first tried if on my chin to check if I have allergic reactions. Luckily, I did not react negatively to the product.
 The Olay’s Miracle Boost Pre-Essence is powered to super-charge skin cell energy by 35% in 28 days to strengthen skin inherent young power. 
--10X layers skin penetration penetrates to basal layer. 
--Bring skin 5x hydration improvement instantly.
--Witness skin translucent, hydrated, and radiant after 1st time usage.
--Improve 20% skin barrier function after using for 4 weeks.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-essence: PHP 1,399  

I love applying natural oils all over my face to keep it moisturized. This pre essence gel from Olay is really nice. It takes a while to dry but I can instantly feel immediate hydration. This does not feel heavy on the skin and goes on light. It does not feel heavy too. I love applying this with a patting motion. It has very refreshing feel after application and the scent is so nice tok. There are times that I use this in the morning if my face is too dry before applying my waterbased moisturizer.
 The Pre-Essence is your immediate next step after cleansing your skin as it prepares your face to absorb the next steps of the regimen. After cleansing your face, apply the new Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Pre-essence on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Let your skin absorb the product for a few minutes. 
 Anti-aging moisturizer hydrates and renews to firm and lift, helping retain skin’s youthful surface contours. Reduces the look of up to 10 years of wrinkles in just 4 weeks. Formula with advanced Amino-Peptide Complex penetrates deep into skin surface to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles fast.
Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream: PHP 1,699

On my first use of this cream, I felt tingling sensation. I really thought this won't work for me. On my succeeding tries, I did not feel any stinging at all. Good thing this worked fro em becaus this Microsculpting Cream is perfect for my dry skin. This is a heavy duty moisturizer but feels relatively light on the skin. This gives instantaneous softening effect. My skin looks supple and youthful after every use of this cream. The scent is light and refreshing as well.
After the Pre-Essence Gel, Apply the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream focusing on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.
When combined together, my skin feels very well moisturized and the hydration can be felt even after the next day/morning.
Overall, this miracle duo works well on my sensitive and dry skin. 

Have you tried Olay Regenerist products? 

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  1. I will be needing this duo also kasi I'm turning 30 na haha time to save the youthful glow! I also doesn't like to have dry skin... It's a No-No talaga, vain na kung vain! I'm currently using Atomy products for my skincare once maubos ko I'll definitely try this!

  2. Olay has really promising skincare items, especially from their anti ageing line. I've wanted to get my hands on their eye cream for the longest time but it can be quite expensive so I have to hold myself back. I'm only 19 but I've also gravitated towards products with anti-ageing properties because I have laugh lines and the corners of my eye tend to wrinkle when I smile, and in order to avoid permanent effects as early as now, I use products with anti ageing properties. I hope my future self thanks me for it! :)

  3. Can these be used at night? Thanks

  4. I'm only 19, can I already use anti-aging products po? Ang weird lang na nagtanong ako kai gumagamit na po ako. Do you think, Ms. D, if using them during teenage years is fine? My mom never use anything, even anti-aging products. Just some beauty soaps and lotions but she really has good skin. Minsan nakakainggit pa nga eh. I wanna stop too and just stick to where I am 'hiyang' but my curiousity always kills me kaya di rin ako makapag-stop. Does it have side effects kaya? These due are a bit pricey but I would love to save up to buy my mom both. Kahit pa ayaw niya, pupush ko pa rin siya kasi iba talaga pag nagi-invest ka sa good skin care. I really do hope these would be as effective to her as to you po. Thanks for the review, I would tell her yo read this article so she will know what proper skin care to follow. Thank you for the review po! Again, I hope you could write some reviews for the new Gluta-C products! I saw these at Sample Room, unfortunately my points expired so ang iaavail ko na lang ehh yung Gluta-C products. Still, I was happy for my purchase!

  5. I'm using olay total effects the gold one and regenerist at night. I also use eyecream for prevention and sun block. Good thing hnd ka na nag ka breakouts this time. 💞

  6. Di ko pa to nattry kasi for me expensive siya. Nasa 20s pa lang ako, tanong ko lang Ms. Donna if okay ba siya gamitin kahit medyo bata pa? I heard a lot of good reviews about these anti ageing line, sabi nila effective talaga to. :)

  7. My Mom was so happy when I gave this set of Olay to het (it came from BDJ's event) and she really liking the result

  8. According to what I have read, using anti-aging can start as early as we turn 20 to 25. I'm already 20 and I consider using Olay products because it is one of the most established brands when it comes to anti aging products :)
    Wannderzel by Hazel

  9. I also got a sample of this duo during the BDJ even at Rockwell Club. I love the scent and it makes my skin hydrated take note I'm SUPER OILY yet this duo manage to make my skin soft to touch and my brother notice that I'm less oily this past few weeks. I'm still 23 and I now start worrying about fine lines cause by too much sun exposure.

  10. Why so expensive? Hong hirap naman magpaganda... magastos sobra.. hehe. Anyway,i havent tried it and i dont think i will not bec i dont like itb but bec i cant. Tbh, im 40 going 41 and i dont look like one. Chos! Since i cant afford those, i settle for sample serums from naturerep or faceshop. Lalo na ung snail at yung moistful product line ng etude. Theyre great for my skin.


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