Pamper Yourself at Home with Celebrity Nails Spa

Celebrity Nails Spa contacted me to try out their service and siyempre yes naman ako! I got the pedicure with foot spa. I have been meaning to have a pamper time with my mother at home and I availed the service with her. This home service spa is perfect for those who do not have time to go out or simply wants to spend RnR at the comforts of their home.

The attendants of Celebrity Nails Spa arrived later than I expected because they got lost finding my place but it was okay since our house is a bit far from the national road. Two nail technicians arrived at my place with large suitcases. 
Their suitcase contained the essentials - mats, lamps, nail polishes and cleaning tools. They also brought basins for the foot spa.

I prepared for this pampering treat. Considering that I go to nail salon every two week (three weeks the most because I can't stand long nails on the toes and my dry skin piles up too quickly causing pain), I was expecting that the time for pampering will last for more than 2 hours. My regular pedicure lasts for 1 hour and half because the nail spa I go to is very meticulous with  cleaning. I was surprised that the whole experience only lasted for less than an hour. It was quite swift than I expected. Look, I even prepared my laptop for this!!! The at home spa with Celebrity Nails was over all good. The attendant who did my nails did not wound me nor caused me any cuts. It was quick but my nails were cleaned though not as thorough as I wanted. The nails spa went okay. 

It was also a blessing in disguise that the foot spa and foot massage were not that long because I did not know that pregnant women can not undergo foot massage because it can induce labor or contraction! My mom, on the other hand, truly enjoyed the whole experience. SHe told me that she was very satisfied because the manicurist did not murder (wound) her toes. :)
If you are looking for an at home pampering treat, try booking Celebrity Nails Spa. The branch that served that day was from:

Celebrity Nails Rizal:
Have you tried at home nail spa service?


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  1. Hmmm I wonder if they have a branch in Manila :) I've been curious about home service pamper sessions, but I stick to going to salons at the end of the day because 1) the technicians have better access to the right equipment, and 2) there's something about the ambiance in spas that you can't find at home. :) This is very convenient though, especially for times when you can't go out often (e.g. pregnancy! I wish you well throughout the next few months! :D) or when you don't have any nearby places that can offer the services. Now that I read this post I remembered how much I've been dying for a foot spa and a pedicure! My feet definitely need pampering! :)

  2. The most used and abused part of the body that didn't get much attention is always our feet. Kaya heaven talaga pag nagpa-footspa at pedicure. :D

  3. Oh I love having a foot spa, suki ako sa David's Salon or Salon de Rose hehe... when I was pregnant I didn't color my nails kasi my ingredients daw yun na bawal sa buntis, just check it out :D

  4. Wow that looks great and I could see that their towels is so clean and neat.

  5. Whoa! This is really great! I havent tried mag pagoot spa. Malakas kilito ko sa paa haha. Anyway, may mga ganya po palang home service. I envy you! Super swerte nyong mga bloggers.

  6. I love mani pedi. I always choose home service, mas relaxing and hindi nagmamadali yung manicurist. How much services nila? How i wish they have branches in our province. Hehe.

  7. Simpleng manicure at pedicure pa lang yung natatry ko at home. At palagi pa nila akong sinusugatan hahaha. I wonder kung meron silang branch dito sa Metro Manila? At how much naman yung fee nila Ms. Donna? May bayad ba transpo nila? Overall, very satisfying ung experience mo. :)

  8. No i havent tried po. And isang beses ko pa lang ako nagpaped sa salon. Footspa 2x.. haha.. cguro mapapansin nyo po base sa mga comments ko.. ano ba etong reader ko na eto purita lang.. chos lang. Tumanim na po kasi sa isip ko yung sinabi ng mommy (sln) ko na wag ko ipagalaw ung mga kuko ko lalo na sa paa. Kasi kapag nasanay na yan lalo na kapag nasimulan na remove ung ingrown.. hala yan na! Kaya i do my own ped and mani. Hahha... foot spa.. kapag may nagtreat lang... hassle din kasi lalo na sa tulad ko na callcenter agent. Itutulog ko na lang. But good to know na may ganito na pong service. Ill try to check their page and see if they service sa Rizal. Otherwise ill just settle sa naturerepublic yung foot spa/peeling mask nila. (Sorry im not good with remembering the exact product name) but it works. Nagpi-peel talaga.


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