Leaders Insolution: New Favorite Masks Perfect for Dry Skin

Hello!!! I am on my 26th week of pregnancy and my skin is going better compared to my first trimester. I have to say that Leaders Masks helped my skin a lot. (super life saver nitong mga masks na ito I swear) My regular use of their masks truly replenished lost moisture and elasticity on my skin. The only problem that I have to accept and deal with is the psoriasis flare ups  on my forehead. Recently, Leaders asked me to try out new variants of their masks. Out of all that I have tried, here are my favorites. I think these masks  are perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask - Php 228
The Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask delivers remarkable vitality into inner skin.

"Derived from undifferentiated cells such as proteins and vitamins to promote effective phyto stem cell regeneration. Nutrition enriched protein protects cells and enhances nutrition absorption. Regeneration Seeds: Alfalfa Seed. Super nutrient-rich alfalfa plants are rich in saponins knows as chlorophyll, as well as niacin containing multi-vitamins such a beta-carotene. Skin is strengthened and energized. Antioxidants contained in the cells enhance the immune system in order to create a resistant basis for healthier skin. This mask provides high absorption to prepare the skin for other skin care and makeup."

Wrinkle Cell Skin Seed Mask - Php 228
Decrease in skin elasticity is due to a lack of amino acids. The Wrinkle Cell Mask contains Polymeric collagen that lifts the skin and smoothens wrinkles.

"Adenosine is effective in the removal of wrinkles and fine lines, and improves elasticity. The skin becomes more firm and smooth. Useful tree seeds from India with Ayurveda, Vitamin C, minerals, and 18 kinds of essential amino acids beneficial in firming.The excellent water absorption of polymer water-filled collagen smoothens the skin texture. Skin is firmed and lines are erased for vibrant skin."

Vital Cell variant is perfect for dry skin while Wrinkle Cell is best for mature skin or those plagued with fine lines and wrinkles. Both of these masks are drenched in a mucousy essence. The essence of these masks are different from the other masks of Leaders that I have tried. Aside from having that paste like appearance, the essence  seeps into the skin very well  moisturizing it deeply and thoroughly. After use, my skin feels quenched and very supple. If you have oily skin, this may be too heavy or too hydrating for your skin type.

 Snail Therapy First Ampoule Mask - Php 1798

Soothe the Sensitive Skin quickly This Snail Therapy First Ampoule Mask contains snail secretion filtrate which includes mucin.
With this ingredient, this mask helps to soothe the irritated and sensitive skin.
Also with Camomile extract this mask helps to keep the skin moist through providing abundant nutrition to the skin and strenghtening the skin barriers to keep moisture Enhance Skin Absorption With cotton cellulose sheet, this mask helps to provide the essence to the dep inside of the skin by increasing skin adhesion and skin absorption of the essence.

This Ampoule Masks are housed in cute plastic test tubes which reminds me of my high school days where we would spend time inside the laboratory. Compared to other sheet masks that are flattened in sachet packaging, these masks are rolled into scrolls and soaked in essence. The mask is not too heavy compared to the Vital variants, in fact, it contains Camomile extracts that is perfect for acne prone and sensitive skin. It feels light on the skin and is very rejuvenating. Do not be fooled with its steep price of Php 1798. Actually, this ampoule mask set is very economical to use because each ampoule have enough amount of essence. Also, since the tube has a cap, I can store the excess essence and store it inside the refrigerator. The excess essence may be used for more than two to three times (for face application). The excess essence can be used on its own or underneath a moisturizer for that extra boost of hydration.
This is how the mask looks like close. 
The Gold 24 Secret Mask - 248 pesos 

"This gold hydrogel mask delivers intensive nourishment instantly, improves skin elasticity while keeping skin glow and supple."

This is an instant favorite. I just used it tonight before typing this post and I am blown away. This is a hydrogel mask and is a gel type mask like the Coconut Bio Masks Variant. What I love most about it is the texture itself and how it feels on top of my skin. Since it is a two piece mask, this fits my face very well and does not droop or slid down my face. The mask itself is very durable. It has that right amount of essence thus making it feel very comfortable when worn.  I did not remove any excess essence from the mask. After removing the mask, I made sure I massaged the essence on my face at least 30 seconds to a minute. I made an IG story showing how my skin looked like after using this mask and I really love it. My skin got an instant glow and feels moisturized.

This is how the mask looks like when worn. The only thing I do not like is the excess sheet on the nose area which is a bit annoying. 

What are your top pick from Leaders? Have you tried their product?

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  1. I haven't tried a lot of masks from Leaders, but I did love those that I have. The soothing one (in green) left my skin with a nice glow, and I felt less oily the next day. I also tried the 2-step mask with V-lifting ekek, I forgot what it was called. =)))) Yung may piece ba para sa chin area tas sinasabit sa ears! Damang dama ko na napepressure yung double chin ko kaya umaatras yung fats HAHAHA! Leaders masks get pretty expensive but every penny is worth it. I want to invest more in the masks they offer, sovrang dami pa namang variants :) Ang yayamanin nung gold mask! Parang ang sarap sa balat! Will check these out next time hihi thanks Ms. Donna! :)

  2. I got confused and overwhelmed whenever I enter their kiosk in lucky chinatown mall though, I love their hand mask it makes my skin so soft and smooth :D

  3. Haven't tried any mask from Leaders :( but would love to try the gold 24 secret mask and the Snail Therapy First Ampoule Mask...


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