Althea Korea 1st Birthday Haul Featuring Review of April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

 After my love affair with Japan Products, I am once again into Korean Beauty. Korea is the first country I have been to and God willing, my husband and I can not wait to go back to that beautiful country when we could (sana next year na ulit please!!!!hehe). Since I can not go back to Korea anytime soon because of my pregnancy, I am thrilled that Althea PH, an online shopping website carrying a wide array of Authentic Korean Beauty products. I have found a lot of new brands in this site and I could be any happier because they shipped straight from Korea at a very minimal shipping fee or free shipping on orders 1500 pesos and above. Most of the time they are offering discounts. Althea just turned 1 and they are still offering a site wide sale which all of you may be interested in. Visit their website here:

Althea Korea contacted me for their birthday celebration and gave me 1500 pesos credits for shopping at their site. I got three products and I tried to stay within the budget. Here are the products I got:
I got the Bling Some lip Tint Pack which did not work on my dark lips!!!! Thankfully my two other purchases are winners that I totally forgot about the lip tint pack. The Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer smells so fresh and nice, it reminded me of my first ever BB cream from the Face Shop. It also has a nice texture for a primer. I only got it for 240 pesos. Next, I got this April Skin Magic Snow Cushion for only 650 pesos. This baby is being sold for 1500 pesos at some local online stores. If you are interested in trying out this product, it still on sale on Althea's website. 

For this post, I will be reviewing the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. I have been seeing this product a lot of times in facebook ads. I have never heard of April Skin before and I have not seen their stores in Korea. 
 April Skin Magic Snow Cushion is housed in bulky black packaging. Compared to Etude House's fancy packaging, this is a regular black compact. When you open the compact, the cushion sponge is not soaked with product compared to other cushions that I have seen. I have to pressed on to the compact to release the product. It also has that curve cushion appearing to be bulky and concae as compared to other cushions that are flat on the surface. I thought that feature gave the product additional product weight but April Skin said that it has two cushions overlapping each other to prevent the moisture from evaporating and to keep the product in place. It came with a fluffy sponge which  feels light and squishy. 

This cushion has a weight of 15 grams and contains SPF 50 + PA +++. It comes in three shades: Light Beige, Pink Beige and Natural Beige. I got the shade Natural Beige which is a shade lighter than my skin. 

April Skin promises:
Flawless Coverage
Excellent Spreadability
Blocks UV Rays 
Whitening and Anti Ageing

This cushion also contains natural extracts from Jeju Aloe Vera Leaf, Blueberry, has Vitamin C and Iceland Glacial Water.
 With one press on the cushion, my finger immediately picked up alot of product from the compact. The cushion is very blendable and creamy. It does have high pigmentation and coverage. It goes on dewy on the skin and gives off a natural finish on the skin. 
 I find this cushion hydrating enough for my dry skin. It blends beautifully on the skin creating a very flawless canvass especially on the areas where I do not have any psoriasis flare ups. It also does a great job of smoothening my face and covering up my pores in an instant. It does cling on to the dry patches of my face and more than two layers can really make your skin look cakey. It is best applied with a patting motion minimally and with one layer only. It covers up my dark circles really well and other imperfections such as dark marks but it could not cover my red rashes. This cushion needs to be set with a matte powder to prevent it from creasing or moving around. 

Despite having a high SPF of 50, this does not have a major flashback issue on photos. It looks good on photos too! I love how seamless my face looks after applying this cushion. Staying power is great. i love using it for everyday wear and it delivers excellent coverage throughout the day sans regular touch ups. 
My personal tip, make sure to let the cushion dry and settle on your face before setting it with powder to prevent the product from moving around. 

Overall, I really love this cushion very much!!! I can not wait to try other products from April Skin.

Have you tried shopping at Althea Korea? What are your faves?



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  1. Atty have you tried the new L'OREAL Infallible pro-glow? They say it's even better than the pro-matte and good for normal to dry skin

  2. Finally you already had a review on April Skin's Magic Snow Cushion. I remember I've requested for this review when I get to read your review on the Etude ones. I will get this product on my next purchase!
    I've tried Althea na and got products I'm testing now... Currently liking the The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisture Toner and the The SAEM Eco Soul KISS Button Lips Matte in Confident Charm... Will buy more items from them soon...

  3. I just bought laneige twotone lip bar #12 and thefaceshop rice ceramide moisture toner (whew!pinagipunan ko po talaga un laneige at naghintay kung saan site magsesale na mura ang sf). Initially i was planning to buy that primer too and eglips pore loose powder and a foot peeling mask.. but decided to remove them kasi i can only use 1code.. either new member or the free shipping). Anyway, im so happy with my haul. Sa althea lang un nakitaan ko na pinakamurang price ng laneige twotone.mas ok po mamili ng maramihan sa althea para isang shipping na lang. That's what i noticed

  4. Althea is like the Divisoria of Korean skincare! Sobrang mura ng mga items, almost always half the price nila tinitinda. Akala ko dati limited times lang offered yung sales, pero usually consistent na within the same price range lang all throughout the year, bumababa lang ng konti pag talagang sinale pa ulit! :) I regret not checking out my cart properly! Nag-error kasi nung umorder ako ng items tas namimili na ako ng payment option, tas nung available na yung option ko, out of stock na yung isang item na gusto ko kaya di ko na tinuloy huhu sana pinanindigan ko na! Anyway for my next Althea attempt definitely checking out April Skin's cushion! I heard na okay rin sya even for oily skin, and I did see a wear test and mukhang keri naman! :) Have you tried the It's Skin Effector Serums? They have a lot of variants and for sure merong suitable for your skin type <3 I've been missing skincare item reviews on your blog posts, I hope you do one soon Ms. Donnarence! :)

  5. You should definitely check out their black soap it's a bomb. I have oily skin but the soap cleans my face thoroughly and not drying it (I'm looking at those harsh facial wash I use before that makes my skin so dry that stretches my skin that's even hard to smile lol!) I'm not looking back even though it melts easily it can be remedied by cutting it to smaller pieces.

  6. I have been eyeing the Missha BB Cream before kaso medyo pricey. But when I spotted it on Althea, bili na agad! Hahah! Sobrang discounted dun grabe. Anyway, personally, I haven't tried any cushion products that works well for my oily skin. Lahat po ba ng cushion ehh dewy ang effect? I tried the one with gold something sa Althea and it looks dewy/oily for me so I gave it to a friend inmediately. I tried one from Etude din po, dewy pa din. 😔 Could you recommend po Ms. D yung medyo soft matte ang finish? Anyway, looking forward to a separate review and swatch of the Bling Some Lip Tint. Thank you po!

  7. Does this caused your skin to have breakouts?


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