Pink Sugar X Project Vanity These Lips Don't Lie Lip Crayons ( Review plus Swatches)

I have developed the habit of asking fellow beauty bloggers and youtube gurus about the makeup they wore on such a day whenever I would meet them in an event. In one of the events I got invited to last month, I was drawn to the lipstick that Liz wore so I curiously asked her if it was a Kylie Jenner lipstick and she gave a me a quick smile. Then, she revealed about a tiny hint about a collaboration with a brand. Of course, I looked forward to the day hoping Liz would invite me to the launch of her collaboration. Luckily, I got an invite and I was very thrilled to discover that the collaboration was with Pink Sugar and it featured  lip crayons. 

In case I have not mentioned it, Pink Sugar has one of the most amazing lipstick formulas in the market. I love their color selection, scent, texture, opacity, and the fact that their lipsticks stay for hours on my lips without causing extreme dryness is truly a plus point. I was thrilled to see these crayons as part of their growing line.

Firstly, I love the lip illustrations on the box packaging of these lip crayons. I am pretty sure it was done by Liz. Unlike other lip crayons that has different colored packaging to match the shade of the lip crayon, these came in a uniform shade - pink packaging. Oftentimes, I get confused with the shades because the packaging looked the same and the shade name is located at the bottom of the lip crayon.
These are matte lip crayons but not entirely flat out matte in finish. These lip crayons have a hint of sheen that make the lips looked a bit moisturized. These crayons deliver rich and full color pay off with one swipe. The texture is creamy and blendable. This does not emphasize my lip lines and even the dry patches of my lips. They do not feel heavy and they feel very comfortable to wear. They do not bleed nor transfer outside the lip lines. I can use it on its own sans any lipliner because of its great pigmentation. It is fairly long lasting without eating and can last up to 4 hrs without retouch. However, I do noticed that at the 4th hour ,I can feel my lips drying up and developing crusty skin. (Do take note that my lips have been overtly dry ever since I got pregnant. Having cracked and peeling lips has been my thing for 8 months now! I do blame my hormones for this. So, I do not know if other experience the same dryness whenever they use these lip crayons.)

These crayons are scentless but in case you smelled the lip crayon bullet on the tube and you smelled plastic, that is definitely the tube not the crayon. 
Ready in Five - a medium rosy barbie pink that surprisingly looks good on my warm skin tone. I usually veer away from pink lipsticks that tend to have that neon vibe but this shade just looks so pretty when worn. The shade is almost similar with Mac chatterbox but this is a tad deeper and with slights hints of purple. 

Nothing to Wear - It is a deep plum shade that could work as a lipstick or a deep purplish pink stain. Out of all the shade, this has the tendency to look uneven on my lips because of my dry patches. When applied lightly and minimally, this looked like a lip stain.  This also leaves a hint of color even after eating.

Love at First Swipe - This is a warm walnut brown shade with  a hint of peach. This is a perfect nude lipstick for most Filipina skin tones.

Woke Up Like This - My fave in the bunch is a rosy mauve that looks very flattering for everyday wear. This can even pass as a wedding lip color to achieve that blushing bride glow!!! 
For 399 pesos, these lip crayons are truly worth a try! The color selection is just awesome and I love the fact that there is not red in this collection. The shades are well curated and they are all very wearable even the darkest shade.

Have you tried thess newest lip crayons? 


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  1. Definitely buying Ready in Five and Woke Up Like This... such nice shades!

  2. I'm waiting for Woke Up Like This to be back in stock! I tried swatching Love at First Swipe and as much as I wanted to love the color on the back of my hand, it translated very differently on my lips. Patay yung kulay sa lips ko. :( Too bad though because it was a very flattering shade for light to medium skintones (medium skintone din naman ako hahaha). :( I do love how they pulled this collection off without a red but still managed to make the color selection wide enough to be used in many different occasions! Pinagiisipan ko pa kung kaya ko i-pull off yung Nothing to Wear because I definitely want to get a few from this collaboration in support of Ms. Liz <3 I hope you get one of yours (a collab I mean!) in the future, Ms. Donna <3 :)

  3. Bought this lippie off Beauty MNL and was extremely pleased with the quality! Love at First Swipe was the perfect neutral brown MLBB shade on my morena skin. One MAJOR qualm I had however was the fact that my stick BROKE less than a week after I first tried it. The thing just fell of the base as I was applying it (take note that I didn't even swivel it all the way!) Was so heartbroken since it FELL on the counter of a public restroom at the mall (I was retouching). Ended up buying a new stick because I totally love the color despite the "flimsy"quality of the stick itself. Has this happened to any of you guys before?


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