Yves Rocher Hair Care featuring Rinsing Vinegar, Hair Repair Oil and Low Shampoo

These Yves Rocher hair care products came just in time when I was a bit wary on the products I am using on my skin and scalp due to pregnancy. In case you did not know, Yves Rocher is a French brand that is available in MNL in some malls like Trinoma. This brand is an underrated one and I feel like more beauty and skin care enthusiasts should get to know this brand more because Yves Rocher has a lot of innovative botanical beauty care that focuses on natural and organic ingredients.

Yves Rocher Low Shampoo Delicate Cleansing Cream

This has a sulfate free and silicon free formula developed for all hair types. This is housed in a squeezy tube. It feels like body cream or a conditioner when applied on the scalp and hair. It has a sort fo addicting sweet whit floral scent. Unlike normal shampoos with silicone, this does not lather or sud which is quite confusing on my part. Hence, I used a lot of the product more tha. I should and  eventually finished the tube in two weeks time. I just realized that this shampoo will not lather at all because it is silicone and sulfate free after finishing the whole tube. 
This feels light on the hair and does not leave my scalp dry nor greasy. It also doubles as a light conditioner on me. At the end of the day, I still prefer shampoo that lathers up on my scalp because I am after that squeaky clean feel.
Yves Rocher Hair Repair Shampoo 
Repair your hair
Silicone free formula for lighter hair 
Your hair is repaired

Bonus : Enriched with restorative babassu oil and macadamia oil to nourish the scalp. This oil offers truly exceptional care.

The Secret of Botanicals : JOJOBA 
Sometimes called desert gold, jojoba is stunningly rich

I have not yet tried this particular product but the ingredients on this makes it really promising.
Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

This product is a rediscovery. I have tried this years ago and it was an okay product for me but now I am completely in live with it. Just a quick kwento, last two weeks ago, I woke up with a greasy scalp and hair. It looked so gross  that I ended up blaiming my husband because I presumed that he used my brush for his hair coupled with his use of hair wax. I tried shampooing my hair two to three times per day but the greasiness does not seem to go away. It was quiye frustrating then I saw this product again and decided to use it. Lo and behold, it completely removed all the gunk on my hair which probably caused by hormones and pregnany after two to three usages. This has a very sweet raspberry/candy scent. It made my hair softer, bouncier and removed all the greasiness. I used this after shampoo and this is my second to last rinse. I pour the product all over my hair focusing on the ends and scalp. I massaged it gently then after a few minutes I rinse it thoroughly. The sweet scent stays on my hair for hours!! I will definitely be repurchasing as I may be needing this after my post labor soon. 

Have you tried hair care products from Yves Rocher?

What are your favorite hair care products as of the moment?



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  1. Wow, the rinsing vinegar doesn't smell sour at all?

  2. I agree with you na underrated ang Yves Rocher. Promising products nila. Maganda po yung Sebo Vegetal line nila. :) Try ko nga po yang Rinsing Vinegar. :)

  3. Ooooh curious about the rinsing vinegar! I do a DIY version of this once in a while because my hair also gets very greasy, and ang pangit tignan kasi bagsak tapos parang namumuo :( This process really helps get rid of the build up and nakakatulong rin sa pangangati ng scalp. :) I think a good alternative for Yves Rocher's shampoo and conditioners would be the ones from Human Nature! Hindi rin sya naglalather, lotion technology yung tawag nila =))) I tried using that for a few months and it didn't agree well with my hair and scalp type kaya I've been loyal to shampoos that lather and detox nalang hehehe :)

  4. currently using Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner and so far so good, I'm having a hair fall problem and I opted to use this combo and been giving me better results than my Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo... I love Yves Rocher ever since I've tried their lotions and blush! Been a fan and every time I visit Ayala Center, Cebu I always visit their store! I've also tried their body wash which smells so good! Would you know the prices of these trio? would love to try these!


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