Review: Etude House O-Le-Mong One Shot Sherbet Cleanser

Lately, I have developed an obsession for makeup removers. Yes. I got myself cleansing water, cream, bought a new Biore Cleansing oil and then, I chanced upon this newest product from Etude House.

From Etude House Website:
What it is 
The one-step cleanser effectively removes even waterproof mascara as the sherbet gently melts upon contact with skin.

How to apply
Circular massaging motion.
Once makeup and impurities are removed, wash off with lukewarm water.

This product reminds me a lot of Banila Co's Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. This comes in a lightweight balm with a soft sherbet texture. This costs 748 pesos (again if I am not mistaken). This is slightly cheaper than Banila Co's Clean It zero. It comes in a jar but sadly, it did not come with a spatula/scooper. I had to scrape off the product using my fingers which I find really unhygienic. 
What I love most about this Sherbet Cleanser is its scent. It has a very refreshing fruity scent. This instantly dissolves makeup upon contact with my skin. It does a great job of removing my mascara even my current favorite Heroine Make Mascara which is known to be quite stubborn to wash off. However, I do notice that I had to make extra effort in massaging this cleanser on my lashes whenever I use waterproof mascara. This is gentle and does not feel greasy at all. It did not cause me blurry vision when I massaged it on my eyes nor did it cause any irritation. Even if it has a balmy texture that melts on the skin, it does not cause any oil build up. After thoroughly massaging it on my face for a minute or less, I wash it off with water. No need to use any cleansing wipes, cotton pads or tissue which makes the process of removing makeup faster (at mas tipid). 

After washing my face with water (Etude House recommends using a lukewarm water to rinse the cleanser off), my face feels very clean, hydrated and supple with no trace of makeup at all. Since I am a fan of double cleansing, I follow up by washing my face with my current favorite Etude House Pure Baobab Cleansing Foam.
This is how my face looks like after cleansing it with Etude House O-Le-Mong One Shot Sherbet Cleanser and rinsing it off with water. 

Overall, this is another great product that I highly recommend to my readers! Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, this product can remove makeup even waterproof/smudge proof ones instantly!



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  1. sounds like a good product! Too bad it comes with jar packaging type

  2. interesting product + I like lemon scented stuff, so relaxing and invigorating scent! will check this out...

  3. The only makeup remover that I'm using is VCO. hehehe. But this one seems a great alternative though it's kinda pricey.


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