Fierce It Up with Maybelline Hyperink Liner

More than a decade after discovering my penchant for makeup, I am still having difficulty lining my lash line using liquid liners particularly with regard dip liners. Seldom do I find liquid liners that are easy to use so I tend to use gel liners or pencil ones more.  Recently, Maybelline launched their newest Eyeliner called Hyperink. It is a dip liner and is probably one of the most affordable in the market retailing for 199 pesos. It even goes on sale for 149! Such a steal di ba?

I know most of you (like me) would pass on this liner because applying dip liners takes forever to master. Unlike most dip liners in the market, this does not have a brush tip applicator. The applicator is a flexi cushion tip which makes application more controllable despite having shaky hands. 
This liner is long wearing. It stays on my lashline the whole day without smudging. The liner itself is very pigmented and has an intense black shade. I was hoping it would dry to a matte finish but this only has a semi matte finish and even has some sheen/gloss to its finish. 

1. Locally available
2. Affordable
3. It has a flexi tip cushion for easy application and control.
4. It has an intense black pigment.
5. Smudge proof
6. Long lasting
7. It did not irritate my eyes.

1. It is not waterproof. This easily gets wiped off with water and even with tears! 
2. Take time to dry.
3. Has a semi glossy finish
4. The felt cushion applicator is quite tricky to use. It took me a while to master it.

Application tips:
Make sure to wipe off the excess product on the applicator to prevent the product from smudging on the lashes. Also, the product itself is quite runny. Soaking the felt tip applicator with too much product will make it harder and messier to work with. Slowly build up the line by making short even strokes on the lash line. 

Overall,this is a good product. I have been using it almost everyday since I got it. It just takes time to use  because it does not dry easily and application with the use of the felt tip can be quite tricky.

Have you tried this liner? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks


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  1. I'm amazed that it becomes so popular, ha. :) You will like to see more fun from here.

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  3. Your liner is so beauty,have a good day


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