Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Review

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
I have previously mentioned that I am very much into Korean skincare. One of the latest addition in my stash is the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask. I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about this product for years now. I finally gave in and got it at Althea for a sale price of only 330 pesos. (

For reference, my skin has been acting up lately. I really noticed that my skin aged after I gave birth. Lately, I also noticed that my skin has a lot of tiny raised bumps and rough flaky areas. 

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
The product is housed in a plastic tub. It weighs 100 grams and sadly, it did not come with a spatula.  The scent is a mixture of sweet and citrus fragrance  which I am in love with. I rarely like scented skincare products but this one is really good. The black sugar granules felt rough and seemed abrasive on the skin. As mentioned in the direction for use, I made sure my face was damp for a smoother exfoliation process. The exfoliation process was very soothing. It was my first time in years to use a scrub again because I switched to peeling gels years ago. This Black Sugar Mask did not disappoint. I gently massaged it on my cheeks and nose area. I focused on my flaky areas. After rinsing with water, this mask instantaneously left my skin soft like my baby's skin!!!!! Bongga talaga! It magically removed the dry areas. My face did not feel sore and tight after the process. As per recommendation, I only use this once a week  and I immediately follow it up with a soothing/moisturizing mask.
Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
Overall, this is a perfect ten for me!! I love this exfoliator and it does a great job of  removing dead skin cells. After use, I also noticed that this made my skin looked brighter. 

What is your favorite exfoliator or scrub?


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  1. Bongga naman.Now lang ako nakabasa ng ganitong claims ng isang Mask,I love to try this, yong after using it mapifeel ko yong softness ng face ko at glowing.Yong feeling ko natanggal lahat ng dead skin at toxin on my face. Thanks for the Review Ms. Donna ❤


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