My 2018 Korean Haul

Hello!! Buhay pa ako! Haha Surprise post dahil natulog ang anak ko ng maaga! I miss blogging so much kung alam niyo lang. I really feel like I a different person for the past year because of my work. Okay, pipigilan kong magdwell diyan sa topic ng stress at buhay abogada. I know you are here because of skincare, makeup, or anything beauty related kaya skip na natin yan. :)

It has been three weeks since our 7 day vacation in Seoul. Yes! Bumalik ako with my son and hubby. Of course, I decided to reward myself for working so hard these past months. This haul is husband approved so hindi ako nakokonsensiya. hahaha I wanted to get more products talaga but he gave me a budget so I have to stick to that. Pero di ko kinaya (tao lang ako natutukso rin) dahil may pahabol haul ako from Althea and Style Korean. Haha

Here are the products that I got from Korea:
First are the products that I got from Innisfee. I got the newest Ginger Honey Ampoule because of Pony. I got it in a set with free 8 masks. This cost around 800 pesos. I also got the Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask in Blue which is the hydrating version. This was highly recommended by Gothamista (youtuber). This is around 300-450 pesos. I really love this mask. Compared to the original volcanic pore clay mask, this one did not make my skin feel tight. Instead, it made my skin look fresh, dewy, and hydrated. Next, is the Jeju Blackhead Out Balm. I bought this at Baviphat which is my favorite store in Ehwa. Baviphat carries different brands and products at super discounted prices. It seemed like a mini outlet store. Going back to the Blackhead  out Balm, this does not work at all! Grabe! buti nalang 150 pesos lang siya.
Mise En Scene Serum
This hair serum is really popular in Seoul. This is the Mise en Scene Hair Repair Serum. I was a bit skeptical buying this product because at the back of mind it is just an ordinary hair oil. At olive young, this retails for 11000 won and above or roughly 500-550 pesos but I got this at Baviphat for only 4000 won or around 200 pesos. Surprisingly, this is one my best buys in Korea. If there is one product in this haul that I would 100 percent recommend for everyone to try - this is it!!! My hair is really dry and most of the times, unmanageable! This serum tames my tresses so well. Ang galing. Every time I use this and blow dry my hair, my hair looks bagsak, soft, and healthy. I love this product and in case I ran out, I will definitely repurchase. Unlike the hair serums available locally, this is not greasy at all (one pump is enough). 

The Saem Blusher
Next on the list are The Saemmul Single Blushers. I got a bit crazy buying at the Saem and A'pieu because they are so affordable in Korea. Some items were even on sale kaya dun ako sa 2 store nagwaldas ng sobra. This blush comes in 24 shades but I was only able to snag two shades because the complete shade range was not available at the store near our hotel. I got the shades in RD04 and PP02. These are striking and  bright colors.

PP02 is a deep mauvey pink but applies like a bright purplish pink on the cheeks. This interestingly looked great on my medium yellow skintone. RD04 is a bright tomato red orange which gives my cheeks a warm flush.

The Saem Tip Concealer

I just ran out of my favorite concealer, The Saem Concealer in 02.  I bought two concealers because this is really cheap in Korea. The one I bought at Baviphat stores only costs 175 pesos while at the Saem store, one costs 250 pesos.

The following products are tints and liquid lipsticks! I went a bit crazy with tints because they were really affordable in Korea at ang gaganda ng shades dun!

A'pieu Lasting Tint

My favorite store is probably A'pieu. Aside from the very affordable price range, they have lots of tints and lip products that are really nice. I got their lasting tint which is a milky gel tint. Both shades have a neon tinge to them. 

A'pieu Lasting TintPK04 and CRO1
These tints bleed and have a tendency to stain the teeth. Applying and spreading the product with the use of the fingers is highly recommended to achieve gradient lips.
A'pieu True Liquid Lips

I also bought these True Liquid Lips because of my fave youtuber,Lamuqe. She featured this months ago and I fell in love with the shades. I only got two because I find it pricey for 9000 won or 450 pesos. Sige na kuripot lang talaga ako! Hahaha 

A'pieu True Liquid Lips

This liquid lipstick has a very opaque finish and applies mootly on the lips. I do not find it drying and it did not cause my lips any flaking. The longevity of this lipstick is A+!  Sadly, the product changes color once applied on the lips. The shades appear brighter on the lips once applied. The shade Stay Rose (Left) look brownish red on me while the nude peachy brown in Some Almond (Right) dries down as coral on my lips.

The Saem Mousse Candy Tint

The next tint is the Saem Mousse Camdy Tint in Chaitea. This tint is very comfortable to wear. Despite its velvety texture, this does not bleed easily and lasts for hours on my lips! The color opacity is also good and I can wear it alone without any lip liner. I wish I bought more shades! Sayang!

The Saem Mousse Candy Tint
The Saem Mousse Candy Tint in ChaiTea
The Saem Real Gel Tint
This next lip tint is from The Saem. (Ulit) This was on sale for 3600 won or 170 pesos. I was blown away with the color intensity of this gel tint. The color is red with pink tones. I love how it glides easily on my lips upon application leaving an even tint sans lipliner or lipbalm as base. It even covers my dark lip lines. 

The Saem Real Gel Tint
The only con with this shade is that this makes my teeth look a bit yellow.
A'pieu Gel Like Lip

These products are quite unnoticeable when you are inside the A'pieu store because they look like regular lip balms. These came in a twist up lipstick form which reminds me a lot of my favorite Kpalette Lip Balms. These are glossy lipsticks that feels buttery when worn. These makes my lips look moisturized and plump. 

A'pieu Gel Like Lip

A'pieu Gel Like Lip

I really love the shades that I chose. CRO5, RD03, and RD04 which are perfect for everyday. These lip products last for hours on my lips.

3CE Take A Layer
I bought this on a whim because they were on sale for 10000 won a pop (500 php each). Again, I found these gems at Baviphat. This is a very watery tint. This dries easily too. I got the shade Pink Fig and Inside Mauve.
3CE Take A Layer

I am not blown away with these tints probably because with their price tag, I expected more! I was even comparing it with the Saem Real Gel Tint and honestly, I like the Saem's more.

I also bought this A'pieu Juicy Pang Blusher in BE01. I really find the color unique. The shade is a muted peach brown with micro shimmers. I need to apply 2-3 layers of this blush for the color to show on my medium yellow skintone. Sadly, this does not last long on my cheeks.
This browcara from The Saem is really cheap for only 200 pesos.
Here are my freebies. Love ako nung SA ng A'pieu near our hotel. She gave me a lot of freebies! I already used two facial cleansing wipes which are not inckuded in this photo.
I also bought JM solutions masks and Merbliss masks at Baviphat because they were on sale for 1000 won or around 50 pesos. The Merbliss masks have really rich milky essence. I love the JM Rice Mask as well.

This is an unexpected purchase.  Dr. Jart Ceramidin is on my must-buy list but with its hefty price tag, I knew I will not be able to squeeze it within my budget. Luckily, Baviphat carried this product. I got this for only 24000 won which is a discounted price from its usual price of 48000 won! I have been using this moisturizer ever since I purchased it. I don't love it nor hate it. Ewan ko ba. Pag mahal talaga nag eexpect ako ng sobra! Haha

Got this for 100 pesos only and it is definitely one of my worst purchases in Korea. Like the Innisfree Blackhead out balm, sayang pera ko dito. I got this because I wanted replace my Pond's cold cream. Sadly, this stings my eyes so bad. I also feel that it does not remove makeup very well.

That's all for my haul. I know it is not much but for a mommy, sobra sobra na yan! I also made kbeauty purchases prior to my trip because I knew my husband will contest my purchases! Haha Advance ako mag - isip eh!! Hehe I bought additional products at Althea and Style Korea too. I hope I can share them with you. I really love the Mamonde Intense Creamy Lasting Ting Balm. Panalo yun! 

What product in this haul interest you? 



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