3CE Take a Layer Multi Pot (Review plus Swatches)

Okay, I can't seem to find the right words to start this blog post. Haha Hello na lang ulit at I'm back? :) During my blogging hiatus, I have tried a lot of new products which truly deserve a spot on my blog. I finally have the time to write about one of my most favorite makeup discovery (this 2019)! These are the 3CE multi pots. This product has been in the market for quite some time now but I can't help but join the raves about it online. I got six shades. I initially started with three (Primula, Holly Hock, and Common Time) and got three more (Scarlet Red, Diotima, and Cabbage Rose) because these cream blushes are really good. Worth the money talaga kahit nakakabutas ng bulsa! Haha

These cream blushes range for 945 pesos to 1200 pesos online. My first three purchases were from stylekorean where I got them for only 700 plus pesos (pero siyempre may shipping pa and all kaya mahal pa rin). The packaging of these cream blushes are really sturdy and posh. They are quite heavy which makes them have that luxurious feel. I have dropped them more than once but they did not budge at all. The shade range is also nice. All shades deliver differently on my cheeks. You know those tint or cream blushes that just look the same when applied even though they looked entirely different on the pan or tube. These blushes are not those kinds! Each color stays true to its shade as seen on the pan and swatches. This is marketed as a 3 in 1 product which you can use on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. True enough, you can use them on your eyes, cheeks, and lips but I prefer them on my cheeks. On the lips, they feel a bit drying and do not last long. The texture of these cream blushes are on the drier side, hence, it is a bit triclu to apply and blend. Honestly, I did not like these blushes on my first try. I applied them using my fingertips and it caused rashes on my cheeks. On my second try, primula looked patchy and uneven on my cheeks. Then, I found out the best way to apply these blushes!!Thanks to Anna Cay. Hihi I followed her suggested application which is with a wet sponge. I use my Skinfood wedge puff and I apply it after my foundation/base makeup, then set it with powder. This application process just makes the product lasts the whole day on my cheeks sans retouching. The shades that lasts the whole day on my cheeks are primula and scarlet red. As for other shades, they just lasted 6-7 hours on my dry skin.

These cream blushes are super pigmented. It will take me forever to finish this. I just need one to two dabs for both cheeks (with the use of wet sponge). The shades are vivid and rich. 

Here are the shades with description:

Holly Hock: This is one of my favorite shades. I swear this shade makes me look fresh and younger. This is salmon pink with a slight hint of neon. This shade looks really good on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. In other words, winner to! Haha

Diotima: This is a muted peachy brown shade. I was really excited with this color but it looks really bland on my yellow skin tone. Also, this does not lasts long on my cheeks.

Cabbage Rose: This is a medium rosey  shade with brown peach tones. This looks more of a warm coral rose on my cheeks. A lot of people love this shade but I find the shade a common blush color.

Scarlet Red: This is a deep tomato red. This look intimidating on the pan but gives off a beautiful natural red flush on the cheeks.

Common Time: This is my least favorite. This is a straight up orange shade. I wished I got the morninh skinny instead of this color.

Primula: This color is probably the most beautiful shade in this bunch. On the pan, it looks lik a deep magenta but when worn blended this is a berry pink. Ang ganda nito I swear. I can't believe that this will look good on my skintone. 

Overall, I highly highly recommend this product to all my readers. If you are like who is always on the go, this product is suitable for you. I can go on the day without retouching my blush. I have tried this in different weather conditions and I swear the product just stayed put on my cheeks. Even though this is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny. 

Have you tried this product? Til my next blog post! Godbless.


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  1. I've been wanting to try this but my two-month makeup buying ban just started! Sa October na uli haha!


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