CLIO Pro Eye Palette in Rusted Rose (Review + Swatches)

Hi everyone! Happy Monday to all! I bought this Clio Pro Eye Palette on a whim. A beauty blogger/pro mua friend suggested this palette and I did not think twice in purchasing it. I got this online through Shopee ( is the name of the shop). The shop where I bought this palette is situated in Korea. I made sure the product will be shipped from Korea to ensure that it is authentic. When buying through shopee or other online platform, make sure to read reviews of the shop.  I bought this palette for 900 plus pesos.
I am loving eyeshadows, eyeliners, and brow products lately since the eyes are the only ones seen when wearing a mask. Since my eyeshadow palettes are mostly neutral and warm,  I wanted a pink eyeshadow palette for a change. The shades of this Clio palette have autumn vibes and are deeper than the original Pro Eye Palettes. This palette contains pinks, browns, plums, and purples. At first, I was not ecstatic about the shades until I started playing with the colors. I then realized that I can create everyday eotds to glam makeup looks with this palette.

The palette contains matte shadows, shimmery shadows, and creamy shadows packed with chunky crystal glitters. The palette contains shades that works best when use alone (like the one color eyeshadow look) or in creating complicated eyeshadow looks. The chunky crystal glitters are really pretty. They can immediately change the texture and transform look of matte or pearly eyeshadows once layered on top. The matte and shimmery shadows glides smoothly when applied and have a silky texture. They do not appear patchy even when applied with the fingertips. Their pigmentation is really nice and buildable. The matte and shimmery shadows also don't feel powdery and have no fall outs. I find the three eyeshadows with crystal glitters very tricky to apply and tend to have a lot of fall outs. It is actually my first time using eyeshadows with crystal glitters and I think applying them on top of cream shadows or misting the brush with a mixing medium will help lessen the fall outs. I really love the iridiscence and lustrous effect the glittery shadows give.

The shades are have autumn vibes and are deeper than the original Pro Eye Palettes. This palette contains pinks, browns, plums, and purples. 
My swatches do NOT justify the unique colors of the glittery shadows. Overall, I am very happy that I purchased this palette. I am also excited to play and create different looks using it. 

What is your current favorite eyeshadow?



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