Flawed but Beautiful: My Psoriasis Story

The beauty community is not always about perfect or glowing skin neither is it always about well curated feed of skincare and makeup products. At times, this community became a platform for those struggling with skin conditions, those with mental health issues, and even for other societal concerns.

Let me break my feed to share with you my story of struggle with the auto immune disease called psoriasis and be part of this #flawedbutbeautiful project started by @_restingitchface.

It was way back in 5th grade when a very tiny lesion appeared on my scalp. I scratched it and the lesion began flaking. I scratched it again and the lesion became bigger and the flaking would not stop anymore. I consulted a derma and I was initially diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I kept my condition a secret for years. I told myself I just had to keep my hair long and prevent the flakes from being seen. Years later, my diagnosis changed to psoriasis. Fast forward to 2012, my secret can't be kept hidden anymore. A few months after my grandfather died and after taking the bar exams, I developed lesions all over my body. I was covered with flare ups from neck down. It was devastating. I now have plaque psoriasis on the scalp and guttate psoriasis all over the body. My flare ups became an occasional visitor and is primarily triggered by stress and weather. 

My struggle goes beyond my flakes, red itchy patches, and lesions. It strucks deep into my mental and emotional well being. I have heard words like " eww ano yan?, "Gross ang dami mong galis!", "Nakakahawa yan!" I had hairstylist gawked at my scalp for minutes with disgust. I even scared a masseuse when I took off my clothes in what could have been a relaxing massage but turned out to be very shameful experience. I have come to accept the fact that this disease is incurable and will be a part of me for the rest of my life. 

Today, I stand up with my fellow skin warriors. Whatever you are going through, remember that you are loved. 

Let us embrace our skin, flaunt our flaws, and be kinder to ourselves. 💖

Sending positive vibes to everyone tonight.
Godbless to all!



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  1. Sending my hugs to you, Atty. Donnarence! I just want you to know that you are a beautiful person -- inside and out! You had been one of my inspirations (back in 2012) to take up law, and finally pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer! Even though we hadn't met each other before, you were always responsive to my comments on this blog. I am now in my final year in law school and hopefully, become a successful lawyer like you.

    May the Lord heal you eventually in the years ahead, Attorney. In His name, let's claim it!

    1. Wow!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so blessed to hear that I inspired you in some way. God willing I will you panyera soon! ♥️


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