REVIEW: BLK Universal 2.0 Airy Matte Tint and Lip Switch in Macchiato

The buntis went a little crazy shopping for BLK products a few days ago but I had to control myself. I really wanted the whole line for both Universal 2.0 and Fresh Collection. I bought them through SM Delivery Call To Deliver and got my orders on the same day. I was really looking forward to the swatches of the Tints and Lipsticks on the day this collection was released. Sadly, I had a hard time looking for clear swatches. Most available swatches online were done under yellow lighting or through videos. Being the tita that I am, I stil  appreciate clear arm and lip swatches.

Let me share with you how we do it back in the days 😆 Tita Blogger mode on. 

Now, let me start with the review. I got three shades of the Airy Matte Tints. Initially, I wanted all shades but I decided to get nude colors since my stash are filled with warm browns already. The Airy Matte Tint is a lightweight liquid lipstick. Its consistency is runny. I like applying it with the use of my pinky finger to spread the product all over my lips and to blot it faster for a matte finish. Is it budge proof/ transfer proof? Yes, depending on the amount of product you apply. When I applied 2 thin layers on my lips, it took almost 30 minutes for it to completely dry. Unless completely blotted out, there will still be a faint color transfer. Despite its matte finish, it really feels comfortable on the lips. I wore this for 5 hrs and my lips did not experience dryness but it did flake a little. So, make sure to still moisturize your lips before using it. The matte finish also highlighted a bit of my lip lines but its not too noticeable. The opacity of these tints are superb. The color is very rich and it completely covers my dark lip lines. The color selection for this line is SUPER PRETTY (all caps para mas intense). All shades will surely  look good on all Filipina skin tones. The nude shade like Clay did not wash me out nor turned me more yellowish. These tints have a pleasant sweet scent that I really like. This costs 379 pesos each. I find this very affordable and budget friendly.
These tints come in a pretty clear plastic packaging and has a flat doe foot applicator.
Shade description (Note that I have  medium skintone with lots of yellow undertones. For reference, I am a Mac NC30):
Clay - this is more of russet shade which is a warm brown with hints of peach. This is a perfect nude for me. 
Nutmeg - it is a bright salmon color with hints of orange. This color may seem too loud especially when swatched on the arm but the shade looks more subdued and very pretty when worn. 
Bare Nude - this is a muted peachy pink shade with brownish beige base. It looks similar with Nutmeg on my arm swatches but this lighter and more muted. It looks really pretty. I bought this because of Seo Ye Ji who often wear nude lipsticks on It's Okay Not to Be Okay 😆
It lasts fairly well and may even last all day sans eating. Haha For reference, I ate noodles in the photo above and the color Nutmeg stayed in place. The color on the inner parts of my lips were the only parts that faded. 

For the Lip Switch, I only got one shade. There were no available swatches online except those from BLK store in Lazada and most of the time, I don't trust swatches from brands because they look different from the actual colors. There were few swatches from content creators but most of these swatches were incorporated in a video and I had to rewind, pause, and screenshot time and again to compare shades. Ughh. Tita na ako. I can not keep up with videos. I still prefer photos for swatches. Anyways, I got the shade Macchiato because it was highly recommeded by Chuchie Ledesma. She is the mua who did the makeup for BLK Universal 2.0 ad.
I like the twist and switch refillable concept of this lipstick. The shade Macchiato is a beautiful warm reddish brown. It is a very pretty everyday lipstick that will surely look good on all Filipina skintones. 
Compared to their original BLK All Day Lip, this lip switch has a more demi matte finish. It hugs the lips fairly well. It feels lightweight too and feels comfortable when worn. For comparison, the All Day Lip has a creamier formula. The lip switch has retained the rich and vivid color opacity. TJE Lip switch can also cover my dark lip lines with just one application. It does not highlight the dryness or cracks of my lips. I experience a little bit of flaking after the 5th hour of using this product but it is not too bothersome. 
For reference, I have the original All Day Lip Cream in Caramel and Toffee. On my arm swatches, they look very similar with slight difference on undertones. Caramel is a bit more pink, Toffee has terracotta tones, while Macchiato is more red.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchases. I highly recommend these products to my readers especially the shades that I got. 

Have you tried the newest from BLK? What are your thoughts?

Godbless and keep safe,



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  1. I’m glad you are back to blogging more often - - I always check back if you have new posts. I find your reviews really spot on and very, very reliable (compared to others which are too obviously sponsored!!!), with bits of humor too!!! Tita blogger mode on really appreciated!!! I understand that mommy life can get a handful at times, I’m sooo happy you’re finding time to blog!!! Keep up the good work, I’m a huge fan!!! ❤️

    1. Aww!!! Thank you so much for still supporting me! I am most active now on ig @primadonnarence but I also post here 🥰 You truly made my night. Godbless and keep safe 😘


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