Ever Bilena Shadow Stick (Review and Swatches)

After my obsession with cheek tints, I am now in the eye makeup phase. I bought a lot of eyeshadows and eyeliners. I figured that eye makeup is "in" or the trend since half of the face will be covered with mask until we dont know when. When Ever Bilena released these shadows sticks last 2019, I must admit that I was notimpressed. The colors were not my cup of tea except for the shade Bronze. Then, I saw a youtube video swatchinh these shadow sticks and I got really curious about the shade Copper. When Lazada went on sale, I purchased the whole set because the price was such a steal. I only paid 585 for the 4 shadow sticks with shipping.  Each stick retail for 195 pesos if not on sale. The shadow stick weighs 0.5 grams. 
This is the amount of product you get for each stick. 

These shadow sticks come in 4 metallic hues:
Copper - a lustrous orangey brown with reddish gold specks
Bronze - shiny golden medium brown with golden specks
Black - grayish black with silver specks
Sapphire - intense cobalt blue 

I take back what I previously said back in 2019. Haha The shades of these shadow sticks are super gorgeous even the shocking Sapphire color is something I am very tempted to wear not as an all over lid color but maybe as an eyeliner. 

These shadow sticks have intense color opacity. They are very blendable and glide so smoothly on the lids without any tugging. The color is buildable and the intensity can also be diffused by blending. If you are new in the eyeshadow game, this stick is a no brainer. Just swipe it on your lids, blend with fingers, and you are good to go. 

These are smudge proof and long lasting too. Once it sets, it does not budge at all. I wore thie shade Bronze on my trip to the hospital for a check up and it lasted for hours with out creasing. These also work nice even on top of powder. 
What I love about these sticks is that they can also be used as an eyeshadow base. When used as a base, this stick makes eyeshadows pop and this creates a beautiful texture/gradient on the lid. 
My swatches do not justify the metallic reflects of these sticks. I am in love!
Tried removing the shadows with a simple wet wipe and it was really hard to remove.

Overall, I highly recommend these sticks. If you are not fond of shocking colors, I suggest get Copper and Bronze. I hope Ever Bilena will release more shades like rose gold, rose, lilac, taupe, and champagne. Please Ever Bilena!!!! Hahaha

Stay safe!!! Godbless,


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  1. The shadow stick shades looks beautiful. liked it. Thanks for posting:)


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