Kpalette 3 Way Lasting Brow Pencil and Kpalette Brow Mascara Review (A Quick Guide to Create Natural Feathery/Bushy Brows)

Today, I am featuring the K-PALETTE 1Day Tattoo Eyebrow Combo. For years, I have been an avid fan of Kpalette particularly their brow products. They recently sent me their Lasting 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Mascara.

The Lasting 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil retails for 795 pesos and comes in 4 shades. 

01 Light Brown
02 Natural Brown
03 Mocha Brown
04 Grayish Brown

Kpalette Ph sent me 03 and 04. 04 worked well for my dark black hair but I find it too harsh for an everyday look so I mix it with 03 to create a more natural and gradient look. This 3 way brow pencil is a perfect travel buddy and it creates natural everyday brows. It comes with a spoolie, brow pencil, and a brow powder. I find the brow pencil sturdy and does not break easily despite being slim. It draws nice thin strokes and the wax sets immediately too. After it sets, it becomes smudge proof. (Take note, I have dry skin) The color of the pencil is buildable too. I can create light feathery strokes and I can go all out with a heavy hand. I love how this pencil can fill in the gaps on my sparse brows and at the same time it can also define them. The powder side is okay. It just fills in the gaps with natural shading. Nothing too special about it. 
Lasting Brow Mascara - This is newly reformulated and the comb is now cone shaped. This retails for 720 pesos per pc. And comes in three shades:

01 Light Brown
02 Mocha Brown
03 Grayish Brown

I was not excited about this brow mascara when I first got it. I really thought it will be the same as the old version but I was mistaken! If you have sparse brows and you want to achieve full feathery/bushy brows, this product is A MUST BUY! Yep, ganyan ko siya kagusto. All caps dapat para may emphasis! Hehe I have tried brow soap and other techniques to create that bushy brow look but to no avail. Until, I used this product. This magically turns my non - existent brows to fuller brows. I can literally live with this product to achieve that natural brows for an everyday look and ditch all my other brow products. This sets my brows in place, tints my brows so well, and can even fill the gaps of my brows. The cone brush really made the application easier and more precise. Best thing about it is that it is long lasting and smudge proof. I super duper love this brow mascara and I highly recommend it to all my readers.

Here is a step by step guide on how I created my full feathery brows:

1. Brush the brows with the spoolie from the 3 Way Lasting Pencil to clean the brows and remove foundation or powder.

2. Apply the brow powder from the 3 Way Lasting Pencil to lightly fill the sparse areas.

3. With a lighter color (02), brush the brows in place starting from the inner corner up to mid brows. With the darker shade (03), brush the brow tail

4. For a more defined look, used the Brow Pencil from the Lasting 3 Way Brow Pencil to create a more precise tail and brow shape.

What do you think of my brows? This bushy brow look made me look younger. Hehe

You can purchase Kpalette Products at

** Products sent for feature/review but all thoughts are my honest opinion about the product.**

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