Saturday, November 22, 2014

Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream

Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Darkening
SPF 30/PA++

Just after my huge Korean Haul post, I will be blogging about this BB Cream (just because I miss Korea so much.. 5 days is not enough and until now, it felt like a dream visiting that place). Before I left for Korea, Etude House and Tony Moly were kind enough to give me new goodies to review. One of those products sent to me was this Precious Mineral BB Cream. It is my first time (ever) to try a BB cream from Etude House.  It is housed in a plastic tube with pump dispenser. This kind of packaging are my faves because they very easy to travel with and very economical to use since I can control the amount of product it dispenses with the help of the pump.
I got the shade w13 which look so light for my NC35 skin. It looks like a very light beige on my skin. The color did not surprised me at all because almost all BB creams I have tried are way lighter than my actual skin color. I just love the fact that it has this beige/yellow tone to it that makes it easier to blend on my skin. Since I am acidic, this turns a shade lighter than my skintone after it has settled on my skin and does not appear stark white as seen on the swatch below. 
The texture was drier compared to the other bb creams I have tried. It also dries into a matte finish. I honestly thought this will not work for my dry skin. With its consistency, i presumed that it will highlight the dry areas of my face but it never did. Surprisingly, I really love it. It has a very good coverage. This is one of those few face products that I fell in love with just one layer. If you know me, I am fond of the plakado look. As in! I am a fan of the mannequin fake skin effect! Haha sabi nga nila waley naman ako need itago and I do not really need funda at at all! Well, kiber!itey ang aking trip sa buhay! Haha Anyways, I am very satisfied with this bb cream and I just need one layer to magically even out my skin tone and to cover my redness and imperfections. It has an awesome staying power too. Thus, I made sure I brought this with me to Korea. I did not bring the entire tube (of course) but I transferred a few pumps into a small container good enough for my 5 days travel. I noticed that it works well in both humid and cold weather. I experienced no patchy areas nor dryness even in Korea. Here in Manila, this can magically adjust to our weather and stays put throughout the day. I like using this when I commute here in Manila because it does not slip on my face nor make my skin oily. Just take note that i have dry skin. By mid day, i just powder my under eye and t zone.

1. I really like the packaging. The pump dispenser is very economical and hygienic.
2. It has awesome coverage. You can refer to the photo below that it brightened my face and even covered my dark pimple marks with just one layer.
3. This feels light on the skin.
4. This does not feel greasy nor does it make me oily even on a very humid day. On a hot sunny weather, my face would turn dewy instead of being oily.
5. Locally available.
6. Blendable and very easy to apply.
7. This did not irritate my skin.
8. It has a natural matte finish.

The only thing I disliked about this product is that it only has Limited shades. This would appear too light for Filipinas who have darker skin tones than me.
Here is my before and after shot using the bb cream. In the second photo,i just used one layer of this bb Cream.

Overall, this is probably the best bb cream I have tried this 2014! The coverage and longevity are on point and perfect for the humid weather in Manila.
Will i buy again? Yes. But I really want to try the stay up foundation from Etude House which is really promising when I had the chance to swatched last month.

Godbless to all!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Korean Birthday Haul

I am back!!!Annyeonghaseyo!! I celebrated my 29th birthday in Seoul, South Korea. I spent 5 days and 5 nights in that beautiful country. This is the grandest birthday gift I have ever given myself. Now, I know why travelling is addicting. waaahh Gusto ko pa!! The above photo was taken at Myeongdong. The famous shopping district in Seoul. I have never seen a street filled with makeup stores in my entire life. And as all of you may have guessed, I went gaga crazy. Haha My Fiance gifted me a shopping spree treat and  But guess what? I got frustrated when we went to Ehwa University because there is this Korean Brand, ONL that has an ongoing sale of buy 1 take 2!! I can't believe it!! I spent almost all of my won on Myeongdong and Ehwa is better because there were fewer people (less stress at pagkahilo). Also, I found this  outlet store where they sell Korean brands from high end ones like Hera, Sulwhasoo to Etude House with a very good discount price. Like 50-70% off! Nakakaloka!Waaah!! Ang laki ng pagsisi ko! :( Anyways, if ever I had the chance to go back, I will definitely check Ehwa University first more than Myeongdong. 

Here is my Korean Birthday Haul. Take note that these are gifts from my fiance!! At wala talaga akong ginastos diyan! haha I know right? Make sure that your out of the country travel with your sweetheart falls on your birthday to get perks like this! Charoot!!! When I showed him everything in the guesthouse, Fiance was like "Grabe ang dami!! Lahat yan gift ko sa iyo? Kung nasa Pilipinas tayo baka 4 lang mabili mo!" haha I was like Korek ka diyan! I even had the chance to buy two tops from H&M with his gift!! Akalain mo yun! haha 
Mr. Kim, the guesthouse manager gave us a postcard! I love N Seoul Tower! :)

Tony Moly had a two or three day sale. I got two items in Lotte Plaza Cheongyanggi, two from Tony Moly Myeongdong and one from Ehwa University.

1. Tony Moly Circle Lens Mascara - I got this for 2750 won (I think) Only 117 pesos when converted to peso. The next day I immediately used it and fell in love with how the green one made my lashes longer so I got another one in pink.

2. Tony Moly Crystal Marble Highlighter - This contains two part highlighter one in champange and the other is in gold.  It cost me 7000 won or 304 pesos

3.Tony Moly Cotton Pact Delight - I originally wanted the Holika Holika Oil Queen Pact but I can't find it anywhere. Perhaps, it is already phased out. This is very small compared to the Holika Holika one but this has a more satiny and smoother texture. I got it for 5000 won or 217 pesos

4. Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Makeup Mist - I got this because gusto kong maachieve that Korean dewy skin look. hehe I got this on a really good bargain. This was not on sale in Tony Moly STores in Myeongdong but like I said I visited this outlet store in Ehwa and I got this for 3900 won or 169 pesos!! In Myeongdong, this costs 8000 won.

5. Tony Moly Gel Liner - I forgot to mention this one. This is on sale for 4200 won or  182 pesos.

Btw, if you are shopping for makeup in Korea, make sure to have your calculators ready for conversion. If it were not for the sale, I would not have bought some of the products featured here on this blog post because they are almost of the same price with the ones sold in Manila (or feeling ko lang yun?)
6. A'pieu - One of the brands, I wished we had in Manila. I just wanted a lip and cheek tint for my birthday but I got more than what I wanted. I got this cheek tint in the shade red first because I am not sure of the quality. What caught me was its price tag of 4500 won or 195 pesos. The next day, I immediately tried it on and it stayed put! I got another shade in Pink which I equally love.
7. Nature Republic Green Tea Cleansing Foam - I had no intention of buying any cream in Korea. Trust me, I love my Ponds Cold Cream so much that I am very apprehensive of using another makeup remover. When I its price tag of 6000 won or 260 pesos, I can't help but buy it. The tub is like 3x bigger than my Pond's Cold Cream!! Good thing, I bought this awesome cream cleanser!!! Winner ito mga teh!! Can I say that I love this more than my Ponds Cleanser? This feels lighter and this is not greasy at all. I am hoping Nature Republic is selling this locally or else mapapabalik ako sa Korea! bwahaha 

8. Nature Republic Hawaiian Clay Pack - I was set on buying the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic pact but it was not on sale so I settled for this one. This only costs 5000 won or 217 pesos. I also saw that it won an Allure Beauty Award.
9. Palgantong Gold Rush Makeup Base - When I saw this at Seatree shop, I immediately thought of the infamous Palgantong Powders sold online and at PureBeauty. Correct me if I am wrong but are they of the same brand as the ones sold in PureBeauty. If my memory serves me right, that brand is quite pricey. I bought this at 7000 (Base) or 304 pesos. This is a golden liquid highlighter. As I have said, peg ko yung shiny fez ng mga Koreans so I bought this one. The bottle is quite huge and it has a pump which other liquid highlighters lack.

10. Palgantong Powder - 7500 won or 326 pesos. If this is the same powder sold locally, panalo ang price nito!!! :)
11. Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner - One of the cheapest and nicest eyeliner I have ever tried. I got these on sale for 3950 won or 171 pesos each.
12. Iope Lip and Cheek Stain - Iope is one of my most favorite buys in Korea. I should have gotten more of their products because they are really good. I got this in Ehwa at a very very nice prie of 2000 won or a whopping 87 pesos!!! Waaahh!!! They only sell one shade. 

13. Iope Essential Oil - I got this on a whim because my skin acted really negatively in Korea. Their extremely chilly weather triggered my rashes and my face looked horrible sans bb cream and concealer. This oil was heaven sent!It relieved my skin of bumps, itchiness and redness. I absolutely love this oil!!!!! I should have gotten a back up (I know ang dami kong pinagsisihan!hehe) This only costs 7900 won or 343 pesos. I love how it hydrates my skin and the moisture truly penetrates my skin making it supple and softer. 
14. A'pieu Snail Vital Eye Cream - I was complimented by a Korean SA (char!! Salamat sa makeup at sa malaki kong mata). However, she mentioned that I have prominent under eye lines. Kaloka!! I was really conscious after that so, I got this eye cream. I was never fond of using eye cream but I think I should take my lines seriously from now on. This is on sale at 10000 won or 434 pesos. 
15. ONL Lipsticks - This is the brand that I saw in Ehwa that had an ongoing sale of buy 1 take 2!!! Bakit ba ako nagdalawang isip na bumili pa? waah. I gifted my mom the other lipstick and I am in love with these two shades. I got these for 10900 won for three pesos or 473 pesos.

16. Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finishing Mist in Matte - I got this for 8000 won or 347 pesis. I think I saw Shaanxoxo used this in one of her videos. This smells so good!!!

17. Skinfood Fresh Apple Poremazing Gel Primer - I got this for 9000 won or 391 pesos at namahalan ako!I should have bought the 3 ONL primers for 12900 won than this!! Ay sus!

18.The SAEM Cover Perfection Pot concealer - I apologize that I forgot to include this on my first draft of this post. This is one of my favorites in this haul. I never planned on purchasing another concealer. As of the moment,  I have too much concealers in my stash but I could not resist the price tag of this baby!! 5000 won or 217 pesos only. And my gulay, the coverage?? amazing!! The first time I swatched it in Lotte Plaza I knew I had to to get it. This is currently my everyday concealer.

(I forgot to take pictures but kindly refer to the second picture above for reference)
Here are the freebies I got!!! I got two masks!! Yeavah!! Tip: When buying in Myeongdong, buy one -two items at a time to get samples for every buy. hehe 

That's it! 

I am one super happy beauty blogger with my purchases! :)


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Friday, November 7, 2014

[PR] Pureology Cares: Hair Care Finds a New Meaning


Statistics show that the Philippines has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Southeast Asia, registering the highest incidence increase of 589% from 1980 to 2010. This places us right at the center of the fight against breast cancer in the region. With this, how can one make a difference in helping fellow Filipinos battle this illness through small or huge endeavors? With the shared endeavor to make the Philippines a healthier place by battling cancer, ICanServe Foundation has been chosen this year by Pureology, the best hair color care brand by L’OrĂ©al Professionnel, as its partner to help Filipinos make a difference by finding a new meaning with hair care. ICanServe Foundation has been playing an active role in setting up support program for Filipino women battling cancer. It was in 2001 when Pureology revolutionized color care at Irvine, California as part of Jim Markham’s,
the founder of Pureology, search for a safe haircare product for a friend stricken with cancer. “From its inception, Pureology has been created with integrity and has always been striving to make a positive impact in its communities worldwide,” said Asher Lu, Marketing Management Trainee of Pureology Philippines. 

“From the 100% vegan ingredients that go into our formulas to the materials that comprise our packaging, Pureology as a brand alongside its partners, aim to make a difference by the way we do hair care business.” Since then, Pureology has grown its reputation as the best hair care line for color treated hair that is enriched with organic botanicals with an infallible commitment to sustainability. “We recognize our role as a brand that historically stands for patients dealing with cancer that is why this year, we have partnered with the best possible ally in this advocacy – ICanServe Foundation,” shared Lu. The campaign encourages salon-goers to choose Pureology and make a difference as Filipinos observe the Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. “With every purchase of any Pureology product, a #PureologyCares percentage of sales goes to ICanServe Foundation to help fund their support programs for breast cancer patients,” added Lu. The story of Pureology indeed continues here in the Philippines with this meaningful advocacy that includes its partners and clients to join the cause. “Just like Jim, you can also help keep the colors in cancer patients’ lives alive,” encouraged Lu. Ask your stylist today about Pureology – 100% Vegan, ZeroSulfate, made with organic botanicals. Pureology products are exclusively available at leading image salons nationwide. 

For more information about Pureology, please visit