Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PR: Sizzle In Velvet Rose Lingerie’s Swimwear and Lounge Wear This Summer!

Despite the heat, we all can’t deny that Summer is our much-awaited time of the year because it’s a time for adventures, discoveries, and a time to make lots of great and fun memories with our families, friends, and partners. Hitting the Beach this season? Then it’s time to update your swimwear wardrobe. The good ol’ teeny weeny bikini and swimsuit are undeniably this season’s hottest fashion statement and Velvet Rose Lingerie’s latest, trendiest, and fabulous extensive swimwear and lounge wear collection will surely put you on the spotlight.

Our swimwear is not just stylish, but reliable as well. Made from high- grade material that resists shrinking when it comes into contact with saltwater and chlorine, and comes in timelessly hip styles and designs, you’re guaranteed that it will last so you can enjoy and make tons of memories with it in the coming years.

Made from superior, comfortable fabric and comes versatile designs, our Lounge Wear will not only keep you covered, but will also take you from a leisurely stroll on the shore to a sizzling beach party come night time. Choose from our 3- Way Cover ups, Sheer Kaftans, Skirt Cover-Up, and Short Halter Dresses. 

Here are my top swimsuit picks from Velvet Rose:

One-piece and two- piece swimwear retail at P2,390.00, 3- Way Versatile Cover Up at P2,390.00, Short Halter Dress at P1,790.00, Kaftans at P1,790.00 Cosmo Dot Skirt Cover Up at P1,190.00.

To inquire about our latest Swimwear and Cover-Up Collection, please call any Velvet Rose Lingerie branch near you:

Shangri-La Plaza: 634-6571
SM Mall Of Asia: 556-0731
Robinson’s Galleria: 683-0329

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Dream Wedding: A Budget Friendly One

I have a confession to make just like other women out there, I wanted a fairytale/dreamlike wedding. I never knew weddings can cost so much these days. From photographer to wedding gowns, everything seems to have a hefty price tag. I initially wanted a huge/engrande wedding. At the back of my head, Bakit ba? I am a lawyer eh. I deserve a bonggang wedding. (Imagine me saying this with a bloated head)  I want a wedding, one that is worthy for a magazine feature, one that must be included in Bride and Breakfast's blog roll, and one that is at par with showbiz couples. Oh yes. That was my dream until I realized that what I was dreaming about is in reality -- a nightmare. A nightmare for an average income earner like me.  Spending 800 thousand (our initial budget) for a wedding gives me goosebumps err more of a heart attack! For a while, I was dead sure I want need that engrande wedding. I even told BF that I cannot settle for anything lower than 85 thousand for a wedding gown. Oh,, Seriously? Am I really that rich to be spending such huge amount for a wedding? Truth be told, I am not. Yes, I am a lawyer but guess what? I live on a blue collar's budget (ok that sounds exaggerated,, just a wee bit higher than a regular worker). After undergoing pre-marital counselling, I had a change of heart. I realized I will not  can not spend my hard earned money for a one day event that will last only for 5-8 hours. I can not spend it on a wedding gown that will get rotten and eaten by worms and other insects after a few years time.  At the end of the day, people will say something about the wedding, good or bad. I do not care about what they will say. What truly matters is that, we will marry each other for the sole purpose of pleasing GOD. We will not marry  to please other people.

My beloved Tita Nitz gave me this perfect advice
"Do not keep up with the Joneses!"  [underscoring supplied]
Thanks tita! We truly won't.

Now, the question is -- what wedding do I really want?
After pondering this question for quite some time, I want my wedding to be attended by the most important people in our lives. People who loved us all these years like my family, close relatives, and closest friends. I also want our wedding celebration to be a testimony of  God's faithfulness  in our relationship. Lastly, I want a budget friendly one! Haha From 800 thousand, we are down to 350 thousand. I am still not satisfied with such amount (I want it lower like 300 or even 250 thousand), hence, the meticulous planning and the search for the best supplier begins. A secondary reason why I will never spend too much in my wedding? Simple --- practicality. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that. After the wedding, the more important things await --- house/rent, bills, bills, bills, uhmm did I already mention bills? ,pregnancy, baby's needs, etc. etc. Wheew!! Also, we made a commitment that we will never touch our personal savings for the sake of the wedding. Those savings were from our blood, sweat and tears noh! I cannot  imagine the hours I have spent reading files and files of cases just to earn money, then, the amount I earned will be merely spent at a fancy restaurant or venue to show other people our so called economic stature. No way Jose!! Our savings is primarily for emergency purposes, for my family and our initial budget to start our own family. We also plan to buy a condo unit or rent or buy a house (whatever God wills), thus, the hundred plus thousand we will save on the wedding will be spent on a lifetime need. :)

We have made tons of mistakes last year.We booked suppliers pegged at our initial budget and we are letting go of our down payments with a heavy heart. We just kept our photographer and videographer in our list because they are really good.  Despite this, we are willing to let go of a few thousands (ay naku hindi lang siya few ahh) just to have our dream budget wedding.

There are just two things that we will be splurging at -- our honeymoon for memories and our wedding rings.

Sponsors? anyone? haha

Follow this blog series as I try to come up with my dream wedding!

***P.S. This post is merely my opinion. To those who spent gazillion of bucks for their wedding, I am truly happy for you. :) I love weddings and I have nothing against anyone spending much on theirs, it is just that I am not willing to spend much on mine for the reasons above stated. :) ***


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Colour Collection Hot Kiss Lipstick by Bianca Valerio

Hi everyone! I honestly thought I lost my love for lipsticks. I have been using stains and balms over and over again since last year and the first quarter of 2014. There are two lipsticks that changed my heart. I have been using them for a month now and I hope they do not get discontinued anytime soon. I am talking about Colour Collection's Hot Kiss Lipstick by Biance Valerio. I was supposed to give this away for a giveaway but when I saw the shades esp.  Peaches and Passion, I changed my mind. Thank God I trusted my instincts. These lippies are the bomb!!! I love them so much that I think I can finish a whole tube anytime soon. I have been using the shades alternately non stop. Oh yes. They made me forget all my other lipsticks in my stash. 

Let's start with the review, shall we?I do not like the white plastic packaging of the lipstick. It just feel so tacky and the cap is too loose that it gets disengaged/removed from the tube very quickly. As for the lipstick itself, I have nothing but praises for these lippies. I know.. I know..I get a bit exaggerated with reviews esp. when I love the product. Can you blame me for telling the truth eh?! haha  Anyways, the lipstick is very pigmented. I can wear this alone without any lip liner. It goes on smooth and creamy on my lips. Even on my dry cracked up lips, this still look so good on me. I love the fact that it has this subtle glossy finish that makes my lips look well moisturize. It does not appear patchy too and the color you get is solid as what you see in the tube. After eating, this lipstick stays on like a mattified wash of color which looks so natural (well, unless you wipe it off). Wear time is very good. It can last up to 4 hours on my lips without retouching. This lipstick does not bleed and despite its creamy texture, it does not rubs off easily. This lipstick only cost 199 pesos! Wow!! Thumbs up for the super affordable price.

Sadly, these babies are limited edition only. :(  
Kisses with Cream is a lipstick perfect for everyday wear. It is a muted mauvey rosy brown shade that looks natural on my lips. 
Peaches & Passion has got to be my summer lipstick for 2014. Yes!! I finally found it. It is a beautiful coral shade that has the right amount of peach, orange and everything else!!
Here is a picture of me wearing it. It looks perfect with my Nars Orgasm. (Pardon my mannequin like skin, my camera is on soft skin feature, hence, the fake super kinis effect)

Have you tried the Hot Kiss Lipstick?


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