Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Get Cheeky with Me

 This is one of the products from the Beauty in Bloom Collection of Happy Skin. This is by far their most colorful set to date. This blush reminded me of The Balm's packaging. The blush itself is housed in a flip top card boad and has very nice mirror. The blush looks small due to its bigger packaging but having two shades in one pan compensates the blush size. I love how Happy Skin incorporated peach and pink in one pan. 
 The box has an illustration as to where blush should be properly applied depending on one's face shop.
 Here are the swatches of the blush

Just Peachy is a beautiful light peach shades that instantly gives me that glow when worn. I love this shade a lot that I am thinking of using this as my blush for my wedding.Yes!! Ganon ko siya kalove!! It just makes me look radiant and glowing. This blush does not even have a shimmer but the color just suits my yellow skin tone very well.My swatches does not justify the shade esp. when worn on the cheeks.

Bride to be is a cool tone medium pink that works well with my medium skintone. 

When mixed together, they create a beautiful peachy pink shade that gives my skin a very natural flushed/blushing cheeks effect.

This blush is really good  GREAT. I love how it  looks on my skin. This works with both synthetic and animal hair brushes really well. It is not too powdery and has very very minimal fall outs. It feels very velvety and creamy. The texture makes application very easy. It never looked streaky on me and it blends seamlessly on my cheeks. What  I really love this blush is its pigmentation. The color pay off is really good. The staying power is also superb!! This stays on me half day and give that wash of color by 5-6th hour. Just take note that I have dry skin. I just find the price steep for 799 pesos considering the amount of the product. 

Overall, I LOVE this blush! ALOT!! The quality is almost at par with my TheBalm Instain Blush which has a good staying power and pigmentation. This is definitely one of my favorite blush and yes, I am thinking of wearing it for my wedding. Want to know why?

See picture below!!
Oh diva?? ang bongga ng effect sakin! I mixed both colors
and look how gorgeous it looked on my skin!!! Wala po akong blush sa noo,, rashes po yan hehe

Happy Skin is available in all Plains and Prints outlets and I just recently saw their stall at SM Landmark.

Have you tried Happy Skin Products? What are your faves?


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My Keratin Treatment Experience at Vivere Salon

I have been passing by Vivere Salon in Trinoma and Galleria a lot of times. This Salon is well lit and I can easily see the people inside whenever I pass by. It looks very posh and looks very expensive. In my mind, I knew going here would cost me a lot. Luckily, I was invited to experience Vivere Salon. I was surprised that their prices are really competitive and the prices ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT that exorbitant as I thought they would be. Vivere Salon is a premiere destination for bespoke haircuts and styles anchored on the training and education provided by the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy. This is like the Harvard Univ. of hair education. hihi I was hoping I had much pictures to share especially the before and after treatment but my camera failed me big time. Hay.

I underwent Keratin Treatment more than a week ago. After shampooing my hair, they immediately applied the treatment. I could hear one of the the stylist telling the person who will apply the treatment on my hair to be careful on the application and ensure that the treatment will not touch my scalp. My ears were like clapping with glee. Yes. First time ko nakaexperience that I did not have to remind the persons in the salon that I have Scalp Psoriasis. They noticed it immediately. They  did not look like USISEROs like in the previous salons that I have tried asking me, Mam ano po yan blah blah blah. They were professional enough to note that I have scalp issues and took the initiative to handle my condition very well. Did you know that even though I attend salon events, I would still get that nasty look from salon people once they saw my scalp. As in. Nakakapang liit at times and I would like to scream that that is not contagious etc. etc. Anyways, Kudos to Vivere for being very professional. As in!! Hands down! 

Okay enough of my chika, after shampooing my hair, the treatment was applied on my hair by layers and this heart producing and revolving machine hover slowly around my head.  Afterwards, my hair was deep conditioned and then it was ironed. 

I noticed that this Keratin treatment, compared to the previous one I had before, did not have that nasty chemical scent. Rather, this treatment smell really nice. Also, my scalp did not feel itchy at all. This Keratin Treatment is the latest in this season's smoothing and de-frizzing techniques from Brazil. This has been dubbed as the miracle treatment. This is made from natural ingredients from Brazil like green keratin that is made of soy beans, corn and wheat. This treatment makes tames the frizzes and makes the hair look bouncy and healthy.

The first photo is taken yesterday. That is my hair after more than one week from treatment. See how it looks so shiny, bouncy and soft. People in my house started noticing how shiny my hair looks and they kept on insisting that I underwent hair coloring. Hindi nga! Ang kulet. Keratin lang yan.

 This is how my hair looks like before the treatment. My hair has lots of waves making my layers look really weird.

What to love about this Keratin Treatment from Vivere?
1. This tamed my frizzes and made my hair look healthier.
2. It made my hair smoother and shinier.
3. It does not have that weird chemical scent.
4. It is made of natural ingredients.
5. This did not make my hair look flat. It maintained the shape of my hair.
6. The effect of this treatment can last upto3-4 months.

Take note, Keratin is a hair treatment not a hair straightening procedure like Rebonding.

Overall, I am very happy with my Keratin Treatment at Vivere. Vivere Salon is offering 30% discount to this amazing treatment at 30% off. Enjoy this Down and Proud Promo until July 31, 2015.
Have your tried Keratin Treatment?


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Monday, June 29, 2015

Dare To Lead A Beautiful Rebellion with MNY Rebel Lipsticks

This season, it's time for pastels to rebel with newest Color Sensational Lipsticks from Maybelline. This newest line from Maybelline offers 12 beautiful shades. I have been testing these lippies since the day I got this wonderful bouquet (ang taray diba? I never knew I would fall in love with a flower bouquet this much!). I honestly think that this is one of the best lipstick line from Maybelline. Pramis! Full review and swatches will be posted soon.

I dare my readers to wear their favorite #MNYRebelLips and write your own beautiful declaration of what you rebel against. Post your selfie wearing your favorite MNY Rebel Lips Shade on IG or Facebook.  Please Do not forget to tag My Lucid Intervals on Facebook or @primadonnarence on IG and write your own declaration like: "I rebel (against/ with/ for/ etc.) _____"

 One reader will win the whole collection of #MNYRebelLips! Yay!! Winners will be chosen on July 11, 2015. The winner may claim the prize at Maybelline Office or I could send the package to his/her house! 
"I rebel against stereotyping and the incessant demands to conform with world views."

What do you rebel against? Don't forget to join this fun contest by Maybelline.


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