Friday, October 24, 2014

PR: Flawless Super Serum

Flawless Introduces New Age Super Serums, Raises Bar for Skincare in the Country

Flawless is on a roll.
In July it introduced the country to the world’s first 100% natural in origin, 100% biodegradable and 100% hypoallergenic skincare line. In September, it launched the Philippines’ first whitening and anti-aging facial treatment that uses all-natural ingredients. Now, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services brings everyone a line of new age serums that is envisioned to raise the bar for beauty solutions, Super Serums.

“The Flawless Super Serums were specially formulated in partnership with one of the world’s leading international cosmeceutical laboratories,” shares Rubby Sy, Flawless’ CEO. “The idea behind it was quite simple, actually. We just really wanted to have serums that will further boost the efficacy of our in-house beauty kits. However, what we were able to come up with is something more remarkable than that.” “The Flawless Super Serums are essentially new age serums. They are very potent and can dramatically improve various skin conditions in as early as two weeks, but they are mild enough to be used for long periods of time, even by people with sensitive skin.” Flawless’ new products come in three variants—Pimple Clear, Age Defy and Whitening—and complement the brand’s existing beauty lines. According to Sy, its formulation allows it to penetrate and deliver its effects deep into the skin. Its endorsers, Divine Lee and beau, Victor Basa, swear by it and say it has helped address longstanding skin concerns.

“I honestly have a hard time keeping my skin evenly toned,” says Victor Basa. “Of course, that’s mainly because I’m either under the sun or exposed to harsh lights. The Whitening Super Serum helped even out my skin. Plus, it has SPF35, which makes it more perfect for guys because it protects your skin without the heavy feel that creams provide and absorbs easily.” Flawless’ Super Serums are available in all of the company’s 39 clinics nationwide, including its newly-opened branches in Bacolod and Eastwood.

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Day 1: Jazzy Collections Eyebrow Kit (Review plus Swatches)

I will be starting with my 5 DAYS Series here on my blog. Yes, I know I am not good with keeping up with this so called blog series but I am seriously trying yah know! Anyways, I will start with 5 DAYS OF LOCAL BEAUTY. I will be doing 5 product features from our very own local brands or the so called Filipino brands ( I presume the ones I will be featuring are local brands ok as far as my knowledge is concerned). Let us start with Day 1 and I will be reviewing my favorite brow product as of the moment. As in kinabog niya ang lahat ng brow products that are in my makeup stash right now. It is a spin off of the MUFE Aque Brow. I have been hearing tons of raves about this product but I just can't seem to buy myself a tube because of its hefty price tag. I can spend thousands of pesos on funda or concealer but I am a bit wary on spending much on the brows. For the record, I in the "kilay phase" for months now. I have been buying brow products here and there. Initially, I was set to pre order the NYX Brow Gel ever since the Youtube community has been advertising it like crazy. Then, I saw this baby in  the department store and it only costs 399 pesos. Waahh. Panic attack mode talaga for the price! I immediately asked the SA for the testers. This brow kit comes in three shades. No. 1 and No.2 looks really nice. I really want No. 1 but it is out of stock so I just settled for No. 2. 

This brow kit comes in a plastic packaging which I eventually threw away. It also has two small brushes. One looks like a fine liner brush and the other is a small angled brush
. Surprisingly, the angled brush works really really well with the brow gel. As in. I never expect the brushes to be of use at all.  It applies the product on my brows precisely and fills in the sparse areas naturally. Due to its size and thinness, I can magically recreate the shape of my brows. I can make sharp arch or seemingly straight shaped brows. I remember that FS or Fashion 21 has a similar shaped brush. Thus, if ever I lost this brush I might probably get myself that as an alternative. 
The consistency is slightly thicker than the NYX brow gel but it applies smoothly. I can control the intensity of the shade with the amount of product that goes into my brush, Honestly, I just need a tiny bit of this product for my brow. The color pay off as you can see it amazeballs. The picture can speak for itself. I need not exaggerate on this one. :) The color is a rich cocoa or dark wood brown that has no hint of red. It goes really well with my black hair.

Is it good? IT IS AWESOME!!!! I stopped using brow powders, pencils and wax when this product came into my life! Seriously,it does everything all brow products can do to my brows combined. So, I do not prime my brows with wax anymore, no more outlining with pen or pencil and no more filling in the brows with powder. This product alone can give me that vavavoom brows in a jiffy. Hindi naman ako exaggerated masyado noh? hehe You can actually see my brow transformation below for proof. 
What I do to create beautifully drawn brows (yes, nagbuhat ako ng sariling bangko..hahaha)? With light and precise strokes, I outline my brows. Then, I intensify the shade on the arch down to the tail and to finish it off, I just use my spoolie to blend everything for a more natural look. 

1.It is affordable. For 399 pesos, you get a decent amount of product that can last for months. 
2. It is very pigmented but blendable. The color and intensity of the product can actually be controlled with the use of a spoolie for blending.
3. It dries quickly.
4. It is very easy to remove.
5. It is smudge proof and waterproof. I will probably use this on my wedding day!! Wooot!! I am building my wedding makeup stash. Any recos?hehe
6. It does not cake even when I try to reapply/retouch.
7. What I love about this is its longevity. This can last whole day on me!!! No retouching needed.. Brow wow all day long achieve na achieve!
8. I can use this even with untidy brows!!! I can shape my brows the way I want to with the use of this product. This is best used with well groomed brows to achieve that perfect arch!

None!! I am in love with this product and I will repurchase once I ran out.

More thoughts on this product:
1. If you have thick brows, I think you have be careful in using because this is very pigmented. I used this on a client with beautiful thick brows and I just applied it with feathery strokes as an outline more a more natural look. 
2. You need a spoolie to blend the product for a more natural finish.
3. I was not actually a fan of this product on my first use. If you do not have a steady hand, then it will be very tricky to apply. I suggest that you start with a light hand as you slowly build up the color.
4. I do not know if this product dries out easily but just to be sure, please tightly screw the cap on the tube.
What do you think?


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hard Candy Glamouflage Heavy Duty Concealer Review plus Swatches

Lately, I have been analyzing my schedule because it seems I can not finish anything I plan for the day.  I am pertaining to my extra curricular activities beyond office hours. I can even blog properly after 5pm. I racked my head for answers on the following questions: Am I losing that beauty blogging enthusiasm? Am I growing old too fast that I have been thinking  too much of real life now more than ever? Aside from my life struggles (sinong wala?hmpf!), one fact always pops in my head.TRAFFIC! Wait wait wait anong connect? Traffic has caused me my health. I barely have enough sleep to keep me going the next day. For a commuter like me, I need to be up at 445 am-5am to ensure that I arrive before 8am in the office. Then, after work it will take 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 grueling hours before I can get home. In between traffice jams, my brains pacing back and forth with life mysteries and unsolved problems  to beauty blogging and makeup. I even make mental notes of my next blog post just to end up curled up in my bed while reading a book after a tiresome day. This post should have gone up days before and believe me traffic has caused its delay to be published. :) haha 

Moving on, I have a lot of newly discovered product to blog about. One of my latest favorite is  the Hard candy glamouflage concealer. I have been hearing a lot of raves about this product. I think this is comparable to the infamous Kat Von D tattoo concealer that costs more. Eekkk!! Anything affordable sounds great to me! Mabilis akong mauto! hehe Okay. I got the Medium Shade. For reference I have medium warm skintone (NC35 in MAC but NC37 looks good on me as well). The shade of medium is one shade lighter than my skin tone. Okay, I will not rant about the shade selection. I have accepted the fact that most concealers out in the market will be a shade lighter than my skintone and the only shade that will perfectly match my skin is that of my MAC Pro longwear. This has a yellow undertones which is perfect! Despite being a shade lighter, I can still wear this concealer on its own without looking like a reverse panda in real life and in photos taken with flash. Lately, I have been mixing this concealer with my MAC Pro longwear or Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer to achieve an almost perfect shade for me. For the record, I only concealers on my under eyes. I tried using concealer as a highlighter and it worked very well. 

This concealer comes in a squeeze tube with pointed nozzle opening. I like how small the opening is because the amount of product it dispenses is very controllable. One tube contains 20 grams of product and has a shelf life of two years. I bet I can not finish this in two years because a little of this product goes a long. 
It comes with a pencil concealer which  I am not really fond of (or perhaps I have not yet discovered how to properly use it). I tried using it on my waterline and it does not glide smoothly. I tried using it to highlight my browbone but it caked on me big time. I think this is best for spot concealing. In my case, I do not have anything to spot conceal. So, in this review, I will focus on the liquid concealer. 
The liquid concealer has a very thick but has a blendable texture. For coverage, it is at par with my MAC Pro Longwear concealer or even better because I just need a few dots under my eye to cover my entire eye area. This concealer is truly a heavy duty one. I can not believe it is a fraction of the price of MAC and other high end brands. 
I tried covering a black liner with this concealer and it exceeds all my concealer expectations (I know by now, you probably guessed.. I LOVE THIS CONCEALER!!!! and I am not being biased when I said that it exceeds my expectations).
Before and After picture of my under eye

I just need three tiny dots to cover my dark circles. I suddenly forgot about my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer when this baby came along. Let's have a point by point review on this because I have been blabbing too much.

What I Love About This Concealer:
1. This is a heavy duty concealer. It covers my dark circles very well.
2. This has a very thick but blendable consistency. 
3. I can use it a highlighter at time especially when I use my darker shade of foundation as a base.
4. This product works well with my other concealer and foundation.
5. This barely cake on me but I suggest to use minimal amount of product.
6. The coverage is fantastic.It is very concentrated and I am very happy with how it covers my under eye. 
7. I just need three dots which means this concealer can last me like forever (kidding).
8. It dries into a semi matte finish but there is still a need to set this with powder. 
9. Aside from being blendable with my other concealer and foundation, this works well with any kind of setting powder whether it be two way foundation, pressed powder or loose powder.It is very easy to set with any of the aforementioned type of products.
10. It lasts almost whole day on me except that the product on the inner corners of my eyes gets rubbed off quite easily.
11. This is affordable.
12. This did not irritate my eyes.
13. It does not crease as long as it is properly set and a good amount of concealer and primer to prep your face will do wonders.
14. I can reapply or retouch the concealer without caking. 
15. It does not settle too much on the fine lines.  Well, almost all my concealers settle on the fine lines but I find this tolerable in fact I barely notice that it settles on my fine lines (or 
16. It does not give my that reverse panda look even if it lighter than my skin. I prefer concealer that suits my skintone perfectly. 

What I do not Like About This Concealer:
1. Not available locally.
2. This has a very strong crayon/crayola scent that I eventually got used to.
3. This concealer is bit dry so make sure you pack your fave eye serums and moisturizers very well before applying it.
4. It only comes in three shades. 

This is one of my most favorite drugstore find to date and I highly highly recommend this to all of you! Bili na!! hehe


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