Friday, May 22, 2015

The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a Tub and Bath Cream Review Plus TFC Giveaway

Have you heard about Cream Factory? I chanced upon this brand from fellow bloggers. Then, I found them in different Department Stores. Their products are combined with goat milk which contains 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world that provide you with unique skin benefits. This DESSERT FOR THE SKIN comes in 12 luxurious, delicious-smelling variants to make every bath an indulgent experience. THE CREAM FACTORY Bath Cream is available in Acai Berry, Almond, Avocado, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Honey, Jojoba, Lavender, Mulberry, Seaweed, Witch Hazel, and Yogurt variants. 

I got two products from Cream Factory - Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk and Honey and Bath Cream in Goat's Milk and Yogurt. The Scrub-in-a-Tub has two variants - Salty and Creamy. The salty variant contains salt crystals while the Creamy one contains walnut sprinkles. Yes. Walnut!!!! This is a very creamy body scrub and it does a good job of exfoliating my skin without being too abrasive. I really like the milky and sweet scent of this scrub. This did not trigger my psoriasis nor did it cause  any negative reaction on my super sensitive skin. 
This lathers smoothly once applied on damp skin. It does not leave any sticky or soapy feel. 
The next product I got from them is this Bath Cream in Goat's Milk and Yogurt.According to the Cream Factory, this Bath Cream is made with all the goodness and purity of real Netherlands goat milk. They say that their products can deeply moisturize the skin without leaving that filmy residue. Since Manila is like a huge oven lately (due to the super duper jinit na panahon), putting on lotion  has never felt this uncomfortable. Having dry skin and psoriasis makes my dilemma worse because I just need to hyrdate my skin because despite the humit and scorching hot weather here in MNL, my skin needs moisture BADLY. The best solution to this problem is using a moisturizing bath soap. In my case, I am loving this body wash from The Cream Factory. This is very efficient to use because just a few drops on my mini towel or loofah is enough to work up rich suds and bubbles on the skin. This rinses off completely with water without that slimy/soapy residue. This has a very yummy sweet milky scent to it. 
What I also love about Cream Factory products are their very sturdy packaging. Price point is okay but if you are kuripot like me you may find them a bit steep for a body wash and scrub. Compared to more affordable brands in the market, The Cream Factory products do not have harmful chemicals in them such as parabens! :)
Do not forget to join there summer giveaway! The mechanics are simple:

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Winners will be chosen by the Cream Factory :)


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Organic Find: Zenutrients Virgin Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Today is a crappy day. Everything was in a disarray from the time I left the house to the documents and papers that needs to be done. Being in private practice has its perks and downsides. Anyways, as much as I want to vent out my frustrations of being a lawyer here on my blog, I decided to keep this space a happy one. Kaya nga my lucid intervals eh. Let us not talk about work but let me talk about y latest organic find. Last Saturday, I visited the Zenutrients and bought a few stuff. One of the products that I have been eyeing from this brand is this VCO Makeuup Remover. I just finished my huge tub of Nature Republic Aloe Cleansing Cream that I bought way back in November in Korea. I really wanted to try oil based makeup removers but most of the ones I like to try are quite pricey like the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil. I bought this makeup remover because it is priced at 166.40 Pesos for a 100ml bottle. 
One of the first few things that I do after coming home from work is removing my makeup. I have never dared sleep with makeup on because I know for sure that I will develop rashes the day thereafter. So here I am looking all stressed at ngarag posing like an endorser for this product. Okay, take note I bought this product with my own money. This post is definitely not sponsored. Nag inarte lang ako sa pose. :p 

I prefer using it with a cotton pad. How do I use it? I pour two -three drops of VCO on the cotton pad and press it gently on my lid (first). I first start cleaning my face by my removing eye makeup before anything else. Another way of removing makeup with the use of Oil makeup remover is by massaging a few drops of VCO on the face then wiping it off with cleansing wipes, cotton pad or dry facial tissue. 

This Virgin Coconut Oil Makeup Remover is really good. As in really good!!! It melts my waterproof mascara very well and easily removes my waterproof liner too. I love makeup removers that immediately removes eye makeup because there is lesser chances of tugging and rubbing the eye area. We all know that the eye area is very sensitive and too much tugging/rubbing can immediately cause wrinkles. The consistency is not too thick and sticky. For an oil, I find it light enough and it does not feel too greasy compared to the other VCO that I have tried. This has a very subtle fresh scent. (Thank heavens). Most VCO smells like coconut which scent is something I am not very fond of. This did not cause me any irritations or breakouts. I find it to be very gentle because it does not sting my eyes/face, does not blur my vision nor make my eyes watery. Just make sure not to dampen the cotton pad too much or else the excess oil will enter your eyes. The greasiness will be gone after I washed my face with soap and water. To ensure that there will be no oil left on the skin, I finish off wiping my with a cleansing wipes  then I proceed to wash my face with soap and water. This is 100% free from harsh chemicals and is proudly made in the Philippines. 
I will definitely repurchase this Makeup Remover! Zenutrients is available at leading department stores like Landmark and Robinsons. 

Godbless to all!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Delicious Diet PH

After being engaged, I became curious on diet programs to lose weight. I have been very lax on my eating habits that I end up gaining additional 15 lbs over the span of a year or so. Hindi ko pa nasheshed ang aking bar exams flabs. Jeff from Delicious Diet PH contacted me to try out their meal plan. Delicious Diet is a calorie counted meal plan delivered at your doorstep. They will deliver Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner for five days within the 1200 calorie limit for Php 1,800 pesos. For someone who eats way too much junk in a day (chips, sweets and cups and cups of coffee), this is a great way to jumpstart my diet for my big day. I would rather spend money on good food than starve myself to death just to lose weight (starving myself would probably cost more because it can affect my health). The food for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner were delivered at night for next day consumption. There is a need to keep the food refrigerated to avoid spoilage. The food were stored in a plastic container and there is a need to reheat it before consumption (which I never did anyway). 

I was a bit apprehensive when the program started. My thoughts were, "kayanin ko kaya? ang konti ng food!! Waahhhh!!!" Looking at the portion set for each meal made me doubt if I can survive a week with such amount of food. Yes, for the record malakas po akong kumain. hehe I was really surprised that I did not feel hungry at all. I did not feel dizzy while working. I did not crave for food but I can really feel the hunger by dinnertime because I commute going home (psychological din siguro because I made it a point to set my mind on this diet program kaya medyo nacurb ko yung cravings ko and katakawan). 

 For someone who has strong taste buds, the food tasted good. They were not too salty nor sweet. Everything is in moderation and surprisingly I like it. Due to this, I did no feel deprive at all.

Lastly, my number observation in trying out this diet meal program is that one should have refrigerator or a microwave to keep the food in tiptop condition. I experienced spoilage when I brought the meals to an out town hearing. Imagine my horror when I have to buy fastfood. Nasira ang budget ko.. hehe Thus, make sure to have an insulated bag that would keep the meals fresh. 

Here are the meals that I have tried for one week. 

The Teh Tarik tastes really good. Where to buy this? 
I also discovered that chicken has a higher tendency of spoilage.
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