Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brand Feature: Jazzy France

I got an invite for a Jazzy France Event and I was bewildered with the name of the brand. I immediately asked "Is this the same as the Jazzy Collection?" And they were quick to answer "Yes". I have featured this brand a few times on my blog and I love their eyebrow kit like crazy. I am always scouting for drugstore gems and I get so kilig whenever I find one. Ewan ko ba kung likas lang akong kuripot or drugstore makeup aficionado lang talaga ako. Jazzy France was relaunch a few weeks back. Bloggers and makeup artists where invited to the said event. 

The highlight of the event was the Dame de Coeur. For a high school or college student, the cube packaging with rose imprint is definitely impressive but for someone who is nearly (malapit na sobra) on her 30s, the packaging did not really work for me.  It looks like a multi colored gloss. After debating with myself if I should try it or give it to my mom, I decided to try it. Let me tell you.  I was wrong with my speculation that it this is not a good product. This tinted balm is a lip and cheek product. I can not say that it is a cream because it has the consistency of a goopy and sticky gloss in solid form.

This product is really good. For someone who has dry lips for 365 days a year, this has not been drying out my lips since the time I used it. It has been in my makeup kit for quite some time and it is my everyday "lipstick/balm". It is a bit glossy and stays put for 3-4 hours sans eating. It gives my lips a good hint of color. For blush, this is very blendable and the color pay off is good. It dries into a dewy finish after application. To set the product, use a translucent loose powder.  The colors in the cube are a mixture of light pale shimmery pink and red and when mixed, it gives off a very natural pink flush with hints of shimmer.
This cost 299 pesos and it has loads of product. I think I will be using this for a long time. I just use my fingers to pick up the product which is really unsanitary (I know) but I do not have all the time in the world to use tools to apply the product. So, kiber na!!!! hehe
Next product that I am loving from this brand is the All Day Lifting Foundation. This Foundation is housed in a very posh glass bottle with a pump!!woohoo!!! I love foundations with a pump. Contrary to the Dame De Coeur Product, this foundation has a very nice packaging. It costs 849 pesos (mahal nga lang). I got the shade ADLF -02. I hate the shade name (numbers.. kaloka) but I love the product. This is a hydrating and light foundation. It goes on sheer on the skin. I can hardly see any coverage on my skin when I apply this. I really love how it makes my skin feel so moisturized. It is perfect for my very dry and rash prone skin. It did not emphasize my dry patches at all. I really think that this is made for mature skin (ahem.. hint:lifting foundation!!) because the texture is creamy and does not sink into my fine lines. 
The shade looks a notch lighter than my skin tone but after a while it blends very well.
Here is the look of the foundation after it has been set.

Have you tried Jazzy France products? 

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**Products were received from Jazzy France for review and feature.**

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: Nivea Cleansing Wipes

 One of my cardinal rule in my skincare regimen is that I should never sleep with makeup on. I have always tried to keep that rule in mind. No matter what the circumstances I am in, I will find a way to clean my face and remove all my makeup before going to bed. I know I sound like a big fat liar but I can literally drag myself just to do this nightly ritual. Years ago, I was contended with a cotton ball or a facial tissue drenched with makeup cleanser to wipe off my makeup. Then, I discovered the wonders of makeup cleansing wipes. I started using makeup wipes two years ago. Nivea recently launched their Cleansing Wipes and I saw other beauty bloggers posting reviews and photos of these wipes and the first thing that went to my mind, "Ay mahal yan!"  Napahiya naman ng lola niyo because when I visited Watsons,I found out that one pack only costs 140 pesos! Nakarating siguro sa Nivea na bet kong itry ang cleansing wipes nila because they sent 4 packs for review. Bongga. Nakatipid na naman ang kuripot na bridezilla. :)

 These cleansing wipes have two variants:

Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes: For Dry and Sensitive Skin. It cleanses, tones and hydrates. It removes makeup and waterproof mascara. Suitable for sensitive eyes. It contains natural almond oil and Hydra IQ. 1 pack contains 25 Sheets.

Pure Effect 3 in 1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes: For Oily and impre skin. Deeply cleanses, exfoliates and fights impurities. It contains Magnolia Extract. 1 pack contains 20 sheets.
 Gentle Cleansing Facial and Pure Effect Exfoliating

These wipes have a drier feel to them compared to the ones I previously used. I honestly thought these will not work out for me. Surprisingly, they work really well on their own without the help of  any cream cleanser. It removes all the makeup and gunk on my face like a dream. On lazy days, I pull out one exfoliating wipe, one gentle cleansing wipe to remove my makeup and skip my Nature Republic Cream Cleanser. After wiping off my makeup, my face feels so clean as if I have washed it with water and facial wash.There are times that I was even tempted to sleep without washing my face with water. Thanks to these wipes, my face feels squeaky clean because these wipes does not leave a sticky feel. The Gentle Facial Wipes is perfect perfect for removing eye makeup and it can even remove waterproof masacara and eyeliner (but siyempre with effort!!). The Gentle Facial Wipes have a sweeter scent while the exfoliating one has a strong soapy and powdery scent. The Gentle Facial Wipes have smoother texture and has a bit more moisture compared to the Exfoliating one. This wipe feels so soft and luxurious when I slide it on my skin, hence, it is perfect for removal of eye makeup. The Exfoliating Makeup Wipe has two sides. One side has a textured finish because of the raised dots (this is for exfoliation) and the other side has a smoother texture. On days when I feel that my face is filled with dirt and gunk, I opt for the Exfoliating Wipes. Just a note, make sure than you wipe off your makeup gently. Wag manggigigil girls and boys!! The first time I used the exfoliating facial wash, I applied too much pressure while massaging it on my face, I immediately developed rashes. So, ang lesson to be learned ay -- wag excited magtanggal ng make-up, Nakakarashes. :) 

 Overall, I am loving these wipes from Nivea. This debunked my theory that the best makeup wipes are the moist ones because these wipes surprisingly get the job done!! If you will ask me which I like between the two? I have to say that I like the Gentle Facial Wipes more because I can use it for eye makeup removal and it just have a sweet subtle scent.
After using one gentle facial wipe and one exfoliating wipe on my face. Without makeup but with eye bags!! Natutulog po ako promise. Si GENES po ang may sala kaya perpetually dark ang under eyes ko!!! 

What do you think? Is the Nivea Cleansing Wipe, a yay or a nay?


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Friday, February 20, 2015

Wedding Blog: My Bridal Makeup Peg

It is no secret that I will do my own makeup on my wedding day. Truth be told, there are a lot of people who does not support this idea of mine. One makeup artist told me that people have gotten used to my makeup technique that my wedding makeup will most probably look ordinary to most people who knew me. So, I changed my makeup technique to prevent this from happening. :) That's one dilemma off the list. For other, I will be too stressed to have the courage to put on makeup on my big day. Ironically, putting on makeup will surely be my stress buster on that day. I remembered when I was in law school, I would put on makeup while studying to calm myself. Hence, the name of this my lucid intervals. :) The people who have been very supportive on my idea of doing a DIY wedding makeup are none other than -- my fellow beauty bloggers. :) I have to thank Liz Lanuzo for her previous post on wedding makeup which made me realize that I should do it myself. 

The recently concluded wedding of Heart Evangelista inspired me even more. I am a self confessed fan of her makeup artist , Albert Kurniawan. The way he does eye makeup is impeccable. When I saw, Heart's makeup on her wedding both in Balesin and here in Manila, I immediately knew what my makeup peg will be. :) Oo ako na ang feelingera!! Kiber naman, diba? hehe 

Here are a few photos of her look:

 Amazing noh? From her eye makeup to her lip color. Everything is perfection. For fellow future brides out there, I dare you to research on your pegs and do not entirely rely on your makeup artist on your wedding day. Know what looks good on you like knowing your YLLB lipstick will be  big help. Just a quick kwento, I saw a bride on my facebook newsfeed and I was taken aback on her makeup. She looked darker and washed out because of that pale lipstick. :( Brides- to- be out there, invest on a good makeup artist (kung mayaman lang ako I will definitely hire Alert Kurniawan or Mickey See) because no matter how good your photographers or videographers are, no amount of editing or photoshop can fix a makeup gone wrong. Okay? Shucks ako ata ang kinabahan sa babala kong ito. Haha Well, this prompted me to practice and do more research for my wedding makeup. I need to find good products that will bring out my inner glow. May ganon! So, here is my trial makeup (unfinished look,,, products not properly blended pa). { Of course, I will not show the final look until my big day!}
Products Used:
MAC Studiofix Foundation in NC35
Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Original Beige
FS Foundation in Organza (I realized that my color is in between Chino and Organza)
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Neutralizer
NYC Bronzer in Sunny
I picked a random blush in my makeup drawer and I got the Colour Collection Blush and Bronzer in Sweetheart. I mixed both shades and I got a very flattering color. :)
UD Naked palette 1 and NAKED Basics Palette
Jordana Eye Pencil in Continuous Almond
Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bulletproof Beige for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes
L'oreal Butterfly Intenza Mascara
Holika Holika Brown Eyeliner
For the lips, I mixed two shades : Loreal Barely Moka and Happy Skin Shut Up 
and Kiss Me in Style Icon
Ever Bilena Brown Eyebrow Pencil
In2it Eyebrow Powder

I want to know your favorites and HG products!! Please comment below on the best primer, foundation and long lasting lipstick you have tried! :) I will really appreciate your help. 


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