Friday, October 17, 2014

Hard Candy Glamouflage Heavy Duty Concealer Review plus Swatches

Lately, I have been analyzing my schedule because it seems I can not finish anything I plan for the day.  I am pertaining to my extra curricular activities beyond office hours. I can even blog properly after 5pm. I racked my head for answers on the following questions: Am I losing that beauty blogging enthusiasm? Am I growing old too fast that I have been thinking  too much of real life now more than ever? Aside from my life struggles (sinong wala?hmpf!), one fact always pops in my head.TRAFFIC! Wait wait wait anong connect? Traffic has caused me my health. I barely have enough sleep to keep me going the next day. For a commuter like me, I need to be up at 445 am-5am to ensure that I arrive before 8am in the office. Then, after work it will take 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 grueling hours before I can get home. In between traffice jams, my brains pacing back and forth with life mysteries and unsolved problems  to beauty blogging and makeup. I even make mental notes of my next blog post just to end up curled up in my bed while reading a book after a tiresome day. This post should have gone up days before and believe me traffic has caused its delay to be published. :) haha 

Moving on, I have a lot of newly discovered product to blog about. One of my latest favorite is  the Hard candy glamouflage concealer. I have been hearing a lot of raves about this product. I think this is comparable to the infamous Kat Von D tattoo concealer that costs more. Eekkk!! Anything affordable sounds great to me! Mabilis akong mauto! hehe Okay. I got the Medium Shade. For reference I have medium warm skintone (NC35 in MAC but NC37 looks good on me as well). The shade of medium is one shade lighter than my skin tone. Okay, I will not rant about the shade selection. I have accepted the fact that most concealers out in the market will be a shade lighter than my skintone and the only shade that will perfectly match my skin is that of my MAC Pro longwear. This has a yellow undertones which is perfect! Despite being a shade lighter, I can still wear this concealer on its own without looking like a reverse panda in real life and in photos taken with flash. Lately, I have been mixing this concealer with my MAC Pro longwear or Rimmel Wake Me up Concealer to achieve an almost perfect shade for me. For the record, I only concealers on my under eyes. I tried using concealer as a highlighter and it worked very well. 

This concealer comes in a squeeze tube with pointed nozzle opening. I like how small the opening is because the amount of product it dispenses is very controllable. One tube contains 20 grams of product and has a shelf life of two years. I bet I can not finish this in two years because a little of this product goes a long. 
It comes with a pencil concealer which  I am not really fond of (or perhaps I have not yet discovered how to properly use it). I tried using it on my waterline and it does not glide smoothly. I tried using it to highlight my browbone but it caked on me big time. I think this is best for spot concealing. In my case, I do not have anything to spot conceal. So, in this review, I will focus on the liquid concealer. 
The liquid concealer has a very thick but has a blendable texture. For coverage, it is at par with my MAC Pro Longwear concealer or even better because I just need a few dots under my eye to cover my entire eye area. This concealer is truly a heavy duty one. I can not believe it is a fraction of the price of MAC and other high end brands. 
I tried covering a black liner with this concealer and it exceeds all my concealer expectations (I know by now, you probably guessed.. I LOVE THIS CONCEALER!!!! and I am not being biased when I said that it exceeds my expectations).
Before and After picture of my under eye

I just need three tiny dots to cover my dark circles. I suddenly forgot about my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer when this baby came along. Let's have a point by point review on this because I have been blabbing too much.

What I Love About This Concealer:
1. This is a heavy duty concealer. It covers my dark circles very well.
2. This has a very thick but blendable consistency. 
3. I can use it a highlighter at time especially when I use my darker shade of foundation as a base.
4. This product works well with my other concealer and foundation.
5. This barely cake on me but I suggest to use minimal amount of product.
6. The coverage is fantastic.It is very concentrated and I am very happy with how it covers my under eye. 
7. I just need three dots which means this concealer can last me like forever (kidding).
8. It dries into a semi matte finish but there is still a need to set this with powder. 
9. Aside from being blendable with my other concealer and foundation, this works well with any kind of setting powder whether it be two way foundation, pressed powder or loose powder.It is very easy to set with any of the aforementioned type of products.
10. It lasts almost whole day on me except that the product on the inner corners of my eyes gets rubbed off quite easily.
11. This is affordable.
12. This did not irritate my eyes.
13. It does not crease as long as it is properly set and a good amount of concealer and primer to prep your face will do wonders.
14. I can reapply or retouch the concealer without caking. 
15. It does not settle too much on the fine lines.  Well, almost all my concealers settle on the fine lines but I find this tolerable in fact I barely notice that it settles on my fine lines (or 
16. It does not give my that reverse panda look even if it lighter than my skin. I prefer concealer that suits my skintone perfectly. 

What I do not Like About This Concealer:
1. Not available locally.
2. This has a very strong crayon/crayola scent that I eventually got used to.
3. This concealer is bit dry so make sure you pack your fave eye serums and moisturizers very well before applying it.
4. It only comes in three shades. 

This is one of my most favorite drugstore find to date and I highly highly recommend this to all of you! Bili na!! hehe


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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watsons Wonders Beauty Box: Hair Heroes

Enough of this chika, let us talk about hair!! I am trying to grow my hair way past my bra line of worst ala mermaid style until waist! Why? my future wedding hairstylist told me so. He kept on reminding me "Teh, wag ka na magpapagupit simula ngayon hanggang sa araw ng kasal mo ah!" I know this is purely impossible for me. But hey!!! I want to be beautiful on my wedding so bahala na si batman! Well, Just in time for my "Project: Let it Grow". Hence, I have been in search for good quality hair products perfect for my bride-to-be budget (in short dapat affords ng bulsa). Thus, Watsons sent me a huge beauty box filled with Hair Heroes/Wonders. eeekk!!! I never had a lot of hair products! Well, I get shampoos and conditioners for reviews but hello hair treatments?! Panalo! The box is huge and there are loads of new brands that are exclusively distributed by Watsons. Let's go through the products, shall we?

Salon Professionals Hair Treatment - When I saw these treatments, parang gusto ko ng magpatayo ng salon! Charoot! These tubs are as tall as my hand and filled to the brim. I used the Shea Butter Variant and it conditioned my hair very well. It has a subtle scent to it and it made my hair very soft. Babush tutchang and tangles. Now, I only used this once a week because this is a deep conditioner. I tried using it like a conditioner but it made my scalp and hair very oily.
These are the hair styling products that I received. I was itching to try the Hair Vitamin Morocco Argan Oil which comes in a soft gel capsule but I end up using the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil first. This is a hair elixir or serum that leaves a shine on my hair and tames out my tresses really well. Despite being oil based, this does not weigh down my hair. It feels very lightweight on the hair and has a subtle fragrance to it. I am interested in trying the Tony and Guy Foaming Spray Gel I gave the Gatsby Moving Lock Hairspray to the fiance and pinagsisihan ko! Joke!! It is good!! It smells goodit does not leave a white powdered film on the hair like other hairsprays do. His hair is still manageable and does not look too stiff after using this. He told me liked it better than his usual wax.  :)
Moist Diane Treatment and Shampoo. These are the products that got my attention. They are huge and bulky! The pump bottle got me. I have not tried the treatment since I have opened the Keratin Treatment already. However, I have tried the shampoo sans any conditioner. Two pumps is enough for my bra length hair. Seriously,  this is really a good shampoo. It softened my hair and made it more manageable. Bet na bet ko siya!
This Aloe Derma Products are perfect for my grandmother who has thinning hair. I thought of her immediately when I saw this in the box. She is currently using it and she told me that it feels so refreshing and gentle on her very senstive scalp. Just the name "Aloe" got her giddy in using these products. :)
Palty Hair Color. This is a bubble/foam hair coloring kits that is very popular in Japan. I got a very light shade. I will not be coloring my hair anytime soon until a week or two before  my wedding. This year, I just up until November 2015, I plan to take care of my locks!
This is a quick hair fix that gives off a miracle hair fiber to give fuller volume or can make cover up balding spot in an instant.

These products  are Watsons Wonders. You guys can exect promos and discounts if you buy any of these products. Knowing Watsons, their promos and discounts are really tempting!

What are your hair must haves? One more question, do you guys shampoo your hair everyday?
Tell me your thoughts, please!!

P.S. All the products I have tested did not affect my scalp psoriasis! :) No nega reaction at all.

Godbless everyone.

(Pardon my love for exclamation points!!! hahah Ganyan talaga ako sa totoong buhay!! Gigil! hehe)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What's New? Ofra Lipsticks

My body says, I should be sleeping by now because I have a big day tomorrow!! Tomorrow is my first ever makeup workshop!Am I nervous? Hell yeah!! I was even practicing a while ago on what to say .The thought of speaking to the participants just gave me butterflies akin to appearing in court. haha i just got back from a two day seminar in bataan. I was really eager to get back to manila to blog  these newest lippies from Ofra. OFRA is a new brand that is available in and I also saw this brand at Pure Beauty. I got two shades if Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick and Ofra Lipstick.

OFRA Cosmetic has created fantastic lipstick formulas that consist of moisturizing ingredients and are very soft to apply. Made using only the finest of ingredients (Castor Oil, Petrolatum, and Caprylic-Capric Triglyceride), they last long and give a satin finish to the lips. Titanium Dioxide acts as a natural sunscreen that reflects the sun’s rays. Aloe Vera soothes calms and heals the lips while Vitamin E assists with regeneration of cells, healing and sun protection.

Available in these shades: #07 Petal, #08 (Coral), #12 Karma, #18 (Nude Peach), #19 Red Delicious, #20 (Nude), #103 Tango, #201 (Pink), #202 (Brick Red), #205 (Magenta Pink), Midnight Blue, Fuchsia, Amethyst, Purple Haze. SRP 650

Here’s one step to a full lip color that does not feather. Creamy, lightweight & soft in texture, they moisturize the lips with antioxidants and Vitamin E. Its vibrant, matte hues adorn lips for up to five hours without eating or drinking, giving you a long-lasting, vivacious look.
Available in these shades: Laguna Beach, Honolulu, Atlantic City, Bondi Beach, Sta. Monica, Solano, Plumas, Purple Rain, Sunset Beach, Hollywood. SRP 950.

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks:
I will first discuss about the Ofra Lipsticks. The Ofra Lipsticks is housed in a black sturdy tube. It actually feels a bit heavy compared to my other lipsticks. This lipsticks has a very creamy texture. Actually, It feels like a solid lipgloss. It goes on smoothly on the lips with glossy or  the I-just-licked-my-lips-finish. The color pay off is very good too. What I love about this lipstick is that despite having a creamy and glossy texture, this does not feel like slipping or bleeding on my lips. It is best to layer this product to achieve the pigmentation you want. 
Fuschia is a super duper gorgeous deep pinkish plum color. I love how I can layer this color to create that perfect fall lips and I can also use it like a tint by applying the lipstick with my fingers for a sheer finish.
Amethyst is a cool toned milky pink shade.

Ofra lipsticks can be a bit tricky to apply because of its creamy and glossy texture. Make sure that you layer the product smoothly on the lips or else you will end up with uneven and patchy lipstick. The trick is using your ring finger to spread the product very well. 

For the long lasting liquid lipstick, I got lucky with the shades given to me. I got Laguna Beach and Hollywood. Both colors are wearable hues in my opinion. This comes in a tube with a wand and doe foot applicator. This liquid lipstick dries into a matte finish, hence, moisturizing the lips is a must. Prepping the lips with a lip balm before using this product can prevent your lips from cracking or drying easily.The texture and finish remind me of the ELF lipstain. The color pay off is insane. One to two coats can easily cover my lips and even my dark lips. Applying the product is quite tricky because it has the tendency to dry immediately.   This can last for hours and does not seem to budge (unless I rub it off with tissue) even while eating and drinking . The con? it dries out my lips so bad to the point of cracking and peeling. The trick is applying balm before using the lipstick and reapplying balm throughout the day. 
Laguna Beach is a muted light  peachy pink shade. 
Hollywood is a beautiful medium neon peachy pink.

OFRA lipsticks are available at Snoe Beauty Counters, Purebeauty and

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