Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday Burt's Bees

Okay walang katapusang event itey! hehe.. I have been lagging with posts (palagi naman.. hehe) and I just want to finish with all PR and events because I want to post more personal reviews and top five picks etc. Last week, I attended Burt's Bees 30th Birthday at Seda Hotel. I have known this brand ever since college but little did I know that they have tons of products from hair care to skin care. 
Did you know that Burt of Burt's Bees really exists? Yep. I only learned this fact during the event and I was inspired by his life to the point na gusto ko na magpa adopt legally sa kanya.. haha kidding. But here's a quick video clip know more about Burt Shavits, co founder of Burt's Bees.

In the recent years, the brand has expanded to include six skincare lines to cater to both 
men and women’s needs. For a radiant glow, suggest you try our Radiance Line which is 
infused with royal jelly, a special ingredient packed with essential nutrients and vitamins for your skin. 
For a more even complexion, the Daisy White range that features daisy 
white extract from the Macedonian region naturally has whitening properties that is 
perfect for you who seek a fairer tone. For those looking into an effective acne fighting system, our Acne Solutions range naturally zaps those unwanted impurities
with a powerful dose of willow bark extract, which has salicylic acid to combat acne related problems. Complexions with a need for deep replenishing, we offer our Intense Hydration line. It is formulated with clary sage, a plant which is known for 
its water-retention properties as it is a plant that thrives even in the harsh desert climate. 
The Sensitive range has cotton extract to address those with a delicate complexion, 
while the Naturally Ageless line is made with pomegranate extract which promises an even 
more youthful appearance. 
Liz did a quick painting workshop for all of us. Have you seen her awesome sketches and paintings one IG? I love her creativity and while she's drawing this tree it was so easy for her like putting on lip balm.
Oh here is my quick painting. Pambata ang peg.. hehe.
Here are the goodies I received from the event. I am using everything right now and I am in love with the Garden Tomato Toner. What do you like me to review first?  
Burt’s Bees products are available at all Beauty Bar branches nationwide. 
You may visit our Facebook page for more details: http://facebook.com/BurtsBeesPH

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Beauty Blossoms in Manila With Pixy

Mandom Philippines (the company that brought us Bifesta and Lucido-L) has brought the newest and very affordable Japanese makeup line in the Philippines. This Japanese brands has been showering beauty across Indonesia and Malaysia. Now, we get a taste of these lovely brand and it is formulated in Japan and Made in Indonesia! My friend and I (Chas of http://vain-and-pleasure.blogspot.com/) have been quite biased when it comes to Japanese brands. We have this notion that if made a makeup is made or formulated in Japan, it is definitely good and perfect for Asian skin. Pixy incorporates the light reflecting and skin perfecting properties found in Japanese brands.  

Pixy offers a ladylike "gal" trend with a twist. Pixy is affordable, wearable and incredibly easy to wear. It promises to awaken one's youthful spirit with its chic and pink packaging.  I have been loving their lipsticks and foundation for months now and I am excited to share the swatches and review to all of you.
The event place was one of the most sophisticated and well decorated one I have been to. The place was surrounded by Japaned Cherry blossoms that made us, the guests, felt a bit of Japan.
The President of Mandom Philippines, HiroyukiMitsuoka,shared,
 "Pixy allows women to enhance this beauty by offering quality
 products to highlight their Truly Asian Beauty,”
Photo shows: The Mandom Philippines Corporation’s  President and CEO,
 Hiroyuki Mitsuoka (left to center); General Manager of Sales and Marketing, 
Hirotsugu Ohashi (center); Marketing Associate for All Ladies Brand, 
Olaiza Sunga (far left)and Product Planning Specialist 
Jacqueline David Calanoc (2nd to right) join makeup artist Xeng Zulueta 
after she gave tips and tricks with models Ana Leticia (2nd to left) and Luany Ayumi 
(right of center) at the PIXY Product Launch

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K-Palette 1 Day Magic

It is that time of the year when one of my favorite brand, K-Palelette, brings in their newest makeup products. I got invited to the K-Palette 1 Day Magic and this is one of the most fun event I ever attended this year. Erik Mana, the master illusionist, even gave a fantastic magic show for all of us. It was very interactive, I was lucky enough to be part of the show. hehe  

Japanese Makeup Artist, Sayaka Nagashima did an interesting makeup demo on the model, Alyssa. Look how interesting the brow shape of the model is. Sayaka used KPalette brow mascara on her brows. She applied 1 day magic eyelid glue to deepen her crease and make her eyes bigger. She perfectly applied the winged eyeliner on the model as well. 

Sweet treats from K-Palette.
My forever seatmates, Char and Jess. 
The gorgeous, Shari, trying out the newest masacra.

What is included in the 1 Day Magic Collection?

1. 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner which costs 695 pesos. This is called the beginner's mascara because the brush is 3x thicker than the regular brush. Right off the bat, this liner is amazing. I am not a fan of the winged liner look because it takes forever to perfect but with this liner... It take me a couple of minutes. Seriously! I love this na talaga. More on this soon.

2. 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara. This is a dual ended mascara which contains a regular mascara on one end and a fiber one on the other. When I started blogging, I have been seeing a lot of this fiber mascara from Japanese bloggers and those from bloggang.Thanks to K-Palette, I now have the chance to try a legit Japanese fiber masacara. 

3. 1 Day Magic Eyelid Glue- This is perfect for those with monolids. It can also be sued by those with monolids to deepen their crease, correct their eye shape or make their eyes bigger. This only costs 650 pesos. 

4. 1 Day Magic 3D Palette - This has got to be the most interesting product from K-Palette ever. It is my first time to try out their face product. This contains two blushes, one highlighter and matte bronzer. 
K-Palette 1 Day Magic is available in the Philippines at Beauty Bar stores.
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