The Blawgger (Blogger/Lawyer)

Donnarence M. Masilungan is a young lawyer who found interest in makeup and blogging during her law school life. She started blogging back in 2008.At first, she was very hesitant to share her love for makeup. She was very much afraid of criticisms from her law school peers that she is not studying well and instead devoting more time to makeup blogging. However, she realized that studying hard to become a lawyer is not a genuine reason to look  stressed and haggard all the time! She utilized her makeup penchant to go through law school with a new perspective. She was very much inspired by other bloggers and youtube makeup gurus. 

The title "My Lucid Intervals" means a phase of mental sanity or a temporary period of rationality. She considered her blog as her lucid moments during her struggle in law school. This blog is still running because of her lovely readers. 

"I hate it when people conclude that when a woman wears makeup (always), it simply means she does not have a good head on her shoulders.This is utterly preposterous and untenable." (sa madaling salita, "KIBER!! MAGMAMAKEUP AKO!haha" - donnarence