Milani mini haul :D

Milani Powder Lash Mascara in black - 80 Php
Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner in black - 60 Php

i chanced upon these on ebay. a milani mascara for 80 pesos?!? this truly caught my eye! ooohh.. it was such a bargain that i could not resist.i researched for their reviews at makeupalley and they tempted me more. For the price alone, it is a steal!
The mascara comb is BIGGG!! it is by far the biggest i have ever seen! (it kinda looked like a pine tree.. isn't it?)

Milani Powder Lash Mascara
This mascara gets 5 out of 5 flying kisses!!
this mascara claims to:
  • thickens and volumize lashes
  • it is smudge proof
  • clump free
road tested this mascara today and i really like it. It is perfect for everyday wear. Thank god this is not waterproof because i am not really a fan of the waterproof mascaras. true to its words,, this mascara did not smudge! i applied this with such an ease. one swipe and it gives a natural look, 2 more swipes and it gave my lashes that much needed volume. the volume is not that dramatic imo. But it is buildable without any clumps at all. It also added a bit length to my lashes!However, i had a hard time applying mascara to my lower lashes because of the big brush.

Milani Color Brilliance Eyeliner in black
This liner only get 3 out of 5 flying kisses!!

this liner glides like a dream. the color is pure black and it is really intense. the color is really vibrant and the picture shown above is with just one swipe. see,, how thick it is? how i wish revlon colorstay eyeliner is just like this. it would be the perfect black eyeliner perhaps. :P it is perfect in lining the waterline. however, the pencil is really soft. one must apply it slowly because it smudges easily with just a little budge. :C i used this today and after a few hours it was all over my under eye. **sigh.. but i noticed the ones i applied on my water line stayed in place but the ones on the lower lashline are the one that smudge.

**it should have been 2 kisses only but added one more for the price and color pay off.**

these two products received good reviews in makeupalley. :D


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  1. whoa! those ARE cheap! lucky you to have found these!

  2. oo thanks for the reviews on these. i love milani!

  3. You beat me to this! I was watching this item too! :P

  4. The wand look really big o-O;
    But super thanks for the review! ^_^

  5. LOL it does look like a pine tree! thanks for the reviews!

  6. Lol. I love the whole "kisses" concept. So cute (:

  7. Ooh then I must get some of that mascara!

  8. ooohhhh...nice catch nmn!

    never have i seen something like that on ebay..

  9. where o where? XDI must try this!

  10. Thanks for the comment! The pin up look below is really cute=D

  11. you got it at a good price :)

  12. ^^ thanks girls i am loving my buys no regrets!for the price they are really a steal.. :D

  13. Nice reviews, Donnarence! And great finds. :D:D I tagged you, I'm sure someone else already has, but tag anyway! :)

  14. awe! that mascara looks good!

  15. what 80php? wow thats really inexpensive , good deal!

    i always used is revlon liquid foundation but i mixed it with mineral foundation to get my skintone .

  16. NICE review =)
    gotta check out that mascara

  17. ^^ thanks girls i am loving my buys no regrets!for the price they are really a steal.. :D

  18. Thanks for the comment! The pin up look below is really cute=D


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