Surprises + answers :D

Hi.. it has been one happy day for me guys.. :D hope you had a nice one too..First of all, I want to thank all my followers and those ,who time and again ,stop by my page and comment.. thanks.. i really appreciate it. I received my prize from ms. yaya ( i won 2nd place in her doll contest.. i was ecstatic to go to the post office. (BTW, the post office opened the package in front of me without any advise. I was shocked and furious. Nobody said that it was an SOP thing!!!Grrr,,, Now, I fear that every package that i might order online will be charged more than it should.. anybody knows where to file an administrative complaint?)Anyways,, ms. yaya is such a sweetie. I was thrilled seeing the goodies she gave me.. aww.. I love it all.. I will be using them starting tonight,.,hihihi

^^ the gloss is just yummy as it looks and look at those shadows i can't wait to do an EOTD on this one.

^just what i need.. a new perfume.. and i have been wanting to try hope in a jar.. super thanks..

Another gift was given to me by my aunt who lives in new york,, Calvin klein!!! She works at Calvin Klein too.. and gawd .. i love their bags..

^^ the bigger bag belongs to my mom (but she promised to lend it to me.. hahahahah)

^^ a must have.. it is so hot in the phils. lately!!! piercing heat!!! ouch!!

so gorgeous.. isn't it? and i found these inside:

^^waahhhh.. lip palette and blush.. gawd their pretty.. i'll show you a clearer pic some time..

^my avon orders.. supershock mascara and avon pore-fection powder.. :D

And a miracle happened today..
^^^ I AM A DEAN's LISTER again.. whoa!! look!!! my QPI grade was soo exact!!!hihihihi I am now officially a third year regular Law student. weeeeeeeeeeehhhhh...

Next,, i will answer a few questions. :D

Question: What camera do you use?DO you take your own pictures? Do you use photoshop?
ANSWER: I use Sony cybershot DSC-w100. Yes, i take my own pictures. No, I never use photoshop nor do i have that program or know how to use it. hihihi.. The fact that my pictures appear good is basically because of the lighting. :D I switched to program auto, there you could choose the lighting effects. :D Secondly, make sure the micro thingy is on.. that is why my eye pictures is focused well. Third, which is the most important good lighting and turn on the flash. I take pictures during morning and afternoon as long as there is sunlight.. hehe and aside from that i still turn on my room lights. :D Check her beautiful site ( she also uses cybershot and her eye makeup is simply amazing. I bet some of your knows her.. she does her eye makeup perfectly!!her pictures are gorgeous too.. bow!! hihi Btw, I have to take more than 100 pictures to get the perfect one.. The picture taking part was longer than putting make up on..

Question: Where did you buy your makeup organizer?
Answer: I bought mine at sm department store.. they have three colors pink, blue and also comes in different sizes. Mine which is composed of 5 drawers costs 180 php.

Question: where did you buy the rimmel stuffs?
Answer: i bought at ebay. The seller's name is wackywancho.. she sells affordable stuffs..

That's all for today.. i'll be doing my tags and awards on the next days to come... :D


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  1. Hmm that gloss definately looks yummy! Oh & I have to try that Avon Supershock mascara.... it looks wonderful, & it's so inexpensive!

  2. argh..sometimes i hope i can just grab stuffs out of the computer...

  3. Ooh! Thanks for answering about the camera and editing, I think I asked that once or twice. Haha :)

    And Ooh again @ the drawer! I should check my local SM. Teehee!

    & Congratulations on winning, my dear!

  4. Hi !

    Im a blogger from the Philippines, a Girltalker, and a fellow law student (*wink).

    you take good pictures! the first time i saw you i thought maybe this girl took photography classes. anyway, you have the artistic talent. i like your blog.

  5. im not sure if my comment went through...

    Oh well,
    love the prizes so fab!
    The bag is hella cute! :)

  6. Woah, you are very good at taking pictures.
    I use Sony Cybershot too except it's W-130 if I'm not mistaken.

    Thank you for the tips!

  7. @gaby: the gloss smell absolutely delicious!!! yum..

    @shobe: hihihi.. i wanted to do that when looking at other people's haul

    @Cheysser:weehh.. i love sm..

    @girl with glasses: where do you study?? hihih thanks for dropping by..thanks.. i am just one hell of a camwhore perhaps..

    @shantee and lucia: thanks dearies

    @fifi: try it.. it will surely work!!! hehe

  8. wow!

    awww...too bad for you..
    whenever i go to the PO to get my package they don't do that...
    actually now that i think about it, the first time that i went to get my first package they tore it open too

    kya lng dhl every now & then nmn ako ngppunta dun kya hnd n nla pinabubuksan pa.

    just befriend one of the guy working there...

    so that whenever you picked a package they don't have to do that na


  9. congrats for winning 2nd place in the doll contest. what lovely prizes too. :D sorry to hear that the people at the post office opened the package before you can even open it. that's personal stuff.

    love the bags and that sonia kashuk palette has such pretty colors.

    take care and enjoy your day. :D

  10. hehe you sound so happy writing this post! congrats on 2nd place! the goodies look fun to play with!


    im sorry they opened the package infront of you :(

  11. ohhh goodies! i wana try that sonia kashuk kasi its not available here hmp! nways congrats and keep it up in school u'll never know someday i will need an amazing lawyer to defend me hehe di ba!

  12. Awe! congrats Donna! pretty prize!

    and your bagggggs! Just wow!

  13. yey, congrats! love the stuff you got.

  14. YEEEEY! SONIA KASHUK LIP PALETTE! I just recently got it too. I like the colors. its a bit goopy, but I still like it. :)

  15. congrats dear, keep it up esp for being dean's lister ! :P

  16. Congtats hun, I'm so excited for you!! ^__^

  17. Nice goodies! You are such a smartie...congrats!


    Wow you are so lucky. :)

    Congratulations on being a dean's lister!!

  19. thanks everyone.. i am so sorry for being lazy to one by one thank you.. i really appreciate all your comments.. mwah..

  20. im so glad you got it! it was my first time shipping international and i was freaking out! :)

  21. (: That lipgloss looks yummy, what kind is it??

  22. hi ms. yaya.. i was also freaking out same here.. hihihi

    HI mo,, the lipgloss is amuse milk chocolate lipgloss..the scent is ssoooo yummy and the color is opaque and the consistency wow!!

  23. oh wow i cant believe they opened your package. i'd be just as upset too.. hopefully they won't do that again. anyway the love gifts are all too cute.. and the calvin klein bag is just to die for.. love black bags.

  24. Awww... cute prizes!!! I also love your CK bag! I loveeee calvin klein one of my favorite designers. Congrats on making the deans list too darling!

  25. Congrats on being on the Dean's list! I never knew it was a positive thing until now. All those times I read my transcript, I thought I was in trouble, hence "the dean's list" hehe

  26. TAG! You're it :P You have prob already been tagged for this though!!!!

  27. Congratulations! You are a very beautiful and talented young lady and love that CK collections. :-)

  28. Ooh! Thanks for answering about the camera and editing, I think I asked that once or twice. Haha :)

    And Ooh again @ the drawer! I should check my local SM. Teehee!

    & Congratulations on winning, my dear!


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