The Copycat Series: Dara Park

Hi everyone.. This is a new segment of my blog.. apart from the reviews and other tutorials I decided that i will copy looks from celebrities, models, advertisements or even MAC face chart. I will start this very simple look from Dara Park. I really love her cat eyed look.. Her eyeliner is long and sexy. I really love the glow that most Koreans have. They look really fresh and super pretty..

Here's a quick tutorial:

1. Prime your lids. I use the all natural face eyeshadow primer. Apply grayish eyeshadow on the lid. The quad I am using is from revlon, the color is sandstorm.

dARA 047

2. For more depth, sweep some matte brown eyeshadow on the crease.

dARA 050

dARA 048

3. Highlight the brow bone with beige eyeshadow. Blend very well to soften the edges of your eyeshadow.
dARA 049

dARA 052

4. Add black liquid eyeliner thickly on your upper lid. I use Nichido liquid eyeliner.
dARA 053

5. Line your waterline with black eyeliner. I use Milani Color Brilliance in black and highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmery beige eyeshadow from my giovi palette.
dARA 065

6. Put on some mascara and define your brows. For mascara, I use Missha The style 4d mascara and for the brows, I use elf studioline brow kit in dark. Also, smudge a bit of shimmery gray eyeshadow on your lower lashline
dARA 086

7. To achieve that glow, sweep some light shimmery blush. I use rimmel blush in pink rose. Contour your cheeks and nose. I use elf pressed powder in no. 4 as a matte bronzer. For highlighter, I use elf bronzer in luminance.

dARA 118

8. For the lips, I use NYX lipstick in Thalia with Avon lipglaze in darling pink.

The Final Look for the eyes:
dARA 087
^^ I use my favorite falsies,the half type from saizen.

dARA 091

Comparison of my bare face and the copycat look:



dARA 097


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  1. Oh wow I love this look! I wish I know how to apply makeup. It is my Achilles' heel :D

  2. i wish i didnt have the flu! i really really wanna do this look!!! lol

  3. Very lovely eyeliner! Looks so clear :P
    Like the look too :)

  4. nice job w/ the liquid liner! i wish i knew how to put liquid liner like that!

  5. that's easy :) very cute cute! thanks for the simple tutorial :) btw,what cam are you using?

  6. very pretty sis! ang cute ninyo ni sandara hehe.. wow thalia looks good on you.. sa akin di bagay =P

  7. OHhh lovely tutorial, and I really like how it came out!
    Plus that it's really easy!

    Btw, are you wearing green lenses on the two close up pictures?

  8. Krung Krung got pretty! ahahah! You are prettier than her! Love the cat eye look! :D

  9. Thanks for the link! I tried it, and it's sooo much fun!

  10. Sooo love it! When i first saw the kiss video I also was in awe of sandara's make up in that same scene! I told myself i'll do that look one of these days on one of my friends. you did a great job on it! :)

  11. ohhh you draw the perfect cat eye! where can i find nichido liquid eyeliner?? so pretty!

  12. I always love clean and pretty makeup :) your cats eyes are perfect!! I need to learn to master liquid eyeliner first lolz any tips so the hand won't get wobbly?

  13. Wowzer this amazing- and so perfect!!!! Can you come and do my makeup for me ;P you always do it with such precision!!!
    You look so gorgeousssss too!

    I am so sorry to hear about everything that is going on in your country too- hope you are keeping safe xo

  14. Omg girl you always seem to "WOW" me!!! You're sooo BEAUTIFUL! and i think you way over mastered this look! And i was reading your blog about the typhoon. We're so close to the P.I and we actually were expecting a tropical storm tonight but it some how disappeared. However, we're expected for a bigger one this friday... ai... but how is the philippines holding up? It's so tragic, i am definitely putting my contribution to the cause because we also have a big filipino community here... I just can't believe it actually happened there! I was going to go to the P.I. this month too!! *sigh I will keep you,your family and the P.I. in my prayers.. Take care love, and God Bless...

  15. gorgeous! can't wait to see more in this series xD

  16. beautiful i love this series pang prof style na :D .

    di namn kami inabot sa bahay pero sa labas oo :C ..walang power halos one week hay buhay talaga tapos meron pang dadating no :C hay naku

  17. Ooh, I like it! I also like Dara's cat eyed look. Grabe, nung minsang clinose up sa kanya yung camera pag dating nya dito sa Phils, I noticed na ang haba and ang kapal nga ng liner sa eyes nya. But it looked good on her though. Nakakainggit 'no? How come most Koreans have clear complexions? What's their secret kaya? Argh, napagod na akong magpractice kung paano magapply ng liquid liner. Hanggang pencil na lang talaga ako. Anyway sis, you reall did a good job in 'copying' Dara's look. I hope to see more of this Copycat Series in the future. :)

  18. Great tutorial very detailed. I seriously love you! hahaha =)

  19. Very lovely, super simple, yet impactful*_*

  20. you can use loreal hip eyeliner. its easier to apply than liquid eyeliners.. hehehe

  21. that's easy :) very cute cute! thanks for the simple tutorial :) btw,what cam are you using?

  22. i wish i didnt have the flu! i really really wanna do this look!!! lol

  23. Oh wow I love this look! I wish I know how to apply makeup. It is my Achilles' heel :D


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