Sonia Kashuk Double Ended Brush Set

Hi everyone!!How's your Christmas? I got this brush set as a gift from my aunt and I just want to sharemy thoughts on this. I was quite giddy when she gave this box to me. I was like WHOA!! double ended brushes!! finally!! haha..

dsc 046
Price: $21.99

It is a four piece brush set made of synthetic fibers/hair. It really looked enticing inside the box.

dsc 048
The white pouch that came with it looks soo neat and portable!!I wished the pouch was in black or silver shade since white could easily get dirty.

Picnik collage
contour brush/blush brush
At plain view, this brush was my favorite!! I really wanted a contour brush all this time.. While taking pictures of it,, this brush was shedding like crazy. The bristles was a bit soft but i also find it scratchy!! SIGH..

eyeshadow brush/angle eyeshadow brush
The eyeshadow brush was really soft. The angled brush was to thick for liner application and too stiff for shadow application but it was really good in filling in my brows..

foundation brush/ concealer brush
This is made of synthetic fibers which I really do not like. I obrserved that brushes that are made of synthetic fibers when used with liquid products tends to be really scratchy and it pricks my skin too. I have yet to try the concealer brush.

eyebrow comb/crease brush
The eyebrow comb was really huge and the bristles are really firm.. I love it.. The crease brush is nice too but I love elf's blending brush more!!

dsc 047
This brush set is really good for beginners however the bristles are not that good as compared to my ELF studio line brushes. I thought this brush set would satisfy my lemming for essence of beauty double ended brushes but I was wrong. :C Well despite my dismay, some of the brushes from this set are still worth using. Have a nice day everyone.


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  1. these brushes do look fabulous though!!! happy holidays sweetie =D

  2. awww that was so sweet of your aunt to get the brush set. On the other hand, that kinda sucks that the quality is not what you expected.

    if you get a chance, you need to try eco tools foundation brush with synthetic bristles. Its amzingly soft :)

    I hope youre having a great holiday :)


  3. I so can't wait to get me some of Elf's brushes! I love the new layout! <3

  4. looks like a great score. i think the white pouch is the best! i'd get them too if they were not duo-ended. i prefer just one sided. :)

  5. super complete na yang brushes mo from sonia.

    i like the eyeshadow brush. mukang magiging makapal ang kilay ko jan!

  6. ugh that sucks. i get so mad when my mac brushes shed >:(

  7. Cool xmas present! This makes me want more brushes! Lol. But I know I've had enough. And I like my Elf studio line brushes too ;)

  8. the brushes look gorgeous! and the case too!!!! :)

  9. I heard things about sonia kashuk brushes lolz good and bad ones ;) i think i will go for elf :p

  10. double ended brushes is a great idea for traveling when you put them in pouches. heh it def reduce the num of brushes you have to carry! Yeah the ELF studio line brushes are great eh, and so soft too! Have a great New year!

  11. Happy New Year!
    Wish I had those brushes at New Years when I done my make up :)

  12. This is a nice gift to have this Christmas. Sad to hear it is not as soft. I know I am picky with that. But double ended brushes are always a blessing.


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