NYX Lipgloss Swatches

NYX Round Lipgloss and Megashine

This are the prizes from Sol's giveaway contest. I just want to share the swatches to all of you. 
Here they are:

NYX Round Lipgloss
Sorry for the blurry picture. I tried to capture the color of this gloss. This gloss is not too pigmented but gives you just the right hint of color. Strawberry is a sheer pink with subtle shimmers.  It is almost identical with Peach 

NYX Round Lipgloss
Coralish pink on color with subtle shimmers. I like this better than Strawberry. It reallysuits my medium yellow skin tone.

NYX Goddess of the Night
Megashine Gloss in Lollipop
Goddess of the Night (Megashine Glosses) are way better than their rough lipgloss. It is more pigmented and the consistency is thicker too. I am not disturbed by the cough syrup scent. I find it yummy.. weird me. Lollipop is a nice frosted light peach. Contrary to most frosted gloss that I have tried, this compliments my warm skin tone. IT has subtle gold shimmers too. This looks best when paired with smokey eyes. 

NYX Round Lipstick Castle
This is a very weird color for me. It is a lavender shade with a hint of frosted silver in it. I really do not know how to pull this off. Perhaps a pink gloss on top of it will solve my problem. :D

For shade comparison


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  1. I also have the strawberry round lip gloss. :3 I use it on top of pink lipsticks since it blends well with anything that's pink IMO. LOL!

    Hmmmm... I think you can wear castle on a night out with your friends or yeah, just use a bright pink gloss on top. ^_^

  2. All the swatches looks so nice! Very juicy!

  3. Ohh great swatches! I love the castle one. pretty!! I had no idea they were so pigmented.

  4. Strawberry looks gorgeous! they all look wonderful on your lips!

  5. Strawberry looks awesome on you. We really want to get our hands on 'Peach'

    Thanks for the great swatches!



  6. castle looks exactly like lavender whip! sooo pretty!

  7. All the swatches looks so nice! Very juicy!


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