Tutorial: Bigger Eyes (Easy Soft Smokey Look)

Hi readers.. Since school is fast approaching.. I decided to create a very simple look. I know my eotds look a bit intricate with all the different colors I am using. In this look, I am inspired by Korean and Japanese eye makeup.. Their eyes look so big and soo kawaii.. I really adore them. I have puffy eyes with dark circles underneath. Their makeup just look so refreshing.. Not too much color but more emphasis on the lashes and eyeliner.. Here is a quick tutorial of this look:
For this look I will be using this palette from NYX. The shade is Honeycomb.
The middle shade of brown is really lovely!!

First, I prime my lids with elf duo cream eyeshadow in olive. I am using the brown shade. Apply it on your lid.

Then, feather out the edges to create a softer brown shade on the crease.

Line your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil and  smudge it. Make sure to line your upper waterline to create a more defined look.

I apply the lightest shade of the NYX palette on the brow bone.. I defined my brows using Nichido brow pencil in medium brown. Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Put on some falsies and apply black liner on your lower waterline.
Smudge black liner on the outer part of you lash line. And of course, sweep some white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes.

Here is the Final Look of the Eyes:

The Final Look:
^I look so different!! hehe

On the face I use:
Revlon Photoready in Golden Beige
Elianto cream concealer in deep 2
MAC Melba blush
NYX lipstick in Indian Pink (I LOVE THIS!!)
For contouring I use ELF pressed powder in tone 4!! (This is very useful and long lasting on me compared to my NYX blush in taupe)

^^my nose!! i love love.. it looks nice with all those contouring.. 
hindi na ako pango (I ain't flat nosed anymore) hehe

I want to do more FOTD's before classes resume. :C


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  1. that looks very good,mine are also kinda small eyes,will try it sometime soon.thanx for the tutorial.
    i have a doubt?how do everybody apply toner,i apply it with a cotton ball,i saw some videos where people use their hands patting it on the face.whats the right way?

  2. very pretty dear. ok yan sa school. :)

  3. great tutorial! you look beautiful and you dont need all that make up to look pretty as your eye looks gorgeous without any on! xxx

  4. Love the FOTD. You re-created the japanese/korean style eye makeup so perfectly. I have to go and try this now! :D

  5. Wow, that's a beautiful and simple look! I love soft smokey eyes for school (=

  6. Very nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Big eyes are pretty important :D Love that you used very affordable products! I will definitely give this a try.

  7. Very pretty! This look is something that I can wear on a regular basis. Natawa ako dun sa pango >.< di naman eh..

  8. You look so beautiful hun~!

    And I'm not just saying that because of all the makeup. I've seen you without makeup too and you still look beautiful <3

    I swear you're amazing with makeup! I'm jealous. I need to perfect my makeup skills still

  9. You look incredible!!! That is some seriously awesome make up!



  10. lol hindi ka nga pango! haha love the look I always try to copy japanese/asian makeup but i never get it right. Your tutorial seems easy enough so I will try again =P

  11. that's a lovely comparison, your eyes is really huge on the after shot :) Thanks

  12. you are SO gorgeous! and this tutorial is amazing! ill definitely be giving it a go :) ive always loved your eye looks, but cos im just a beginner its sooo hard trying to recreate them! you should def do more like this for bloggers like me :) x

  13. you look so pretty Donna! More FOTDS pls =)

  14. wow, donna. beautiful pictures. your eyes are so beautiful. even with simple eye makeup, the eyes are very well-defined with the lashes and eyeliner. they definitely stand out too. :D

  15. maganda yung pagkagupit ng bangs sa 'yo ng stylist mo ah. :) i noticed in the two pics on the bottom. :) can't wait til mine grow out. camille belle's bangs are so lovely. i like how straight they are too. :)

  16. ang ganda ng pagkakagawa sa eyebrows sis!

  17. Your eyes may look simple but I believe it needs mad skillz to get your eyes to look gorgeous without looking like you put a ton of makeup on. This definitely fits the bill. Great look!

  18. You ALWAYS have the best EOTD's Donnarence, you're so beautiful! :)

  19. Great tutorial! :) Love it! Go go go you tube na :) hehe

  20. @skaki: i apply it with cotton too. I think the main purpose or toner is to remove excess dirt so you have to have something for the dirt to adhere to.. right? :D

  21. that's a lovely comparison, your eyes is really huge on the after shot :) Thanks

  22. Love the FOTD. You re-created the japanese/korean style eye makeup so perfectly. I have to go and try this now! :D

  23. great eye makeup!!! love it!


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