Jane Fan Club Curling Mascara

I never imagined that I will be using this mascara and will be happily blogging about it. I never heard raves about Jane cosmetics. I bought this just to replace my Missha 4d Mascara which I really love. I try to strictly follow the three month rule. (MASCARAS ARE GOOD FOR ONLY THREE MONTHS RULE) hehe.. 

The wand is nothing but ordinary. Hence,  I expected absolutely nothing from it. haha 

This is my eye without mascara. Can you see my upper lashes? No? Look more closely? still No?? look harder.. hehe I have upper lashes I swear.. hehe As you can see, I have thin and short lashes. 

Hello lashes!! haha After applying jane mascara. 

Picture of both eyes. Pardon my reddish eyes. I was recovering from sore eyes when I took this picture.

What I love about this mascara:

  • Cheap!!! I bought this for 135 pesos on ebay!
  • With the proper application , it can lengthen my lashes really well!! i feel like I am wearing falsies.
  • Holds my curls for hours!!!The proof is shown at the picture below.
  • I can use this on my lower lash line.
  • Water resistant but can easily be removed by soap and water. 
What I hate about this mascara:
  • Not available locally!
  • If you put too much, it could get too clumpy.
  • I hate the smell!!
  • It does not volumize my lashes that much so I tend to put loads of coating. 

After half a day (went to the mall, watched a movie and ate a lot), my face got oily, my liner got washed out, my eyes look tired too but my curled lashes are still looking FAB!! Bravo Jane Mascara!!! Do you think I should hoard the pieces left in that ebay shop??? 


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  1. Wow, the difference is really obvious! Gave you fab lashes. Go hoard them if this mascara really makes your ashes happy! :P

  2. Hello donna, haven't heard of jane mascara, but your review is amazing! It really amp up your lashes nicely! :) and yes. you should get a stock of it!

  3. Wow that's so awesome! Really made a difference and the price is good too!:-)

  4. Nice results! Great review..I'd love to try that mascara, too.

  5. I always used to love Jane cosmetics...great, affordable stuff. If you haven't already, try their lip and foundation products. Amazing!!!

  6. eeeekkk, bad smelling mascara is not for me! but your lashes look great!

  7. I haven't tried anything from Jane yet. But this looks fab on you plus it's also cheap!
    yay for finding a cheap mascara that works. I think you ought to actually hoard a couple lang just in case.

    the nail strengthener is Php100 i think. same price with their polish.mas mahal yung moisturizing top coat e. but i would highly suggest that you buy Vitamin E oil if you got brittle nails,sis.

    I have brittle nails din but if you apply vitamin E 3x a day it does wonders! Plus it makes my hair soft pa! as in!

    Mas makakamura ka when you buy it at Healthy Options. yung Jaon brand. mine is just 5,000 IU which i think is just less than 400. It goes a long way talaga! I think it could even last you for a year.

  8. Jason Brands..hehe
    i didn't notice na kulang pala na mali yung spelling. i only did after hitting the Post comment button..hehe

    hope you'll have a lucky week,sis!

  9. i miss the brand jane. luckily i heard one of the drugstores still has it. thank goodness it's not discontinued. this mascara looks promising. especially with the great lengths it gave your lashes. wow. parang doll tuloy ang dating ng lashes mo ah. :D

    ahh... 'yung yellow background sa pix? bag 'yon ng forever 21. hehe... decided to try something nice and bright for a change. ELF sure is easy to super like. :D i hope there will be more to come in target. the prices are good. i heard the other palettes are good too. i really want those blushes from the studio line though. i remember your reviewed those before. those are really pretty. :)

  10. I hope this will be available in our country soon! :)

  11. i just boght the same thing kaya lang I HATE THE SMELL! it smells like pang-kulot na gamot. it didnt irritate my eyes tho.


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