Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream

Pure Beauty Soothing BB cream
30 ml.
Soothing BB cream is a natural botanical cover cream that effectively helps soothe and protect sensitive and troubled skin. It contains. Vita Extract, EMX water and Na complex to help protect skin and activate skin cell restoration for a healthy skin tone. Suitable for all skin types , even sensitive skin.

I bought this bb cream when I was really dismayed with Skinfood's Peach Sake BB cream. I was suffering from major major rashes due to stress and because of ponds cold cream (when I tried it all over my face!!my face went crazy). The blue packaging with flower details is too cute for me to miss it. This only costs 199 pesos!! I bought this immediately upon seeing the cheap price!! This is made in Korea, the home of the best bb creams in town. hehe
The cute long nozzle of this tube effective controls the amount of product that you will use.

I got this picture from this site. If you would look closely on the ad , it shows the benefits of using this product. Well these benefits can't be seen on the tube or on the box of this bb cream! I really like the packaging of this bb cream. If you want to test this product ask the SA of Watsons if they have testers.They surely have one.. :D

What I love about this product:
  • Its cheap!! 199 pesos for a 30 ml bb cream is not really bad at all.
  • It has a detail regarding its expiry date! The storage period is for three years.
  • It has a very nice medium coverage. It has a very thick texture and can really cover my blemishes well.
  • I used this when I had rashes and it worked so well. My rashes were gone after a few days of use. 
  • It brightens my face and smoothens out my uneven skin tone.
  • This is way better than SKinfood's Peach Sake BB cream!!! 
  • It has this strong herbal/botanical scent which I like. (others may not like it though.. it smells a lot like Manzanilla)

    What I do not Like about it:
    • I find it very hard to blend with my regular moisturizer. I apply it first in a patting motion then I blend away.
    • It has only one shade and it is way lighter than my skintone.
    • It has no SPF and the packaging does not mention about any benefits on anti wrinkles or whitening properties at all.

    It is very thick as you can see. A pea size can cover a lot of areas. 

    Here is the swatch when slightly blended on the skin. Look how light it is.

    Will I buy it again?? Probably.. I am using it almost everyday because it does not break me out at all. Btw, I was supposed to make an FOTD blog post when I erased all my pictures in my camera thinking I already downloaded everything! Just imagine how frustrated I am!! grrr....... Have a nice day everyone.


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    1. eeh, whats the use of a bb cream if it doesn't have the anti + spf stuff :< though you mentioned its better than peach sake! peach sake works really well on me! I wanna give this baby a shot xDD

    2. i remember the time when i changed from vista to windows 7 & i thought i imported all my files already especially our family pics but i was sooooooo depressed when i wasn't able to back it up. i have 3 portable disks & i made sure to back up everything but my stupidity got in the way & i forgot to back it up..

      well, it's good that this is not breaking you out. i think i'll steer clear from bb creams for years up until the time that my 'acne' period is over then when im ok then ill use bb creams ulit..hehe

    3. Hey Donnarence! May I know what camera you're using? Your photos are super great.

    4. Good review, Donna. I was checking this out before but not having SPF made me decide not to buy this. But it seems like a pretty good if you are using this almost everyday without breaking you out and not to forget, incredibly cheap too.

    5. hi say.. :D i am using sony dsc w 110. i think my cam is really crappy though.. I only take picture during the day.. i think you can work well with your camera too with proper lighting.. :D

    6. Never seen his brand and oh my it is indeed heavy coverage, but good this does not break you out! it sucks if BB creams causes breakouts!

    7. Thanks for sharing! Do you find bb creams hard to wash off? I currently use the skin79 bb cream. I believe it's the beige tube with black lid. I use it real sparingly as I find it a hassle to clean when I wash my face.

    8. wow this is something new. i like that it's inexpensive compared to the other BB creams in the market right now. thanks for this review! will try this out on my next trip to watsons.♥

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    10. where did u buy this bb cream?

    11. Hello! If you still have the box, may I know who manufactured that BB cream? Thanks! Love this sassy blog :>

    12. Hello! If you still have the box, may I know who manufactured that BB cream? Thanks! Love this sassy blog :>

    13. hello is it pinkish or yellowish (undertone)


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