Yum: Bake and Churn's Chilly Cup + My Birthday WISHLIST!

Hi readers!! Today is my last day of sembreak.. huhu I am back to studying again tomorrow. :C However, I must be more positive than ever this time. With God's help, this will be my last semester in law school. Anyways, I saw Kim's (Beautyaddict.com) post on Bake and Churn's chilly cups. Although I love sweets, I was never into ice cream except the ones sold by Bake and Churn. Their outlets are usually found at SM malls. My favorite ice cream flavors are: choco fudge brownie and black forest!!! I recently got hooked to their  Black forest Ice Cream Bar. ooohhh... I am telling you this is just so heavenly!!! It only costs 30 pesos and I can eat three bars of it! I am controlling myself though.. I am gaining a lot of weight lately.. :C I saw this post from Kim and she featured this chilly cups. I asked BF to buy me one yesterday. I love it. It was ice cream and cake rolled into one. A must try frozen delight! I must try their ice cream cakes soon.
It did not melt when BF brought it at my house.

After 15 mins... This was all gone!

And here is my birthday wishlist (I am turning 25 this 13th of November!!) :
These are just wishlis

MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer!! I really want one!
** Photo from Mac Website**
Sigma Brushes Eyes Kit 
Sigma Brushes Synthetic Face Kit

** Photos from Sigma Website **

Urban Decay Naked Palette
** Photo from Urban Decay Website **
I never thought I would a palette as expensive like this one but the colors are so wearable. I also want more dollface palettes!!
I am in need of a new camera. Taking pictures has never been so frustrating lately because the weather is too gloomy. I can not take pictures without the lights on plus I need a lot of sunlight!I just want a new camera.
My ultimate wish Sony Nex 5 camera. This is absolutely handy and the picture quality is just like a dslr!! I really want this!!! Photo from here

Or this Nikon D5000 camera. I love the fact that it is easier to take self portraits because the monitor is very flexible!!
Photo from here

And my very last option, Sony Cybershot  W-350. I like handy cameras more than those huge dslr ones..

I know I will not receive these stuffs on my birthday. I am just crossing my fingers that my graduation gift is a new camera!!!! On my birthday, I just want to be with my loved ones and hopefully I won't be called for recitation that day. Lord, spare me.

This photo from Sonystyle.com 


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  1. Great list! I want those sigma synthetic brushes too! And a dslr camera! I recently bought that sony w350 digi cam. I will be getting it tomorrow. :) I got a pink one too!

  2. OMG the chilly cup looks so yummy! regarding the Pro longwear concealer, available na dito?

  3. so sweet of your BF to give you such a sweet treat. that ice cream looks so yummy. now you got me craving for ice cream too. hehe... :D

    awesome wishlist. i've been wanting that pink sony cybershot camera too. i saw a hot pink one as well that's just as cute. and yes, i've been wanting that naked palette forever. hinanap ko nga sa sephora eh. no luck for me. out of stock. hehe...

    that's exciting your bday is coming up very soon. it's barely a week. :D

  4. those photos of sweet goodies is making my mouth water!!! yum!!!

    i love your list. i'm also lemming for that naked palette from urban decay. :) it's just perfect! and oh, the sony w-350 is the BEST digicam in my opinion. i actually bought one recently and i am completely satisfied with it. it's so tiny and cheap yet it does perform like it's an expensive camera. :D happy birthday in advance! ♥

  5. I need a camera too .. My slr is simply too heavy to take self shots with.. Happy bday in advance to u my fellow November baby

  6. I have to try this! anything with chocolate is LOVE!!

  7. In case you head to Rex Bookstore,Morayta for this semester's book shopping, there's a Bake and Churn outlet inside a food court beside it. Go try their ice cream cakes 'coz it's heavenly! My comfort food after screwed recitations... hehe

    Advance Happy Birthday future Attorney! I wish you all the best in life.

  8. wow that looks really yummy!
    i want one!
    I'm planning to get a new camera too!
    check out canon S95! SLR pics without the bulky dilemma. :)

  9. advance happy birthday donna! the cake looks so yummy that its making me crave for one now, tsk tsk...The camera you are using right now is fab as it is coz the shots are really clear and nice! what more when you upgrade? hehe:-)

  10. Ooh! Those look so yummy, I have such a big sweet tooth its ridiculous! LOL. And happy early birthday! (in case I can't login Saturday looking at more wedding venues!). I am in need of a new camera too but don't know which one I want yet.

  11. so from ice cream to a mac gas! :) LOL

    it didnt look like icecream on the first glance. i like brownies icecream maybe!

  12. uy. dalawang araw na lang ah. birthday mo na. :D i can't believe you're turning 25 though. i always guessed you were 19 or 21. :)

    actually, phone ko 'yung gamit ko sa pagkuha ng pictures. wala pa akong camera. pinag-iipunan. hehe... i guess the lighting in our upstairs hallway is pretty good. there are two big windows there that pick up good sunlight. :)

    kita ko pala post mo about bronzers. i want to try the maybelline one you featured and i heard a lot of good things about the milani one too. :)

  13. Sheeeezzz!!! I want that Sony NEX 5 too. BTW left you an award at my blog :)

  14. I love everything in your list!!!!! Followed you dear. :-) Such a nice blog. :-)

  15. Advance Happy Birthday, Donna. May you get all of the things on your wishlist. :P

  16. Donna, why didn't you invite me to your birthday dear??? I would have finished all at once! Hehehehe.....


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