Randomness 101: Brows, Nails, Hair and YUM

I am a lazy law student. 
I was studying an hour ago when I suddenly fell asleep and when I woke up I felt to lazy to study again. weird me.
Spank me please for being delinquent.
I really think that the cold weather makes me super sleepy lately. :D
I have been wanting to do posts like this but I was a bit too worried my readers want more reviews and makeup related things.. but I figure well, this is my blog i can post anything i like. 

Here goes my randomness:
I am loving well defined and thick brows. AS shown in the picture, I am not blessed with nicely shape brows but I am now trying to use nice brow products to achieve that much coveted arch. 
This is my current love. I cannot live without this.. (HAHA)
NICHIDO Brow Pencil in Dark Brown is a super pigmented brow pencil that I have been using everyday.
This only costs 60 pesos. Another bargain find. hehe
I am growing my nails.. yey
I have a bad habit of biting them. I am trying really hard to remove this habit. Anyone knows an affordable nail strengthener?
Hair Products Overload.
I have been obsessed with taking care of my hair lately.
Ohh.. the Hortaleza  hair products are really not good!!!!
Monea's CPR is nice well minus the scent of it when initially applied.
Jeff de Bruges chocolates
Heaven in every bite.
Need I say more??
 Have a nice day everyone. :D


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  1. Posts like these are always great and I encourage you to do so when you feel like being random (or lazy). It's these little posts that lets us readers learn a little about you. and I like how you end the post with a box of chocolates. *drool*

  2. Nooooo! why'd you have to post those decadent treats??? I need to NOT munch on sweets :D

    And those brows, they are LalaL♥VE! And you used Nichido stuff! Great work!

  3. I love Nichido! I'm so glad that I purchased one before I left the Philippines! Try IN2IT's water proof charcoal liner. I like it a lot and their blush is pretty good too!

  4. I love how you did your brows. I wish I can do mine like that. :P

  5. Random nail base coat + a very tiny piece of garlic (yes dear, garlic! - put it inside the polish bottle) => GREAT nail hardener! ♥

    I'm also using that Horta VCO hairspa, and yeah, it's not good at all! :( It only smells amazing. Hehe

  6. hi sis donna...i have the cpr thing but I don't know how to use it...do i spray before curling or after?...and does the horrible smell really go away? :D thank you so much

  7. It is your blog and you can write whatever you want to. I enjoy reading random stuff like this. :) You also need to de-stress from time to time or else law school will drive you nuts.

    Those chocolates look so heavenly!!! xD

  8. hi louise,, i use it before straightening curling and blow drying my hair.. yep the scent goes away.. :D

  9. I enjoy reading random post and what you wrote made me laugh, you/we can write whatever we want haha! I'm also trying to grow my nails and i get sooo tempted to cut it every now and then. your nails are shaped nicely though!:-)

  10. I didn't know nichido only costs P60! I have to buy that. like you, my brows are nightmare haha ;) the chocolates are <33333

  11. I hope you do a tutorial on how you do your brows. SO nice! =))

  12. Your right brow looks perfect! I line my brows but comparing it to the way you do yours, I need more practice! :)

    oh, and just followed your blog :D

  13. hey donna how are you? yay i have that nichido eyebrow pencil too, sometimes I used it as an eyeliner :)

    try caronia nail harderner & base coat, wala pa atang 50 ung 15ml

    na miss ko magcomment dito haha

  14. Yummy chocolates! New follower here:)


  15. those hair products seem nice :) and I love those chocolates too ^ ^

    great post!


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