Veet Bloggers Lunch with Daniel Matsunaga

With Daniel Matsunaga, the Brapanese Hunk

I had three invites turned down because of school. Sad noh? I cannot compromise law school with events like this. I got an email a week ago from Veet inviting me to a lunch at Via Mare with Daniel Matsunaga. I said Yes of course.. Who would not want to meet a hottie on a sizzling summer afternoon.  This Hottie is definitely a catch!! Too bad he's already taken.. haha He is so nice and humble. Definete;y not a snob like most actors out there!!

Remember this youtube scandal? A video that instantly attracted thousands of viewers overnight!  I actually believed it was real!! Yay!!If it were not for the email of Veet, I will never know that this is just a promotional ad for VeetMe win a date with Daniel Matsunaga. Blame law school for my hermit type of life!! Kudos to this video because it was definitely a hype. 
Daniel Matsunaga with Assistant Brand Manager Issa Marfori

This 2011, Veet brings you its ad campaign "Veet Me." This is a contest giving women (and gay???) a chance to win a date with Daniel and an Apple ipad!! Runners up will recieve cool prizes such as iPod tpuch, iPod nano, IPod shuffles and Veet gift Packs. How to win these awesome prizes?

There are two ways to join:
1. Create a video
  • Must include footage of you using Veet on your legs
  • Must tell us why you should win a date with Daniel Matsunaga
  • Must be one minute or less
  • Format must be in QuickTime .MOV, .WMV, .AVI, or .MPG
  • Must not exceed 100 MB in size
  • You may use a videocam, cellphone or any other video device
2. Create a photo story
  • Must include an image of you using VEET on your legs
  • Must tell us why you should win a date with Daniel Matsunaga
  • Must consist of 6 pictures
  • Photos must be in JPEG format
  • Each photo must not exceed 1 MB in size
(from Veet's Website)

For more information, Visit this site:
This video is one of my fave!! 
I got the following treats from Veet! To tell you honestly, I barely shave and I never had a wax (ever)!! I have sparse hair almost invisible on my legs and arms.  I used to shave if I will attend special gatherings but not monthly. After having lunch with Ms. Issa Marfori, I am now decided to use veet instead of shaving.  I tried the hair removal cream on my brother legs and he was amazed! He had the silliest reaction ever!! hahaha I wanted to use the cold wax strips on his developing mustache but he gave a big NO!! haha  I wanted to do it while he was sleeping but being a barrister I need to be nice.. haha I am such a meanie. I know!

Veet Hair Removal Cream is a silky and easy to apply cream that comes in three variants: Normal (for skin that is moist, smooth and supple), Dry (for poorly hydrated skin) and Sensitive (for skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions).
Veet Hair Removal Cream is suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. The results last twice as long as shaving and re-growth is significantly smoother. With Veet Hair Removal Cream, there is no stubble, unsightly ingrown hair or painful cuts and nicks.

For longer-lasting results, Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips do away with time-consuming and messy waxing kits. The wax stays on the strip, doesn't burn and leaves less wax residue on the skin. Best of all, hair re-growth takes up to 4 weeks.
Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips are suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and face. There's even cold wax strip for the face and other small, hard-to-reach areas such as eyebrows, upperlip and armpits. Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips can also remove hair as short as 2mm. No need to wait for hair to grow an inch!
(from Veet's website)

Get ready to strut your stuff this summer.
Hello teeny weeny bikinis!!
Veet is a definite must have this summer. 
Jamie, I, and Liz

It was such a wonderful experience seeing these people. I finally met Liz of I was really in awe when I met her. She was wearing this gorgeous ensemble. She was definitely a fashionista and she looks so sophisticated.  This is the second time I met Jamie of She is really a beauty. I was utterly mesmerized by her beautiful skin. (I am not a tomboy!! I just appreciate beauty..hihi)
Shen of

I was thrilled to meet her. She looks so stunning and fresh.

Have you tried Veet?
Have a nice day everyone!!


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  1. ooh i got to try veet next time. does it have a strong scent?

    anyhoo, ang pogi nung daniel ha ;) LOL!

  2. OMG you're so lucky you got to meet him!!! He's so hot and I'm glad to hear that he's very humble and down to earth!

  3. i've tried veet cream before donna! mild smell lang and it works naman..i haven't tried it sa legs nga lang coz there's no need to.

    Nadine: true that, effin hot! *fans self lol!

  4. basta yung promise mo!! :) love talaga your makeup that day!:D

  5. OMG i just died. daniel's so hot rawr! and you have nice make up!!! your dimples are cute!

  6. ang hunky ni daniel! <3 veet was the first depilatory cream i've tried for my legs kasi takot ako sa razor. it smells bad but after 5-10 minutes you'll have hair-free, shiny legs. :)

  7. ate, guwapo ba talaga sa personal si daniel?

    sobrang nakakainis yung elevator scene na yun. sana hindi totoo kasi fan ako ni heart =D

  8. waaaa i love Daniel! he's the sweetest guy! :D i always use veet cream and i love it! its a life saver!

  9. Hottie! Lucky girl, glad you had an awesome time! :)

    Btw, I tagged you here:

  10. Hottie! Lucky girl, glad you had an awesome time! :)

    Btw, I tagged you here:


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