My Makeup Evolution

Why am I blogging? The answer is simple... I am going crazy and too much stress is killing me. I will get back to study mode in a while. I just want to share with you my makeup evolution. I have gone through looking like a clown to feeling professional makeup artist (on myself only haha.. I am my number one client!!). The above picture was taken way back 2008. WHOA!!! Messy makeup!!! Err.. blending was not in my dictionary.. :D I have attempted to do smokey eyes gazillion of times but I ended up looking like Manny Paquiao's opponent after 12 rounds. :P When my friends and sorority sisters tell me that I apply makeup so well (on myself only) that it is because I practice. I always tell them WATCH YOUTUBE!!! HAHa I learned from youtube but it is not only from watching that will make you better.. but you have to do what they do.. (I also do the blabbing thing... like ok first you apply the foundation.. LOL as if I am filming my own videos too.. 

I am not kidding!)
 and along the way you'll develop your own techniques. 

Look at the difference?!!
 But I never believed that you will look like
a million dollar baby with high end makeup only.. :P
I always believe that right techniques and knowing what looks best
 (right shades and colors) on you are the keys.
My neutral look before.
 My neutral look now. The circle lenses and falsies made my eye look better in the picture. 

 Monotony is not my middle name.
I am not a fan of youtube gurus who creates the same kind of makeup. Like their everyday makeup video looks like their party makeup. I am far fetched from being a pro but I am happy that I have grown in my application skills (again to myself haha). I still get the wrong shade of concealer and foundation.. ARghhh!I still have a hard time applying eyeliner on the upper lid and falsies but like the saying goes practice makes perfect! 

Aubrey is my original favorite makeup guru!! She is inspired me so much and much of my makeup techniques was culled from her videos. I miss her so much. 

I have watched this over and over again back in the days. wahh.. This was her best videos (in my honest opinion) because she looks so natural and real. No digital effects just pure natural beauty. 

How about you? Who is your original favorite makeup guru? 
Have a nice day everyone. Godbless


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  1. Your such an inspiration:) and your right, We can improve as we go along. and I also Miss Michelle Phan Old Video's. It felt so peaceful every time I watch some of here old vids. Maybe becoz of her voice and background (like Plants and trees in her hauz) LOL Very natural

  2. You do such a great job with your makeup. What's your favorite eyeshadow?

  3. Omg, that is gorgeous!!! :) SO pretty!

  4. wow! you really did evolve! good job!

  5. Aubrey was also my very first make up guru. Because of her I learned to like make up. :)

  6. aubrey was my first make up guru as well. because of her, I learned to like make up. :)

  7. my fave eyeshadow is from NYX.. their nyx trio in honeycomb.. :D

  8. Whoa, awesome evolution! I hope one day I can apply eye makeup as well as you can too!

  9. I love all your creations! You are soo talented. I wish someday I can do my own make up and people will still think that I look polished. I notice that whenever I do my own makeup, my skin feeds on what I apply. I guess the bottom line is coverage. - Mar
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    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  10. my original favourite guru was kandee.. until she got kind of crazy LOL. and i agree with the right techinques to do you rmakeup and it dosent matter about the quality. i learned that the hardway haha

  11. Hi!

    Blog awards for you! :)


  12. hi donna, i also believed that a person does not have to use high end products, because drug store finds also do wonders.. :)

    my fav youtube gurus are aubrey and panacea.
    i missed blogging and doing fotds but i guess i'm to busy right now, maybe sometime i'll be back to blogging.

    missed my blog friends :)

  13. Wow! Your eyes are insanely beautiful!! I love the circle lenses. Your makeup is also fantastic, especially the purple look in the one set of pictures. I love it!

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back!

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  14. michelle phan, hollyanneree, and tiffany D..
    but as i research there are many filipina guru's who really inspires me...ur one of them sweetie! thank you more power! :)

  15. Hi! I like your blog, very vibrant and vivid colors! I especially enjoy your EOTDs. Glad to find a fellow beauty junkie, who's also in the field of law. Thus, I'm now following you.You look oddly familiar too.

    Good luck on your Bar Exams!

    Keep those pretty looks comin'!

  16. we are in many ways alike in makeup! i also don't like neutrals or ordinary makeup, i like color and depth. i actually like to shock people with makeup too hehe. i agree that we improve as we continue to practice, we say the same thing to friends! i have friends who ask me how i easily apply makeup nicely and i tell them to watch youtube vids and practice on themselves.

    i love ur EOTDs!! now i actually want to meet you more than ever hehe.

  17. oh my god! for the longest time i was really trying to recall how i started to become such a make up addict! finally i found this post again! i would just like to tell you that this post of yours was the one that has made me so interested in taking my passion for make up to the next level. this is the first time that i watched a youtube make up guru courtesy of your recommendation and since then i got hooked! thank you donna for being one of my inspirations. i am not yet a professional artist but yes, i can proudly say i have made a vast improvement in how i do my make up and do others as well! goodluck and may god bless you more attorney! =)


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