Do you still believe in miracles?

Last Monday, my grandfather suffered from heart attack. We are all in shock. He was very healthy. The only illness he suffers from is rheumatism. He is already 85 years old but seeing him suffer all these things is very painful for me. I can shout to the whole world that I was his favorite grand child. I grew up with him. I love him so much. Oftentimes, I would have these nightmares of losing him. I would wake up with tears in my eyes and with big sigh of relief  I will be glad it was all a nightmare. This is my greatest fear and it did happen. He already lost his pulse yesterday at the ER. We thought he was really gone. It was the worst moment of my life. I can't even believe this is happening.  I saw him being revived. I was beside him.  It was a miracle. Our God is one faithful God. I can hear my voice echoing throughout the ER... "lolo, not now please." He is now in the ICU. Better than yesterday. God is so good. I know this sounds cliche but tell your loved ones you love him/her before its too late. We were given by the Almighty another chance. This was such a wonderful blessing. I hope everything will be fine the coming days. 

See, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27)

Godbless everyone. 


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  1. i will include your lolo to my prayers. i'll pray for his fast recovery. godbless <3

  2. I'll pray for your lolo's health. stay strong.

  3. I will include your lolo to my prayers. I hope he will have a fast recovery.

  4. wow, thanks for sharing this! Truly God is awesome! I pray that he recovers soon. God bless!


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