How To: No Heat Big Bouncy Curls like Zooey Deschanel (New Girl Inspired Hair)

(photo not mine, credits to the owner)

Hi everyone!! Have you seen Zooey in her latest tv series, New Girl? Are loving those big bouncy curls? Well, I am. A lot!!! I wanted to have bangs because of her but I am afraid I might get rashes and pimples on my forehead and nose bridge since my skin gets easily irritated. I want to have curls like hers but I am not really good in using iron curlers at all. I have the Conair 1 and half inch barrel which I do not even know how to use. My hair looks a mess when I use it. Hence, more practice pa noh? I am really amazed with people who can curl their hair using a flat iron. I have tried that before but my hair won't cooperate. I end up ironing it straight instead!! Hmpf!

So if you are like me who sucks at curling their hair with these electronic tools, here is a
not-so-new trick that I want to share with you. This is very easy and all you need:
Hair elastics
Do not attempt to use rubber bands on your hair because they will surely be knotted like crazy.

First, make sure your hair is damp with water. I applied two drops of shine serum (only two drops because your hair might get oily). Then you lather your favorite hair mousse or setting lotion on your damp hair. 
Section your hair. The bigger the sections the bigger the curls and the smaller the section the smaller your curls are. I parted my hair into 5 sections since my hair is really thick. Start twisting your hair and create tiny buns like this:
Then let your hair dry. I had mine dried overnight. Yep, I slept with those tiny buns that is why I use hair elastics and not pins so as not to pierce my scalp. I sprayed a bit more water on those small buns.
Then, the next morning I looked at myself in bewilderment! Everyone in my house was laughing at me. 
Slowly remove the elastics. Look at those big curls, baby!
Apply 2 drops of hair serum again and run  your fingers through hair. This will help loosen the curls.
Wait for a few minutes and the curls will loosen by itself. 
It turned to this.. :D
Yeavah!!  Zooey Deschanel kindly move over! haha
Apply your hair spray if you like but I did not sprayed on my curls since I want them bouncy and flirty.
The curls lasted a very long time on about half day. At the end of the day, you will have waves which is looks more natural.  My hair does not usually cooperate when styled and I am very impressed with this method. 

Godbless everyone.
Hope you like this quick hair tutorial.. :D


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  1. Awww...this is so great! :) I'm going on an out of town wedding next week and I don't really have time to do my hair, it saves me from bringing a curling iron. :)

    Best Regards!
    Des of

  2. Haha! I share the sentiment of having the entire family laugh at you when you take out the curlers. This is great. I have always slept with curling rods in my hair and it hurts like crazy. I will definitely give this a try, but maybe in a few months pa coz I have cropped my hair short. hehe.
    Thanks, Don.

  3. Cooool! I had my hair permed so I already have big curls but now I have an alternative when my hair gets too long na. I think I'll share this with my sis as well! Thanks! :D

  4. Back then when I had my hair rebonded, it won't hold curls and it would end up looking alanganin midday. I love curls and your hair is so gorgeous!

  5. Sis ang galing naman! Magawa nga to someday! Hehehe :)


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  6. This advice looks great. But, will it look nice para sa mga makapal ang hair like me? I doubt if it looks like yours exactly the next morning!

  7. Would love to try this but pictures aren't there anymore. Is there something wrong with my computer?


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