Review: Etude House Babydoll Puff

Here is a quick fyi about me. I love using sponge more than brushes in applying foundations. I just love how smooth and pressed my foundation is on my skin than just sweeping the foundation over my face. I want that nice and full coverage.When the Beauty Blender sponge became a big hit in the Youtube Community, I had a very strong lemming of getting one. However, the hefty price is just a big turnoff for me. Hello? thousand  plus for a sponge? That is preposterous. Then, I wanted to get a Sonia Kashuk one which is also not available locally. Hmpf! A few months or weeks ago, I saw Martha of BeautyJunkee blogged about this. What caught my eyes is the afforable price of this baby! This only costs 378 pesos!! wow!! Amazing, right? I could replace this after two or three months after it wore out.. haha 
I think the elliptical shape is almost similar with the Beauty Blender except for the curvy part which I have no complaints of. The sponge is very bouncy and it feels like an ordinary sponge.  But it does not have that rubbery  texture and it absorbs water quite well. I love using this wet in applying my liquid and powder foundation.   I use the flat bottom part in a bouncing/dabbing motion.  My foundation looks more natural when I use this method. It does not have that weird scent. It also dries quickly. I use the pointed tip to apply concealer and foundation at hard to reach areas like the corner of my eyes and the sides of my nose. I also use this in applying my concealer and bb cream.  It does a great job of applying my makeup evenly. Goodbye streaky foundation. Hello, flawless face! Also, the size did not change even after I wet the sponge compared to the other dupes of the Beauty Blender sponge that is being sold online.

The Rant:
I noticed that the tip of my sponge is not that perfect. I have also washed it a couple of times and my sponge had major discolorations. From hot pink to light pink! yay! :C The sponge is not travel friendly. This does not fit my makeup kit and if ever it did, I will still not toss this inside my purse because I am afraid it can accumulate germs and bacteria.

The curvy part makes it an easy grip.

Do I recommend this?
With all the good things I have said, NO. haha I am not sure if I should recommend this product to everyone. It is not really a necessary tool for applying makeup. You can actually apply makeup good or even better without this sponge. But it makes foundation and concealer application easier. However, if you are like me that is easily persuaded by advertising strategy and peer pressure from the beauty community (LOL) go get one too. I enjoy using this anyway.. hehe

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  1. Donna, Tasha here! :) Can u make a blog about your daily beauty routine? I wanna know what I can do daily with regard to using foundation or just simply applying a BB cream. Haha. It would be such a great help! Thanks!!

    1. yay!! sure I will.. after the oath taking.. hehe mwaahh

  2. LOL peer pressure from the beauty community! I can safely say that I'm now less affected by hypes because I did not have any lemming for this kind of sponges at all. I like my brushes fine to apply my foundation. Thanks for the honest review!

    1. haha i know fifi usually get that pressure when I see new products being raved about..

  3. me too! At first, I think the BB is just crazy! like thousand bucks for an egg-shaped sponge? hellow, I can buy sponge at 39 pesos --__-- But I also saw beautyjunkee's post regards to EH's BB dupe and I bought it! hehe~ Good thing, I love it so much! I usually just use fingers to apply foundie but I really think that it makes my application more even and flawless when I use this sponge or is it just me? hehe..The only cons is well I don't know where to store it when I'm on travel. I think I have to find a case that could fit the sponge in. Overall, No regrets! (without peer pressure, hehe) ^_^~

  4. I'm curious about all the hype about this product. I've seen quite a lot of people talking about this. But I still prefer my brushes (even my fingers) in applying my foundation and concealer. :P

  5. Good thing I was not easily persuaded into buying this. I am used to using my brushes when applying foundation. I like reading reviews though and I like to be in the know of new beauty tools in the market :)

  6. I've been holding myself from buying those beauty sponges, because like you said, there's really no need for it... I prefer to use a buffing brush and my good ol hands to apply foundation...hehe another thing is that, they're not hygienic. even though you can wash them several times. they're bound to get wet which means it's more prone to bacteria build up. thanks for this awesome review.

  7. Just came across your blog!:) I love it!!:) <3
    I'm now a follower!:) Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog, maybe you could drop by and join?;)


  8. oooh, just read kikay trekkie's review on this but then after reading your review, I'm having second thoughts again on purchasing this one! XD hahahha! ♥


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