Review: Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream

Hi everyone!! I am doing this post while watching Walang Hanggan. Yes, I am a teleserye freak. Haha It seems as if time stops inside our house whenever this show is on air. Ohh Everytime I watch Walang Hanggan, the beauty of Dawn Zulueta never fails to mesmerize me. I would always -- ANG GOOOONDDOOO!!!!! Di ba? I bet walang kokontra sa akin.

You've heard me raved about it previously. You have seen me wearing it on pictures. So what's the deal with the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream.  This review is entirely my honest opinion. I know people will say that it will be biased since these were sent to me for review. Anyways, I have been into the BB Cream craze years ago but my lemming for them died down as I cannot find the right shade for my skin. Admittedly, most BB Creams are suited for those with fair skin and sometimes to those SUPER fair skinned gals. Yay! They always leave that white scary cast on me especially in pictures with flash on. When I received samples of Neutrogena BB Cream, I immediately swatched it at the back of my hand while inside a cab (yes, right after the event.. I swatched it agad). I was dismayed. It looks so light on my skin and it has grayish pink tones. In my mind it was yet another BB Cream fail. The next day, I road tested it and I immediately noticed the scent. It smells so good. It did not stimulate my allergic rhinitis at all.

What Neutogena claims about  its last addition to the Fine Fairness Line, the BB Cream:

About BB Cream

BB Cream, which stands for Blemish Balm, is one of the newest skincare phenomena to hit the market. BB Creams began in Germany as a concealer for post-surgery scars. When Korean actresses started to use BB Creams, a revolution in skincare was born. Known to provide excellent coverage that immediately hides blemishes, the BB Cream has become an essential item for instantly smooth and fair skin.

True to the brand’s commitment of providing women with healthy beauty, the FINE FAIRNESS® BB Cream UV contains naturally-occurring minerals, Mica and Titanium Dioxide. When applied to the skin, these minerals match with the skintone to deliver instant blemish coverage.

Fine Fairness BB Cream
Now, combine the immediate fairness of BB Cream and the in-depth whitening powers of FINE FAIRNESS®. The result? A moisturizer that instantly corrects blemishes and works from within to continuously whiten skin.

The pump bottle is great in controlling the product. All my previous BB Creams were in a tube. 

The color reminds me of Missha BB Cream which I reviewed before but this is lighter. I wished that this came in two colors but it only has one shade. 

Yes, it does leave a white cast on skin.

I find this BB Cream very lightweight compared to the other brands that I have tried before. The coverage and pigmentation is sheer - light which I am okay with. It does a good job of evening out my skin tone but does not entirely cover my blemishes and dark eye bags. Actually, my eye bags look more prominent whenever I use it alone. The whitish/grayish shade highlights it and I need a concealer to hide it. The shade might intimidate most Pinays but to my surprise this BB Cream blended well with my skin when  topped  off with my foundation or a natural shade of loose powder. Also wait for it to settle and dry and the whitish cast will actually fade. It suits my yellow skin tone but with a noticeable glow.  Make sure not apply the product excessively or you'll end up looking like Marilyn Manson! I have tried applying two pumps on my  face and I look horrendously white. The texture is very blendable and creamy. The texture is thicker than a tinted moisturizer but I do not have any rants on it because it blends nicely. It dries to a slight dewy finish on my dry skin.  I can even recommend it to those with oily skin. I love using it everyday especially this summer. I also observed that it is not that long lasting especially when the weather is too humid and too hot ahem like TODAY!! At the end of a hot day my t zone and cheeks  looks washed out but my eye are (eye lid and under eyes) look matte and lighter than the rest of my face. However, whenever I used it in going to the mall or somewhere colder. It stays on my face longer sometimes even for 4-5 hours without retouching (I have normal to dry skin). I love retouching btw even if  my face does not need any touch ups. Haha Ang arte lang noh?! I experienced no break outs from this BB Cream. I also find it a bit moisturizing (not too much though). My face does not feel tight at all and I guess this is the reason why I love using it everyday. The best thing about it -- it is easily available in the local market. Will I buy it again? Yes. But I still have a back up that could last me for months. Btw, I had this bottle for 3 months and still have not finished up the 30 ml bottle.

It claims that it can whiten you skin after regular use. Did it whiten my face after 2 months? Hmm.. I do not know! Haha I just love to use it everyday because it is lightweight. 

What can you say with my first week compared  to my last week update in using this BB Cream? I really do not know if it lightened my face since  the lighting in the photos played a huge factor .

Have you tried this Bb  Cream?
Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream is locally available at leading supermarkets and Watsons branches.
This costs 700 pesos something for a 30 ml bottle.

My beauty pledge will be next. :D

Godbless everyone.

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  1. I'm currently using it right now- the one I won from your giveaway. I love it as well. :) But it's quite expensive for a small bottle. :P

  2. hi pretty lady!!! ^__^ im currently using these (i won from your giveaway!!!) thank you so much hun..

    hugs and kisses

  3. Hey gorgeous :p This is about walang hanggan! Hahaha! I love that teleserye so much its my guilty pleasure right after I come home from work! Coco martin is <3

  4. I'm using this too! Thanks to you. :D You know, I love watching Walang Hanggan too and I think Dawn looks stunning. Pag nakikita ko yun, iniisip ko sana ganun din ako pag tanda ko. Chos! :D Hahaha

  5. you already have nice skin na naman so I think there really isn't a big difference. Because you have a flawless skin to begin with ^_^~

  6. i'm currently using that bb cream as well and it really works better than any bb cream


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