Top Reasons Makeup is Great

Hi everyone! Here are a few reasons why women should wear makeup!!! :D

  •  Enhancing your Best Features – Everyone has a favorite facial feature they can enhance with makeup – whether it’s alluring eyes, high cheekbones, a perfect pout, or even an awesome eyebrow arch. Makeup lets you control which features standout on any given day and which ones you want to take a backseat.
  • Blending a Blemish – It’s easy to say you prefer the “natural look” until you’re faced with a giant pimple or raccoon tan lines from sunglasses. It’s comforting to know that when you need it, makeup can give you the confidence to face the world on what might otherwise be a day you want to hide. It’s also nice to know that corrective concealers have come a long way from cakey, oily products that worsen skin to mineral and antibacterial-infused products that can actually heal and hide at the same time.
  • Colors for All Occasions – The limitless numbers of cosmetic shades mean you can match your makeup to your outfit and occasion. Pick pinks and peaches for a feminine fun look, red lips and smoky eyes for an evening out or shimmery nudes for a day of fun in the sun. Cosmetology schools can teach you to go even further with your makeup palette and pick colors that flatter your individual skin tone.
  • Affordable Luxury – With so many cosmetics on the market today, companies need to price their products competitively to stay in the game. Luckily, consumers benefit from this by having the option to buy virtually any product for just a few bucks. You can treat yourself to a new lipstick, eye shadow or nail color, all for the price of a cup of coffee. You can’t say the same for a new haircut or outfit.
  • Self-Expression – The truly artistic makeup aficionado has an eye for design and knows that cosmetics can be a creative outlet – if that’s the way you choose to use them. Those who aren’t creative often see makeup as a chore that’s messy, time-consuming and expensive. But if you’re fortunate enough to be the creative type, you probably already know about the fun that comes with expressing your inner vamp with a liquid cat’s eye liner one day and your inner rock star with pop-art makeup the next. If you want help learning to use make-up as a medium for your art, you can check out art and design classes to get tips and tricks from experts.
  • Cosmetics as Costuming – To truly appreciate the power of makeup, follow a makeup artist around for a day on a film set and see how makeup goes hand-in-hand with prosthetics and wardrobe to tell a tale. If everyday makeup is a form of self-expression, makeup for film and theatre is truly a transformative storytelling tool that we can all appreciate as art.

Godbless everyone!!


the beauty look book (2009)

“Cosmopolitan” (2012)


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