A Trip to the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm + New Winner of the Etude House Ticket

Last Sunday, My best friends in college finally had the time to get together. We went to Tagaytay .The weather in Tagaytay was sunny that day and I was really expecting it be cooler than Manila. I was wrong. Yay! Here are the things I bought from our short trip. They wanted to go to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm. It was way way back in college when I first tried their lipbalm. All my "LANDZ" (this is the name of our barkada) friends love it so much. :D I was not supposed to buy the lipbalm though because I just bought my second Maybelline Babylips balm which I lost in the office yesterday. I just can't find it on my desk and bag. Anyways, we waited for the balm to be made. It was still warm when I paid for it. Surprisingly, I really really love it. The lipbalm is perfect for our hot weather. It gives my lips a refreshing feel. I just bought it for 65 pesos!! What a steal right? What I love about it is that it does not sting my lips. Have I shared with you that I got allergic to the Kiehl's lipbalm which is also made from beeswax. The Ilog Maria Lipbalm is a muct try!!! The minty feel can lasts for minutes and try drinking cold water after application and you'll feel so refreshed. haha The feminine soap only costs 45 pesos. It also have that refreshing feel but it melts so easily because their soaps do not have artificial hardeners. the lavander soap smells so good.  The other soap is their premium glycerine soap which I am currently using as my facial wash. Like the feminine wash, this easily melts. 
So where are the bees?
In here!! BF was the one who opened this because we are all afraid to be stung by the bees.

Their soaps are made from natural ingredients with no artificial hardeners. 

They also have the hair oil. My friend updated us that it is good for her curly hair.

This smells so good!!

Visit their online store:

The price is slightly higher when you purchase in their site..

I picked a new winner for the Etude House Tickets because I did not receive any email from Kylie. Congrats Jannah!!

Hopefully, I can blog more next week.

Godbless everyone!

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  1. It looks like a very nice place. :)
    I love what you bought, do they sell online, Atty.?

  2. I love this Lip balm.. It's very effective on chapped lips and it has a nice minty cool feel. Though the packing or cap easily breaks :)



  3. Thank you! I was just reading ur new post sana then I saw my name in the end wee. Their balms are the best! Better than the mainstream brands noh? I've been raving for their balms din kaso not everyone can go there and diba papasok ka pa talaga. Have you seen the daughters of the Ilog Maria owner? They're so pretty specially my HS friend, she's like an artista. Hoping they can sell out on malls so it's easier to purchase though may site naman sila pero better to see choose in person dba. Thanks again! See u on Saturday! :)

  4. Wow didnt expect ilog maria soaps to be that cheap! i wonder why :) i expected them to be a bit more pricey bec they should be using all natural ing.

  5. I love Ilog Maria! Sarap tumira dun! We went there last year and we hoarded talaga! Everything's inexpensive yet made of good quality talaga! :D

  6. Those look so good...I want them!


  7. great buys! I wanna go there, too kaya lang baka maloka ako sa soaps pa lang. haha.

  8. Soaps pa lang, enticing na! Hahaha! Maybe, I should suggest a stop over here next time I'm at Tagaytay.


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