Yummy Cravings + Beauty and Butter Spa Giveaway Winners

I love eating. Food is my first love aside from makeup. Haha.. This is the reason I gained a lot of weight. I clearly remembered that I can eat 3-4 cups of rice in high school and college without even gaining a pound! Wow! Now, I need to control every food I take. I have been looking for a red velvet cake. I always see one in food bazaars but I had no particular store/bakeshop to go to whenever I crave for it. Whether it be red velvet cake or cupcake as long as may red velvet sa name. Haha I want one. Please tell me where's the best red velvet cake in town? 
I am cutting down on rice and I am trying hard to resist cupcakes! I saw these cute cupcakes in the Best Food Forward Bazaar. BF and I just went there because we to try some good food. Aren't these angry birds cupcakes look adorable? I remembered Sonja's cupcakes that were served at the Benefits Salon event. It tastes like heaven! Any recommendation on where to buy delish cupcakes aside from Sonja's? I can't find a shop near my place. 

I got one of this in red velvet. Haha 

Those mouthwatering goodies. Hayy. 
I got this in Belgan King. And they taste awesome. Ok. From this post you can now conclude I love desserts especially cakes or pastries. I am not an ice cream person. There you go. A day in the life of a sweet tooth. I do not normally eat tons of sweets like these in one sitting but this particular day was an exception. hehe How can you resist these?

Moving on, I have chosen the winners for the Beauty and Butter Spa Giveaway. :D

I had a hard time choosing but the answer that convince me the most wins. I chose three winners and they are:

1. Alexis

2. Ivy Boto

3. Nicole Paler

The winners are given till May 1,2012 7pm to contact me otherwise I will choose another winner.
Congratulations girls!! I am really excited to meet you. :D

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  1. OH MY GOD! Thank you thank you thank you ate donna!!! :) I'm excited to see you na hihihi! :)

  2. Gaaaahhhhh those sweets are so cute and yummy! I love food too and just like you, I really have to watch what I eat :(

  3. OH MY GOD! Thank you! Gah! I'm excited to meet you!
    Will e-mail you my details!

  4. waaa I want one of those tasty treats!

  5. Emailing you right now. Thanks!!!

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nagutom ako sa first photo!! ♥


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