All Pictures Gone: Should I Bid Blogging Goodbye?

Hi everyone. No, there is nothing wrong with your computer or your internet browser. I do not know how to start this post or even end it. I am right now really sad. No. The right term is devastated. I had been blogging for years. I take pride on how I take pictures. Why? Because I take time to shoot the products and swatches and my fotd's. I never settled for okay. I wanted to upload the best pictures. I could take pictures as many 100 per post and I would choose the best among the bunch. I did not know that everything will all be gone just like that. My BF accidentally deleted all my pictures. My pictures in picasa web was synced to his Samsung Galaxy S2. Thinking all of the pictures were downloaded to his phone. He deleted them not knowing he deleted what is in my blog as well. I just learned it this morning. He does not have any idea too. 

It seems as if my blog finally reached its natural death. I never thought that it will be too soon. I was actually planning on blogging about my future wedding preparations in the coming years or my upgrade on cosmetics escapade as I am now earning my own money. 

Honestly, I do not know if I will still continue blogging. I lost hope. I lost the urge. 400 plus posts and 2000 + photos over the years, my blog now looks an empty space. I do not know how to rebuild it again. I could only upload pictures that my old computer still have. I cannot fill up all the void. It will take time for me to reupload everything. I am really sad. I do not know what to do right now. I was thinking of all the time my eyes would twitch when I take photos with flash or my arms would get tired in taking the proper pictures. No amount of money can pay all the hours I have spent on this blog. The passion I poured on everything I do. I was crying a while ago and still right now. 

We have tried retrieving everything but we cannot.

I do not know what to do. Should I still continue or bid goodbye to you? 

Godbless everyone. 


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  1. dont loose hope ate donna, I think and believe that your inspiration and blog is as beautiful as a phoenix, one that can be reborn from the ashes, and is more majestic and gorgeously beautiful in her reincarnation...

    Please don't stop blogging ate donna, you and your blog is one of the places where I get my inspiration... :)

    1. Thanks nicole.. i am so sad right now.. thanks again

  2. I have no problems with those blank photos :),really. I'm after the content actually. But yeah, to be honest, having pictures is appealing. But no, I'm not discouraging you. I don't know what comforting words to say. But I don't like you to stop blogging. There's still more pretty (kikay) things ahead of you that you can share with us. :) I'm an IT student. and back ups are must-haves. For saving your pictures, at least save it in "External hard drives". But ironically for my pictures I like keeping them in Multiply,it does not make large pictures into 600x400 like FB does,nasanay na lang ako dun ako nagsstore. But my best bet is for you to archive them in ZIP folder and upload them into a file storage site like or mediafire(but i like them keeping in 4shared).I know pag nawala ulit mano-mano mo parin ieembed sa blog, but at least you can retrieve old photos kahit burahin sa computer or mabura sa blog :) that's why i don;t do much of pasting image url link lang, because there's a chance talaga na mawala sabay2. anyway, cheer up! I still love ur blog!

  3. I feel a little saddened with what happened. I know how it feels to have all your effort gone to waste in a second. Ang hirap mag shoot paulit ulit just to get that perfect shot, pero its part na rin ng pagiging blogger since it will also be part of the presentation. One tip I can share is always save at least 3 back up in case this happens. I keep one in my flash drive that I carry with me often, one sa PC ko then one sa para if in case my files get deleted I still have back ups. Don't worry even without the pictures your blog is still great. Don't let this little trial bring you down sis cheer up! :)

  4. Don't give up Ms Donna! I love your blog and I'll continue to support you with or without pictures!

  5. Gah! I'm so sorry to hear what happened. But please, don't give up. Checking your blog everyday makes me smile just a little bit more.

    Yup, make back-ups na lang next time.

    I also accidentally deleted a lot of my photos from my Multiply one time. Kainis! But, I thought, my photos were, in a way, replaceable by new memories. Your readers' joy as they read your posts isn't.

  6. Please please please don't give up on blogging. I'm your reader and it would be really sad if you'll dicontinue blogging. :((((((

  7. Aww. :( please continue blogging! Love reading your posts!

  8. Oooh man, Im sorry for what happened, try not to kill the bf (I would haha), but you can always start adding your new pictures, we still gonna b here readin the new posts:) xx

  9. Don't give up just yet! I'm sure those posts were great but the future is bright for My Lucid Intervals! Remedy what can still be salvaged and strive to make future posts foolproof and safe. Good luck, Miss Donnarence! We love reading your blog and it pains us to see it disappear into thin air. :(


  10. Sooo sorry to hear about this! I know how you feel! But dont giveup blogging yet! I love reading yours. :(

  11. ano ka ba! para yan lang, gi give up ka na? di ata yun ang gagawing ng Donnang finollow ko few months back. fighter kaya yun.. tsaka di nawawalan ng pag asa. it's normal to be sad about it pero di pa katapusan ng mundo ok? shrug it off sistah!

  12. I can only imagine what that would feel.

    I know wala kang inspiration now, but I know you'll go back to blogging. It's very therapeutic.

    Sabi nga sa legally blonde, "If you are going to let one stupid prick ruin your life, you're not the girl I thought you were."

    Start fresh. Yung mga past posts mo... "Past" posts lang yun. Madami ka pang i-l-look forward to.

  13. im a follower since 2009 hun.. my first blog yung hummyluvshubby then replaced it with rhaichael =) dont leave blogging please =( i love reading your posts =) your reviews =) i know how it feels.. cheers hun.. pano na lang yung 1200+ followers ng blog mo =( hugs pretty =) ikaw ang pinaka cool na Atty na nakilala ko via blogging =)


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