Beauty UK Baked Blush in Royal Rose

Hi! This is one of the items I picked from Sweety Pink Cosmetics ( Whenever a company or shop will send me sample and they asked me to picked the items to review personally, I take time to google what is the best product I can get. One of the most famous blush from Beauty UK is this Baked Blush in Royal Rose. I have seen blogs feature this and it looks so pretty on the pan.  On the pan it does not look like the Milani Baked Blush at all with all the different shades and hues swirling on the pan. From the pictures I have seen in other blogs, this blush look so soft and creamy on the pan. When I opened it, it is really hard like my Milani baked blusher. I was actually bewildered. Also, unlike my milani, this has a lighter shade. When I swatched it has a sheer-light pigmentation but the shade is very buildable. I have no  issues with the the pigmentation. You can see how beautiful the shade is when swatched. 
No flash on this photo. See how it stayed true to its color on the pan. There are blushes that look pink on the pan but when swatched it changes color to peachy pink or rosy pink. I hope you get what I mean. 
What you see on the pan is what you get when you sweep this blush on your cheeks. 

This blush is a gorgeous pearlized medium rosy pink on my NC35 skin. The color does a great job of brightening up my face.  I am always a matte blush person.  I have this weird feeling that blushes with shimmers not only tend to highlight my imperfections and pores but also irritates my skin. I am so weird right? However,  I love the sheen this blush gives.  I do not know about this but most bloggers refer to this blush as shimmery.  Note that in my opinion this blush is not shimmery at all. For me it has that luminosity and glow to it. 

The above photo is with flash. 

I was actually looking for the brush and this is the very first time I saw one like it. The blush that comes with it is a retractable brush attached underneath the blush compact.

And as you can see, this brush is scratchy and useless. HAhaha Like most brush inside a blush compact.

This blush only costs 250 pesos only! 

What to like about this blush?
  • I think the shade Royal Rose is very versatile. It would suit fair skin to those ladies with darker tones. The shade does not look intimidating at all. You can wear it during daytime and even on a night out paired with a hot pink lips. :D
  • This blush is really lightweight and and has a sheer texture.
  • It blends well on the skin. It does not cake at all. 
  • Very affordable.
  • I experience no negative reaction using this. No rashes at all. 
  • No weird makeup scent.
What to dislike about this blush?
  • Not locally available. Thank you for online shops like Sweety Pink Cosmetics for carrying this brand.
  • The brush that came with it should be thrown away. Seriously.
  • I do not like the bulky compact which looks so tacky looking.
  • It has no mirror! Boo!
This product is sent to me for review purposes by Sweety Pink Cosmetics.
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  1. I love how pigmented and sparkly it is. I kind of wish may mauve or purple version sila.

  2. Love the color of the blush! Great review xx

  3. It's such a beautiful color!!! It looks a tad too pigmented for me, but still <3 Thank you for the review, I hate those scratchy brushes too...

  4. its such a pretty pink blusher! makes me want to try it. and yeah, it would have been better if it came with a mirror. ^_^

  5. such a pretty shade..
    yes.. i agree upon seeing the


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