Cleo Gourmet Herbal Shampoo

Cleo Gourmet Shampoo

Lately, I have this weird obsession with shampoo and hair conditioner.  I have finally realized that I have neglected my hair too much that it now became too unmanageable. I received this shampoo for review from Cleo. I was really excited to try this because apart from being obssessed with hair care products, I am also loving organic stuff. 
I have been using this for almost two weeks now and I really think this is a very promising shampoo. 
Having scalp psoriasis made it harder for me to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. There are brands that make my scalp more itchy, thus, I always opt to buy the anti dandruff variants. The scent of this shampoo is very peculiar. Initially, I hate the scent because it smelled like herbal drug/medicine which utterly turned me off. However, I realized that it has a peculiar strawberry scent with a mixture of wine or beer. This shampoo is very good in deep cleansing my hair. It does a good job of eliminating the product build up and oiliness. My hair and scalp feel so refreshed and super clean after every wash with the use of this product. Another good thing that I noticed is that it lessened my hair fall with just a week of use. (Please take note that this is my personal experience, results may vary with different persons.) As regards the fact that it can make thicken the hair and can make the growing process faster, I have yet to know that after finishing up this bottle. Do not expect this shampoo will make your hair softer. As written in the Directions of Use, one must use conditioner after using it. Lathering conditioner on the hair after using this shampoo is a must. Using it alone made my hair harder to brush.              Despite this fact, it did not strip my hair of the much needed moisture and it maintained my natural hair gloss. It also lessened the itchiness of my hair due to my scalp psoriasis. This is a plus point for me. I have no qualms in using this product everyday because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. It is made of herbal extracts and all natural ingredients. I will make another post on this one after I finished this bottle. 
A 200 ml bottle shampoo costs 575 pesos.They are currently having a promo for 550 pesos per bottle. I know the price is quite steep for a shampoo but so far I am loving the results. :) I will ask my grandmother to use this shampoo so that we will see if it can thicken the hair because she is now experiencing thinning hair. What do you think?

Godbless everyone

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  1. I'll recommend this to the parentals! I'm sure they'll love shampoos that will thicken their hair strands more! ^_^



  2. I am loving it, where should i find the product? is it suit for men?


    1. Hi Steve and Iya, definitely you'll see and feel the difference this miracle product will do to your hair. You can order your Cleo through 0927-8445599. Just text us where we may ship your Shampoo, we'll reply with the bank details where you can deposit payment. Thank you.


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