Review and Swatches: Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup

Good morning MLI Readers! Anyone of you been to the Phil-cosmetics expo? I was really disappointed. I went home empty handed yesterday. It only took me thirty minutes to check everything. There were bare stalls. Perhaps, I was just expecting to see new stuff and more brands. I could basically buy everything online. Oh well, I will check back again tomorrow or maybe today. :)

Get an airbrushed finish with Revlon’s light-as-air mousse makeup. Press button gently to deliver a lightweight air-infused foam mousse that blends seamlessly. Photochromatic pigments minimize the appearance of flaws for a smooth, poreless look. 

Moving on, I first saw this product featured by Judy of Itsjudytime in Youtube. As usual, I was very curious with it. The mousse thing and the Airbrush got me. I never thought that this will be available locally so I asked my best friend to get me one in Canada.  I am honestly not a fan of their photoready foundation. This foundation is surely a miss or hit for most women. 
The foundation is housed in a container made of tin can (tama ba na tin can? hehe). It has the usual packaging of a hair mousse/hair spray. I find it light and handy. I brought this with me on my 3day vacation in Batangas and I just tossed this inside my bag. I do not like the pump dispenser. Can you see how big the opening of the nozzle? I can not control the amount of the product. 

Also, at the back of the packaging you will see the words "CAUTION: CONTAINER MAY EXPLODE WHEN HEATED." I was actually alarmed when I saw this. I never saw a makeup product with a lot of precautions. It goes on with EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE, Keep out of reach of children. I usually see this warning on poisonous subtances like insect killers or disinfectant sprays. I am not thrilled with this (honestly, who would be?). I kept this foundation immediately in my makeup drawer away from direct sunlight. Who knows what kind of explosion this could make! Scared to death ang peg! 
I really thought that the product would be airy like a real hair mousse but it did not come out like that at all. It is still a liquid makeup even with the bubbling effect which is primarily caused by the air pressure when you pump out the product. 
I also thought that this product is light and sheer being a mousse foundation. I was surprised that it has a good coverage. A medium coverage to be exact. This does not have a full coverage. The coverage is not even comparable to the thickness of my MAC Studiofix. The product is buildable. I like applying this with the use of my fingers. The first time I used this was with a foundation brush and I can not get an even coverage. The foundation looked so streaky on me. However, when applied with my fingers, I get an even and flawless coverage. Perhaps, this is due to the warmth of my fingers that made it easier for the product to blend and it melted the product on my skin. The product is very blendable and the consistency is nice. Some may find this a bit greasy.

The shade is a good match for my NC35 (medium yellow) skintone. However, there are times when this foundation turns darker and orange on me. Take note, I am not even acidic. What I do is I use a slightly lighter shade of setting powder to even out the color. This has tiny shimmer which is hardly noticeable. I do hope Revlon reformulates their photoready line. I am not a fan of shimmers at all and I guess a lot of women do not want to look like a discoball because of the shimmers in foundation, primer or concealer.  Also, I really think that Revlon has issues with foundation shades. It is really hard to pick the right shade of foundation. I guess a lot Asian women have this issue.

I also noticed that it has that weird funky scent which is not at all appealing. When I first tried it on, I was actually searching where that scent came from. I thought that my brush was not washed well. I only came to know that the funky scent came from this foundation on my second try. Also, this definitely has a tendency of stinging my eyes. I do not know why but it makes my eyes water. Thus, I need to face the electric fan whenever I apply this foundation. I hope I am not the only who experience this!

Surprisingly, (is this even a surprise??) this worked so well with the Revlon Photoready primer.

The consistency is quite perfect for my dry skin. I guess this foundation will not work well with oily skin gals. 
Without and Without the Revlon Foundation
(My face looks so bloated especially in the morning.. That explains why I am not a morning person haha)

For the coverage, I must say that I love it. Can you see how well it covered my dark circles and red areas.
This is currently my go to liquid foundation. I experienced no break outs. There is too much hype on this product. It did not actually reached my expectation being a foundation lover myself. It costs 895 pesos (I think) here in the Philippines. Will I repurchase? Definitely not. However, I might give this another shot if Revlon does away with the shimmer and tweak the formulation a bit.

I am excited to try the Revlon whipped foundation though.  I have a gut feeling that the whipped foundation really deserves all the hype. For the record, I am still in search for the right shade of Revlon Colorstay. I have been trying to find the right shade for me for years now.  Golden beige is not available locally. Sad. I know.  I have tried two shades of that before and it all did not match my skintone. :(

Have a great day everyone!



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  1. haha omg you know the last phil cosmetics expo for me was also very disappointing so i must say im very willing to miss this year's :D

    on a diff note, that looks so promising! :D coverage looks very good and i think it really does have a flawless finish :D

  2. I'm still having 2nd thoughts with these haha! Been seeing a lot of reviews that its not that worth it :( also scared o the explosive sign! Hahaha thanks for the in depth review :) and about the phil cosmetics expo! Thinking tuloy if im still gonna go later after work :(

  3. I was excited to try this too until I tried it out at the counter and what turned me off from it was a) the shimmers, because it'll make the oily parts of my face look even oilier and b) I don't like how it dispenses. Even if I press the tiniest bit, too much product comes out...

  4. Wow great review. I really like how well it covers but kind of turned off with the fact that it stings your eyes and the bottle is capable of exploding! Also, I'm oily skinned, so I don't think this would suit me :( But thanks for the review!

  5. ang ganda ng coverage,it evened out your skin tone.

  6. I like the coverage. Kaso sabi mo nga, hit or miss. Ayoko gumastos! Haha!


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