Alone and so happy on that secluded beach

Alone and so happy on that secluded beach 

The shot looks fantastic and actually, how can it look since everything looks so great on it. The two share a really tender moment of their beach wedding and they look so happy but how else can a newlywed couple in love look? They seem absolutely on to each other, so deeply in love and ready to share their entire love together.

The groom is looking at his bride with so much tenderness that it’s absolutely obvious: she is that very woman he wishes to spend his life with. She is accepting his hug, for sure knowing how much he loves her and she definitely feels the same for him too.

They look so organic together, making up a truly harmonic couple, just great and very beautiful. It seems like there is absolutely no on over there, except for these two and it’s really awesome because no one should disturb the two in such a sweet and lovely moment as this one in The Breakers hotel Palm Beach.

They are sharing their gentleness and love and no one is allowed to look at that, it’s too intimate. They belong only to each other in this sweetest touch and that is so normal they wish to be here alone. Who will ever blame the two in love for their wish to spend some time together? 


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  1. Such a beautiful couple :) Lovely photos and posts! Really enjoyed reading them.

    Ploy <3 xx


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