Birthdays Made Easy

What woman or girl wouldn't want jewellery for her birthday? Just think how pleased she will be when she opens her birthday gift to find a piece of Pandora jewellery inside. This certainly makes birthdays easy for the giver. When starting with Pandora jewellery, no one should have to struggle for original gift ideas. Personalizing the gift is easy because Pandora options are almost endless and they are all so lovely.

To pick the perfect birthday gift, consider the person who will be wearing the jewellery. Try to match your selection to her lifestyle and personality. Pandora necklaces and bracelets vary from plainly classy to the flamboyant and colourful. Start with a few beads, a ring, or one or more strands of 14 karat gold, oxidized sterling silver, leather or even poly cords. To make the gift unique, pick unusually shaped beads and charms that symbolize her interests. Two-tone beads or those that dangle add shimmer so they catch the eye and could become an excellent conversation starter for her. Consider beads with unusual textures or stones to add glamour. Beads inset with birthstones are excellent for recognizing her birthday. Zodiac beads also represent the birth month. For a more casual look, select natural wood beads or macramé bracelets. Spell out her name, her pet’s name or some other significant words or initials with alphabet beads. 

Gift sets that include a combination of Pandora pieces are perhaps the easiest choice for a birthday gift. These usually include several beads and spacers that work together to make a statement about various subjects like romance, travel, sports, or even birthday wishes. The receiver who is already a Pandora collector will be pleased with any beads that she doesn't already have, especially if they represent something the giver and the receiver have in common. If she’s ever been to Venice, Italy, she’ll know the value of Murano glass beads and be thrilled to get them. She’ll never have enough spacers, safety chains, or clips, so be sure to add some. With one piece or more, birthdays are made easy with any Pandora jewellery.


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