Cafe 1771: A Stylish and Cozy Cafe at the Heart of Ortigas

At the heart of the busy streets of Ortigas lies a place where great food and cozy ambiance meets in a very fancy way. I have walked pass Cafe 1771 a lot of times and I would try to peek through their windows wondering what does this stylishly decorated cafe offers. I had eaten here once at an event but I was not able to savor the food served during the event because I was in a hurry to go back to the office. It was only last week when I had the chance to wander through the cafe in amazement at the daintiest and stylish detail of the place. The Cafe has two parts: The Lounge and The Whimsy.
The Lounge looks like a mini library which made my heart popped in an instant. My favorite place in school when I was younger was the library. I love the smell of old books as I lift through their pages. Cafe 1771 lounge is country style library with a touch of modernity. A perfect place for business meetings and events. The place looks so cozy and it looks perfect for a  tête-à-tête. Boys, you could never go wrong if you'll bring your special someone here especially if you are at the getting to know each other stage. hehe If you have enough money to burn, you can forget the usual coffee place jam packed with reviewers and people, bring your date here for a nice chit chat or a more personal and intimate conversation. If you are not a fan of late night drinking sessions in a bar with your barkada like I do, bringing your friends here at the lounge for a bit of reminiscing and catching up is a nice idea as well. 
The well lighted interiors and fun details of The Whimsy ( the second part of the Cafe) is very inviting. It reminds me of cafes seen in international films.
The clean and elegant interiors are contrasted with the striking hues of blue and fuchsia chairs. The place is not intimidating rather it looks very inviting.  For a girly girl like me, I love the splash of colors in this place. 
Enough of the babble about the interiors, let us go to the most important part. ZE FOOD!
It took me a lot of time choosing the drink I should get. I was debating with myself if coffee would be fine for dinner. I just can't resist ice cream with coffee. Good thing, I trusted my instinct and this tastes so good. If you a re a coffee lover, you will love the taste of rich coffee with a twist of sweetness because of the ice cream. I forgot to take note of the name of this drink and the price. I know, my bad. I think this is the Chateau Iced Cream Coffee. Blame it to my laziness, I really thought I could find their complete menu on the internet. 
Fried Squash Flower (P285)
Stuffed with anchovy and kesong puti and deep-fried

The fried squash flower was stuffed with anchovies and kesong puti. I am not impressed that much on this selection. Perhaps, this is due to my strong taste buds. It was crunchy enough but I did not tasted much of the kesong puti or even the anchovies. I even thought that the kesong puti was tofu.
Salbacho Pizza (Php 380)
Napolitaine Sauce, Salami, Bacon, and Chorizo, Mozarella, Basil

The best I have ever tasted on the dinner table that night. Yes, call me biased but I am in love with pizza. When I saw this being served by the waiter, I can't stop but stare at the mouthwatering toppings. I would usually drown my pizza and burger with tomato ketchup but I refused to do such habit that night. I tried to savor every bite. I love the thin crust which is slightly crunchy. The blend of the topping tastes so good, I can finish half of this pizza, I swear.  
Winebar Burger (Php 410)
I am not a fan of burger but this one is an exception. The patty was made with thick angus beef grounded and fried into perfection. There a hint of organic fusion in every bite. I also love the fries. It was not too oily and it tastes like a top notch home made juicy fries sans the weird taste of fastfood fries.  
Organic Chicken (Php 580)

The goodness of succulent fresh chicken served in a plate. However, the burger tastes more organic than this one. 
Orange Pork Spareribs (Php 450)
Stewed in a long-simmered sauce made of soy sauce, orange juice, garlic and ginger

I never expected this to be a part of the Cafe's menu. This was a very tasty meal that calls for a serving of rice! The taste was very Asian - sweetness and saltiness intertwined. The pork was very tender and the sauce was indeed with a hint of orange. 

The best part was the desserts. It was literally like opening a box of  the finest gourmet chocolates. 
Amandelle (Php 300)Milk chocolate mousse in between layers of orange creme brulee and caramelized apricot and almond dacquoise.
Bite into this sinful chocolate mousse cake with a surprise of tangy orange at the core. If you do not like cakes that are too chocolatey, this one will definitely tickle your taste buds. 
Coffee Pie (Php 220)
Made of coffee filling on chocolate cashew crust with cream topping and toffee sauce.
Whenever I go to a restaurant, the first thing I would ask the waiter is "what is your best seller?" As for this pie right here, it is indeed their best seller and their signature dessert. The pie melts in your mouth in utter goodness of coffee and caramel. This is a must ordered dessert if you will have the chance to dine at Cafe 1771. 
Gianduja Truffle Mousse Cake (Php 250)Made of layers of gianduja truffle mousse using a white and dark Valrhona chocolate with homemade marshmallow and brownie fudge.
If you are a fan of hazelnut chocolate, you would definitely love this cake! If I could put into words the taste, it will definitely be a  high end nutella-ish chocolate mousse with smores. :) Not too sweet but definitely satisfying.  
Chocolate Excess (Php 270)
A memorable chocolate cake a hint of orange marmalade, Valrhona Chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze.
A very photogenic slice of cake amongst the desserts that night. This chocolate cakes was indeed memorable. It tasted like layers of different chocolatey goodness of varying degree of sweetness. Next to coffee pie, this cake is really worth a try.  

Over all, my dining experience was awesome and the desserts are simply unforgettable. The price of the food ranges from 250-950 pesos. Forget the malls around the area in Ortigas, you will definitely find satisfaction in this cozy place and the food selection is indeed irresistible.

Thanks to Open Rice Ph for Eats a Date. Go to their website to learn more: 
http://ph.openrice.coIt was nice meeting people with such great fondness for food. :)
Cafe 1771

El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas AveUgong, Pasig(02) 631-7340

Godbless everyone!


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  1. Oh wow! The place looks lovely. The food photos, especially of the deserts, made me drool!

  2. My gosh! Such a lovely place. I would like to try Chateau Iced Cream Coffee(?) too.

  3. My friend's family owns the place! Really lovely. They still have a second floor with a really formal high-end style and they have a great selection of wines. The books in the lounge area are real medical and law books their family owned and used while they were studying. :)

  4. I love cute coffee shops and this is so nice! I would love to go here <3 The food looks delicious :)


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