Quick Post: San San False Eyelashes

I just want to thank HBC. They are very nice and sweet to send me these lashes and a card. I tried creating a look a while ago with these falsies. However, my eyes turned really watery (i have been suffering from watery eyes for weeks now). My eye makeup smudged  so bad, thus, I decided not to post pictures on this blog post. These lashes cost more than their regular lashes. Their regular lashes which costs only 20 pesos is my ultimate favorite! I think this falsies costs around 75 pesos. A pair comes with a lash adhesive.


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  1. HBC has inexpensive falsies! I used to check out Landmark's because they too have cheap (and good!) ones but ever since they jacked the prices up, I struck them out of my where-to-get-cheap-falsies list.

  2. im looking for natural lashes lately, this is my answer!!!

  3. Lovely! Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing them! ^^

  4. I also have their false lashes but a bit thinner than this one. Their products are really good! :)

  5. I'm scared to wear false lashes because one of my friend had an experience that it will fall in front of others.

  6. San San surprises me everytime. I have no idea that they also have falsies too. Very affordable!


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