Skin Care Tips for the Winter

With bitter winds and a lack of sun to give our skin a healthy glow, the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. With the central heating turned up high, our skin can take a bit of a nose dive during the cold weather, with uncomfortable and unsightly dryness a common feature of wind-battered faces, hands and feet.
If you feel your skin is already beginning to feel the bite of the colder weather then you may find the following skincare tips useful.

Moisturise more

While your normal moisturiser works absolutely fine in the summer and spring, you may find that your skin requires some additional moisture in the latter half of the year.
If your skin is particularly prone to becoming dry in the winter then you may want to use a more oil-based moisturiser, as opposed to those which are water-based. Oil-based moisturisers create a protective layer on the skin and help retain more moisture than conventional creams and lotions.
When moisturising your skin, it is essential that you use a moisturiser that is designed for your specific skin type. Johnson’s Beauty has a wide range of body care products for the face, body, feet and hands all of which are specially formulated to complement and enhance specific skin tones and complexions. 

Put on sunscreen
Contrary to the widespread habit of only putting on sunscreen in the summer, the UV rays in the winter can still damage your skin. Apply a high factor sunscreen of SPF15 or more to your face and hands before you go outside to ensure your skin is protected from the sun all year round. 

Use a humidifier
As central heating and electric heaters blast hot dry air around the home, it can play havoc on your skin. Placing a humidifier in the house or office will ensure there are greater levels of moisture in the air and can help stop your skin from drying out.

Hydrate your skin
Drinking eight glasses of water a day should not be confined to the summer either. Keep your skin well-hydrated in the winter by drinking plenty of water, flushing toxins out of your system in the process.

Use face masks
As your skin may be drier in the winter, use a deeply hydrating face mask to give your skin some of that much needed moisture.


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  2. Woaaah ! winter is already starts here and i'm not aware any of this how stupid i am ? should be get ready to do some of these stuff.

  3. this is great.. i have known that keeping the skin hydrated with a quality moisturizer is also a good way to care for the skin in seasons like this. thanks for this information.


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