Acne 101: Nurture vs. Nature

For six weeks, I will be in a "Truth Seeker Campaign" which seeks to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care.In general, genes affect our skin characteristics. The skin type and skin color of our parents will likely be the same with ours. Thus, it is also true that skin conditions are hereditary. If your mom and dad have acne, chances are you will develop it too.  This may be referred to as genetic tendencies but this is not 100% certain.  Parents who have clear skin may have children with acne prone skin or vice versa.  Acne per se is not an inherited disease because a lot of factors can trigger its growth. There are a lot of factors that affect our skin condition. This can be categorized into two types: external and internal factors. Internal factor can be traced to our genes while external factors are the environment, our lifestyle, the products we used on our skin, and the food we eat. 
Younger, I do not need a dermatologist to know that genes can strongly influence my skin condition. Both me and my mom have dry sensitive skin and with rare circumstances of zit attack. My father, on the other hand, have oily skin. 
He developed acne during his mid to late twenties. It was not that severe as compared to my brother.
My brother apparently inherited my father's oily skin. Acne breakout came earlier for my lil bro. He started developing acne in high school. We all thought that it was just a phase but it went on for years until now. The worst part was he did not treat his acne immediately.

The truth is we must learn to live with our skin conditions whether it be acne prone or dry skin. Wallowing with our skin condition can do us no good but can only leave us afloat without any remedy. Instead, we must take deliberate action in taking care of our skin.  Finding the right products that is perfect for our skin type is the best option. Today, there are lot of treatment options available from skin care products to medical treatments/procedures. Products and even cosmetics are now developed to suit different types of skin. Battling acne may seem a herculean task but taking the proper precautions and equipping ourselves with knowledge can help it eradicating this skin condition. 

I understand fairly well my brother's fight against acne. I am truly happy that he has now learned to love his skin and how to nurture it. He now asks me the products that can help him heal his acne. He now reads product labels and even do's and dont's online.  He has been very diligent in cleaning his face twice a day and is very open to different medical treatments available to clear his skin. My brother is very partial in using topical creams rather than taking pills to treat his acne. He told me that effects of topical creams can be seen within a few days. He use products within a few days and immediately ditch products that worsen his acne. He has learned to love a few products which I will share with you in my future blog posts. 

Godbless everyone!


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  1. I think our diet and environment contributes heavily to our skin's health. personally, i dont get breakouts but due to stress, lately, i've been having them! it's so strange and frustrating especially coming from a skintype that just wont break... but learning how to cope with the times, and how to take care of spot problems eases things out :D


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