Neat Feat: Taking Foot Care To the Next Level

I was invited by Neat Feat for lunch a month ago. I have not heard about Neat Feat ever until they contacted me. The importance of footcare never struck me until I have developed callous due to wrong shoe size and wearing heels. Neat Feat is fresh from New Zealand. Their products does not only give foot comfort but addresses various foot problems as well.

Neat Feat's main stars are its Orthotics and Gel range. These are targeted towards athletes, runners and also those who are particular about taking care or ensuring that their feet are comfortable, cushioned and well-supported. The Gel range provides the much needed support, cushioning and protection for the feet. With Neat Feat’s Gel range, you can be assured that you’re using quality, medical grade gel from
Argentina. While the Orthotics range focuses on providing quality solutions to help ease problems such as flat footedness, high arch, unequal limbs or diabetes. Cushioned and protected from impact all the time. (Details from Neat Feat)

Good news ladies! I know most of us love wearing heels but let us admit that wearing them is a different story. I was thrilled to see this femme line from Neat feat featuring products suitable for women. Do you also get blisters when you wear new shoes? I do! I could still remember that I would buy new pair of shoes after the first week of school because the new shoes I bought is killing me! Have I known about Neat Feat before, I would have saved myself a lot of moolah from buying new pair of shoes. 

The ladies are also in for a treat as Neat Feat’s Femme range carries cushioning and comfort that are
perfect for tight-fitting shoes. Made of quality Polymer Gel and superior 3M adhesives, these protect your feet from uncomfortable shoe rubbing. The line includes Blister Pads, Heel Shields, Bunion Protector, Corn Pads, Slingback Strips and Heel Cushions, Forefoot Insole for high-heeled shoes.Since the feet are very much prone to odour, Neat Feat has two products to address that concern. (Details from Neat Feat)
We were told that the this foot powder was developed by two doctors who were a couple because they could not find a good foot disinfectant.  I have been using this from the moment I go this product because I am not fond of wearing socks.  (Don't judge me) After bathing, I lather alcohol on my feet and wait for it to dry. Once it is dried I apply foot powder all over my feet. 
They have the Shoe Powder which is sprinkled on the inside of the shoes or on your feet to eliminate bacteria. There is also the Odour Guard Insoles which absorbs moisture, reduces bacteria and also acts as a cushion for extra comfort. Neat Feat also expands and tackles the issue of sweating with the Neat 3B Action Cream and Neat 3B Facesaver. Neat 3B Action Cream acts as an antiperspirant cream that can be applied to areas where skin surfaces rub together and become inflamed because of sweat. 

Another exciting product is the Neat 3B Facesaver, which is a new revolutionary antiperspirant that reduces facial perspiration. This is perfect for athletes who don't want sweat disturbing their line of sight and also for those who hate it when sweat makes their make-up run. (Details from Neat Feat)

When I saw this product, I was hoping that this can be used as a primer. With its ingredients, this is not advisable for everyday use. :(

 You can find Neat Feat in selected branches of Watsons, SM Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores and Landmark Department Stores and ROX along Bonifacio High Street. 

The goodies Neat Feat gave us! Thank you Neat Feat!

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Godbless everyone!


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