Acne Sucks!! (Bigtime)

This post is my third installment for the "Truth Seeker Campaign" which intends to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care. 

Have you ever experienced looking forward to an event in your like a class picture or a date or even prom then you suddenly wake up in great horror with a zit or two on your chin or cheek! I have encountered this dilemma countless of times and I honestly felt so ugly with one or two zit on my face. I could not imagine how people with acne feel about themselves. My readers may not know this but a person very dear to my heart suffered acne during his high school years. This is my first boyfriend and still my boyfriend after more than ten years.. :) He developed acne when he was in third year high school. Acne was the aftermath of his depression due to his brother's death. Little did he know that his stress and emotional turmoil will cause him acne. When we were in high school, people would always make fun of his acne. He was often called a lot of names and his face was compared to the moon's crater. When we became boyfriend-girlfriend, I learned that his self-esteem was greatly affected by his skin condition. I knew that on the outside he wanted to be nonchalant about it but he felt sad and distressed because of his condition. Right now, his acne scars are still there. I know he has moments of "I am so ugly." but I try to console by the fact that I do think he is handsome. :) Yes, I do. A lot of people would tell me I am blind. You know what, I have learned that love was never blind. Actually, people in love are the ones who see things that other people does not in that person.(ang cheesy lang ng peg ko!haha)  

Moving on, having acne is not just a physical problem. This is not just skin deep. It affects one's life in countless of ways and  it can greatly  influence one's outlook in life and his/her self confidence. Studies have shown that people with acne are prone to depression, social withdrawal and anxiety. Sadly, people on the other side of the fence don't know that their jokes about one's acne or their side comments about their skin condition has a huge impact on these people. I sound so hypocritical in saying this considering the fact that we are in the era where physical beauty and aesthetics matter a lot. Did you even know that there is a research that showed that a major percentage of the public perceive attractive people as intelligent. Thus, people with acne are often the ones who feel afraid to interact with people or would often fail in job interviews because lack of self esteem. This is the ugly truth in our society today. The emotional impact of acne should not be disregarded by anyone. I hope people should try stop being judgmental about the physical features of other people. 

Instead on wallowing on one's condition, people with acne should seek help. This is the best choice. It is not even an option. I know that acne is a skin disorder that is very hard to handle. You have to be prepared emotionally to deal with it and financially as well. Home made treatments may work for some but the tried and tested remedy is always try to keep your face clean. 
I want to show you this picture that I submitted to the Supreme Court when I took the bar exams. I forgot that pictures should not be digitally edited and I have a huge zit on my chin. I was so worried on how my picture will turn out because of one zit on face. One zit is a very trivial matter to worry about. I just realized that for people with bad case of acne, they have to deal with this everyday. I believe that God made us beautiful in our own way no matter what. We only have one life to live. Let us be thankful in all circumstances.



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  1. yes, acne sucks >_< everyone hates it!
    you look so pretty in your picture!!! :)

  2. I hate acne too :( When I was 13, I had the worse acne of all time :(
    But as I grew older, nawala na naman :) You look great here :)


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